Monday, April 02, 2007

In love with these times
So, NZ musicians are in the crapper, (NZ Herald article here) thanks to you nasty, illegal-downloading 50 year old Bic Runga fans. Yes, they may go to wineries in their hoards to see her play, but they also know how to use P2P networks, apparently. How exactly is Bic Runga a victim, when she has one of the biggest selling local albums of 2006, followed by a winery tour that featured numerous sell-out shows? Not to mention owning two houses in Ponsonby (which effectively makes her a millionaire)?

Read El Sid's reaction at Simon Grigg's blog... snip... "Bic is an interesting phenomenon. Campbell Smith was handed Bic on a plate and all credit due, they put the hard yards in overseas. Back then Campbell said that Bic on p2p sites was the best guerrilla marketing they had in certain territories..." Bob Daktari is worth a read too..

The NZ Herald readers throw down at Smith's statements, calling out NZ music as not even being worth downloading, let alone buying. Ouch. Let's call it a market adjustment to the recent hype of how great NZ music is. Not the best lead-in to NZ Music Month in May, is it?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, NZ acts hold down the number one single and album slots on the charts. And kiwi musicians come home from their day jobs, eat their instant noodles and race off to band practise. Same as it ever was....

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