Monday, March 20, 2006

Brunettes SXSW press
Been googling for any references to NZ bands at SXSW, found this one, but not much else... From the New York Times...
"Is perky the new glum? On the third day of the South by Southwest music festival, I kept running into smiley-faced bands playing bouncy, clap-along music. There was the Boy Least Likely, an English band strumming acoustic guitars and hooting on harmonicas like some skiffle hootenanny ... And there were, even better, the Brunettes, a band from New Zealand that riffled through 1960's and 1970's pop with winsome optimism. The Brunettes had an arsenal of toy instruments (along with some adult ones like clarinet and trumpet) and a wry interplay between its two lead singers: a woman vowing love and a man who was only a little skeptical of it. They also had synchronized arm-waving and choruses that went "oooh, wah." Link.

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