Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Sept 22

Kashmere stage band - Superstrut -Kenny Dope re-edit
Hugh Masekela - Languta
William Onyeabor - Body and Soul - Afrodisiac soundsystem edit
Romanowski - Flat picker
Nelly Furtado - Turn off the light
Silva MC - Coming right thru
Restless soul - Turn me out
Lonnie Liston Smith - Cosmic funk
SOS Band - SOS (dit dit dit dash dash dash dit dit dit)
Nextmen vs Joe Dukie - Hold me now (free download)
Israel Starr - Summertime
Gwen Guthrie - Ticket to ride
Lee Fields - You're the kind of girl - Grant Phabao remix
Augustus Pablo - Iggy iggy
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Peach dub
Ticklah  - Si hecho palente
Resonators - Sweet love affair - Cyantific remix
Smith and Mighty - B line fi blow
Magic circle express - Magic fever
Little dragon - Test
Chancha via curcuito - Zorzal
Frente cumbiero - Pitchito
Doug Carn - Suratal ihklas - Fulgeance remix
Gulls - Mean sound
Shannon - Do you want to get away - Dub version
Liquid crystal project - Tribute to TROY

Friday, September 21, 2012

Nextmen feat Joe Dukie (Fat Freddys)

Free ep from the Nextmen, features Fat Freddys Drop singer Joe Dukie, previously unreleased, out today. Sounds pretty tasty...

From Bestiblog: "The Nextmen are releasing a free EP 'Blow Wind Blow - The Unreleased Sessions'... The tracks were created during FFD's first trip to UK shores but subsequently left untouched in the digi-vaults for the past decade. Rediscovered during a recent studio spring clean, the duo have decided to gift these tracks to supporters of The Nextmen and Joe Dukie in the gap between long players. Stream 'Blow Wind Blow' exclusively below and download the full EP for free on Friday via"

ADDED some background... "Acclaimed genre-popping producers Brad Baloo & Dom Search from The Nextmen joined forces with arguably one of the world's best soul vocalists, Fat Freddy's Drop frontman Dallas Tamaira - AKA Joe Dukie - in the Summer of 2003 to flesh out & record an idea hatched by Christopher Tubbs who, at the time, was working for ill fated London label Carbon Records.

The trio met during Freddy's first trip to London & with just four days in a front room to record, the boys enlisted band mates Toby Laing & Joe Lindsay on horns, along with the lyrical endeavours of Hamish Clark from Breaks Co-op to forge what would become something very special. The result was simply stunning, but like the path much trodden, the label folded, the record was never released & the DAT tapes lay undiscovered in a dusty archive until now...."

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ghostly Hot 8

 Brand new single from Hot 8 Brass Band, covering Ghost Town (The Specials), single out Oct 8, new album out Nov 12. Check this.

Jackie, Spanky, and sunshine

I thought my favourite cover of this song was by Spanky Wilson (below), then I heard this version yesterday. Damn, Jackie Mittoo rocks it, Keyboard king!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ermehn new album...

Ermehn has a new album (his third), Trained To Kill, out early October, release party is October 4th at The Lounge bar, High St, Auckland. You can get the song Stare and Whisper (feat PNC) as a free download from over here.

Guests on the album also include Ganxsta Ridd (Boo Ya Tribe), Mr Sicc, Dei Hamo, Temple Jones, and production from Anonymouz, the very talented fella behind the APO's Remix the orchestra concert, one of the most amazing live shows I've seen in ages.

More info on the release party, see Ermehn - Facebook.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Total Effect, 88

Via Simon Grigg on Twitter: "Pre-CRC ad, Total Effect Rippin' Up a Storm (or something…) in what is likely to be the first recorded hiphop from AKLD"...

"This track went to #1 on the BFM Top 10 for a week, by public vote. Total Effect was the rap group I formed in 1987 with MC Squared (Michael Fletcher), MC Klymn (Les Hammon), and DJ Damage. Boy C (Chris Maiai) joined the group later.

Apart from two tracks on the compilation album "AK89 In Love With These Rhymes", we never had any commercial releases due to sampling issues (De La Souls "Three Feet High and Rising" was released as we recorded our album and the legal issues over that prevented meant our record company shelved the project for fear of getting sued).

Our biggest gig was at the Auckland Town Hall in 1990 playing to 2000 people in support of Redhead Kingpin.

This Demo was recorded at Last Laugh Studios on an 8 track in Auckland in 1988 and has been preserved from a long lost 25 year old cassette!!"

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Howe's that?

Mike Alexander in the Sunday Star Times reports that Arch Hill Recordings' boss Ben Howe is "set to be a major player in Flying Nun's future... [and] Roger Shepherd will be involved in the running of the label..." Howe says the rumours that the label is in financial trouble and about to fall over again are not true.

This interesting development comes on the back of a new share issue in mid July (according to Companies Office records), which indicates a fresh influx of cash to Flying Nun from its shareholders, including Neil and Sharon Finn, and Graham Cockroft (ex Netherworld Dancing Toys). Cockroft was also a director of Flying Nun, along with Roger Shepherd, but was taken off as director in April 2012.

(UPDATED 18 Sept - the Companies Office website records that Cockroft has been reappointed as director on 27 Aug 2012, notice registered on 17 Sept, 2012. Cockroft is currently Contact Energy's Chief Financial Officer, a role he's held since June 2012. Prior to this he was their Chief Operating Officer for 3 years).

Contrast this with early 2010, when Ben Howe wrote a pointed commentary on the Arch Hill website (post now deleted) talking about how he had worked closely with Flying Nuns' Roger Shepherd for several years on the Flying Nun deal, only to get pushed out at the last minute. Some of that post is viewable here.

Shepherd told Salient magazine in March 2010 that ".. it was very hard, but [Howe] didn’t have the money, we weren’t going to be able to raise the money. It was unfortunate, and maybe I managed it really badly, but I just had to do what I had to do, really. I’m not happy about it, but it just got too difficult.”

The share allocation has changed twice since Flying Nun reignited in 2009, indicating several infusions of money - while Shepherd retains 100 shares, the other three shareholding parties have had their allocation increased, first on 10 October 2011 from 100 to 178, and again recently on 19 July 2012, from 178 to 291. The latest shares were issued on 8 June and registered on 19 July.

When Shepherd started the label in1981, three years into their existence the label had achieved critical and commercial success, with the likes of the Clean and the Chills, to name but a few. Three years on since Shepherd  reclaimed the label in 2009, and their successes have been mainly critical ones, and no major commercial success.  They have also lost some of their new signings, like Die Die Die.

Background: Flying Nun shareholders are? (Feb 2010 post)

ADDED: Interesting piece from Andrew Schmidt: "Change needed at Flying Nun..."

UPDATED Sept 19 - Flying Nun have announced on their website that Ben Howe is now general manager, and the label will move to Auckland...

"... The head office will now be located in Auckland, alongside Arch Hill Recordings. Ben Howe (from Arch Hill) will become general manager, Roger Shepherd will work as a consultant and shareholder (based in Wellington) and Matthew Davis will move to Auckland to carry on as the local label manager.

In the current environment it makes sense for labels and independent music businesses to consolidate and share resources. In order to succeed we must keep the focus on working with great bands, making sure they are properly looked after and taking them to the world. We think this is the future for Flying Nun - from vinyl through to online."

UPDATED 29 Sept - Ben Howe appeared on Media3 on TV3 this morning (watch here), he told host Russell Brown that he started talking with Neil Finn (FNun shareholder) when the two of them were sitting together on a flight to Australia last year, when Finn's band was playing Laneway Festival (Howe is co-promoter in NZ of Laneway).

Ben says that conversation continued, then later Roger became involved, and Ben put a proposal to them about some ideas. He point out that consolidating operations when the music industry is in tough times makes sense, and that the music industry is based in Auckland and it's a lot easier to get things done.

Ben also notes that Flying Nun is doing quite well in the US, and he has been there a lot with Arch Hill acts like Streetchant and Surf City, so it make sense for him to work both labels while there. He also reveals there's now a contract with The Chills, and is looking forward to working with them.

ADDED: Ben Howe was added as director of Flying Nun on November 20, 1012.