Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Keeping it stinky
Top-notch selector and record label honcho Stinky Jim has taken the plunge and launched an audio blog called StinkInc, which is stonkingly good, which will be no surprise to anyone familiar with his excellent radio show Stinky Grooves.

There's tales of record shopping in NYC during his recent expedition with Naked and Famous for the CMJ Fest, the absolutely killer tune Up To Eleven from a revitalised Unitone Hifi (you gotta listen to it), some Ramey Lewis 'fruity business, and a backgrounder on Onra, playing here this friday for Tiger Translate...

"The Vietnamese-French producer and DJ caught my eye with his 'Chinoiseries' album, earlier this year. For starters it looked the part, and the briefest of spins on the decks confirmed it was something a little special. Comprised of 32 beat vignettes, most barely troubling the two minute mark, it's a response to a visit back to the land of his grandparents where he picked up a bundle of comfortingly scratchy Vietnamese/Oriental vinyl.

check out and add em to ya RSS styles.

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