Friday, May 28, 2010

Remix the Black Seeds

King Britt Remix Contest - featuring Bassnectar, The Disco Biscuits, King Britt, and The Black Seeds

Got sent this earlier today, have a look...

" and MixMatchMusic have teamed up with Camp Bisco 9 for their Second Annual Remix Contest. This year will feature four different artists and songs to remix. The contest started May 19th with tracks from event hosts The Disco Biscuits, omnitempo maximalist Bassnectar, electronica pioneer King Britt , and New Zealand soul reggae stars The Black Seeds. One grand-prize winner will be awarded a one-hour set on the stage of this year's Camp Bisco!

Details here... there's already a few remixes of the Black Seeds up there too, have a listen... (looks like its for US residents only, but you might still be able to grab the stems...)

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