Friday, May 23, 2008

Moron Says What?
I had the pleasure of attending BFM's Fancy New Band Showcase at the King's Arms last night, and damn it was good. Got to see some bands I'd never heard or heard of, and it was great stuff. 20 minute sets, lotsa energy.. especially enjoyed Mean Streets, a taut three piece banging away, and I finally got to see the wonderfully-named Moron Says What? who were every bit as good as their gloriously cool name would suggest. Four young women grooving away, kinda CSS/ESG 80s NYC dance vibe. They finished with a song called Sleep, which they said matched their song Eat (cos everyone likes to sleep and eat, right?).
You can check out both the bands I mentioned on the free CD with this months excellent Real Groove magazine. Cheers to BFM for putting it on, and cheers to Real Groove for profiling em. (Moron Says What? on Myspace, Mean Streets on Myspace)

The second installment of the Fancy New Band Showcase is on tonight at the King's Arms. And it's free. So there. Get along. Line-up follows...

Teacups – 7.00-7.25
Seth & Merle – 7.40-8.05
Turning Tricks – 8.20-8.45
Bionic Pixie – 9.00-9.25
Wilberforces – 9.40-10.05
The Randoms – 10.20-10.45
Side Kick Nick – 11.00-11.25
Clap Clap Riot – 11.40-12.05

Also there's a new FREE Nokia 5610 Xpress Music Phone to be given away on the Friday night – you must be there to pick it up. If you can't make the show, make sure you listen out for the LIVE broadcast on 95bFM with Aroha Harawira from 7-9pm.

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