Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mr H drops knowledge

New post from Kirk Harding, head honcho at local hiphop label MTC Records, over at their blog - his opinions are always worth checking.  MTC are now free of their distribution deal with Universal Australia as that deal has now expired, interesting times...  Kirk also mentions that Dawn Raid and Dirty Management are working together on some projects...

"... I just recently learnt that my dudes from Dawn Raid have clicked up with Dirty Management for a few projects and they are looking at several options here in the US and at home in NZ together! I didn't see that one coming. But that union can only be a positive thing for all, and best believe that they are working on some positive things together.

I told Andy Murnane [Dawn Raid] last night that i truly believe that our scene is as good as any one State in the U.S in terms of depth of talent and the quality of the music that is being produced, and i mean that."

Check P-Money's blog for a wee bit more on the Dawn Raid/Dirty hook-up...

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