Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tangible meets digital

"... it’s all about tangible music meeting the digital age. We put out records on 7-inches and there’s a line out the door when we release them, special editions. We also put it out on iTunes and MP3 portable format too. We’re trying to get a new generation into the idea of holding a record in their hand.

"I think of it like, imagine if movie theaters didn’t exist, and you’re trying to entice a new generation to the beauty of watching a film in a theater with the lights turned off and the doors closed, what’s that like. It’s part of that. I want to be a part of that. Vinyl is the only segment of music that’s growing in sales and interest, and I want to be part of that."..

Jack White, interviewed  in the Detroit Free Press. Love his analogy about watching a film in a theatre. And his Third Man operation in Nashville sounds way cool.

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