Friday, November 20, 2009

Beenie Man's manager: apology published in nz media was NOT from Beenieman
I found this article while doing a google news search on Beenie Man last night:

"Beenie Man's management team has refuted Internet reports that Beenie Man apologised for his lyrics and was "heartbroken" over the furore caused by gay rights groups over his inclusion on the Big Day Out shows in New Zealand. Blue, the deejay's manager, said that "the deejay had granted no interviews about controversy" nor had they disseminated any emails.
"Reporters from New Zealand and Australia have been calling but we have not granted any interviews so I don't know where that statement is coming from," Blue told one876 a short while ago. "Beenie Man doesnt even talk or write like that so I know that is a fabrication." Source: One86entertainment


MikeE said...

This keeps getting better

Uroskin said...

What was that about holes and spades?