Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mulatu in Melbourne: review

"My insurmountable enthusiasm about not missing out on this show meant that we actually ended up with front row tickets pretty much right in front of Mualtu. Usually I'm not keen on the first few rows, the sound is rarely at its best, the view can often be similarly restricted and there's a ton of other reasons it's best left to rabid devotees and those who want to be close.

"In this case the sound was absolutely fine, and the experience of being so close to the action and being able to see musicians expressions and the minutiae was absorbing. Hearing Mulatu hum as he played the vibes, or seeing him slightly sticking his tongue out on the tricky bits was priceless, so were the occasional looks and chats exchanged by the band members as they nailed it time and time again."

Stinky Jim flew to Melbourne recently to catch Mulatu playing live, with local band  The Black Jesus Experience backing him. Read his review here. It's a corker.

By the looks of the gig dates on the Black Jesus Experience's Myspace, they're backing Mulatu again on his return to Australia in early October. Tempting, huh?

Photo from the Black Jesus Experience's Myspace

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Stinky Jim said...

cheers peter
you are too kind. theres a strong possibility mulatu might be dragged over the tasman in october, keep you posted.