Saturday, February 13, 2010

BaseFM playlist, Ring The Alarm, Feb 13
Played a ton o soul cos today is the Soul Alldayer at the King's Arms, 12 hours of soul, starts 2pm. Get along!

The Equatics - Aint no sunshine
Rose Royce - Sunrise
The Emotions - I like it
OJays - Backstabbers
Ann Sexton -You're gonna miss me
Curtis Mayfield - Freddie's dead
Linda Lyndell - What a man
Sharon Jones and the Dapkings - I learned the hard way
Myron and E with the Soul Investigators - Cold game
Stevie Wonder - Uptight (everything's alright)
Spinners - It's a shame
Jr Wallker and the allstars - Shotgun
Pointer sisters  -Yes we can can
Barry White - Can't get enough of your love
Rose Royce -Righteous rhythm/Water
Dionne Warwick - Zip dee doo dah
Booker T and the MGs - Melting pot
Marlena Shaw - California soul (Diplo remix)
Roy Ayers - Running away (12" mix)

RJD2 - Let there be horns
Gil Scott Heron  -Me and the devil
Mint chicks vs Scratch 22 - IMAYB remix
Kion and murda - No 1 sound feat Jr Murvin
Dub Gabriel feat U-Roy - Liv n lov (Ming vs Subatomic sound system)
Nigerian Police Force Band - Askio mi ni
Quantic and his combo barbaro  -I just fell in love again
Labelle - Don't bring me down
Chaka Khan  - I feel for you

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ba Ba Boom hits  #2 on Serato charts!
I recently put my Ba Ba Boom! single out thru Serato's service, which goes out to Serato DJs worldwide.  After one week on there, my single hit number two on their weekly downloads chart, behind Basement Jaxx (and ahead of Timbaland). So stoked!
Still Bill (film review)
Bill Withers is a dude. The documentary Still Bill covers his life, revisits the coalmining town he grew up in, and talks with his family. And most importantly, there’s a lot of his music, and some great live clips.

Bill talks about joining the Navy at 17, and working in the aircraft industry before he had his first big hit at age 32. He tells a story about sitting at home, with Aint No Sunshine at the top of the charts, and he gets two calls. One is from his old job at the aircraft factory, wanting him to come back to work (he’d been laid off a few months earlier), and the other was from The Johnny Carson Show, booking an appearance.
He ends up doing the Johnny Carson Show, telling Johnny about his previous job at the aircraft factory, installing toilets in 747s. Bill jokingly lets slip that as part of his job he put cameras in every toilet too, so that the airlines can watch you.

It’s a very moving documentary, capturing Bill talking very honestly about his life and music. At one point, he talks about how his record company went bust and his master tapes ended up being owned by the IRS so he signed with a super-duper big record label, and suddenly had all these people telling him the right way to make music.

He mentioned one record company exec who told him that his songs needed horns, and an intro. Bill observes that Aint No Sunshine didn’t have an intro and that did alright. Another one told him he should cover In the Ghetto by Elvis Presley. Bill said he called these record company types ‘blacksperts’.

There's Bill making new music too - his wife says that he's been writing and recording off and on for the past 10-15 years. Its' not like he stopped being a musician, he just stopped being part of the music industry.

It's a fascinating doco, paying tribute to a musical legend, but also a sensitive portrait of a fine, fine man. If you get a chance to see it, don't miss it. Spending an hour and a half in the company of Bill Withers will do your soul a world of good.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Soul Alldayer this Saturday, 2pm til 2am
To get you in the mood for the NZ Soul Alldayer at the King's Arms this Saturday Feb 13th (killer lineup here), check this mean clip, from BBE, for the Lost and Found - Real Soul and R'nB compilation from Keb Darge and Paul Weller.

And don't forget, tonight is the only Auckland screening of the highly acclaimed Bill Withers documentary, Still Bill. 

I'm off to Webstock next week....
Landed a sweet gig, DJing at Webstock, next Thursday and Friday. It's going to be a blast. What is Webstock? Have a look here. It's "5 full-on days. 13 hands-on workshops. 24 kickass international speakers. 24 must-see presentations. Design, development, mobile, usability, content, community, open data, innovation & inspiration."

Webstock interviewed me via the internets, read it here. Some of it is even true.

I'm also doing a Dub Asylum show on Saturday 20th February at Havana, more details soon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kon and Amir go digging at Amoeba Records
This video makes me happy. Watch it here... Won't let me embed it. Hat tip to Crate kings.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mint Chicks Musichyped.
The Mint Chicks recently announced they were ditching Warners for a new digital music startup called Music Hype. I blogged about it last week, which garnered a response in the comments from Music Hype's Dave Moskovitz. I've reposted it below.

"Unfortunately, Pattrick (the journalist) misheard what I said in the phone interview ... I said "a few cents", not "two cents". See this article for a description of how much your typical artist might see from an iTunes sale. Most are lucky to see 8-15c from each iTunes download. I'd like to point out that it isn't really iTunes fault, it's the decrepit underlying structure where labels call the shots and collect the cash, distributing crumbs back to most artists.

We want to change that by putting artists in the drivers seat. is a platform they can use to build community and better engage, collaborate with, and inspire their fan bases. We're facilitators, not controllers of production nor distribution.

We'll be using BandCamp for direct music sales. Currently the only fees they charge are PayPal's micropayment charges which work out at about 10c on the dollar.

Fact or fiction? Middlepeople have been taking advantage of musicians for too long, and we're fixing that."

I contacted Stephen O'Hoy at for his thoughts on Moskovitz's comments. His reaction, via email...

"The quote from the original article was removed after I spoke to the journalist involved.  It was incorrect and misleading and the only reason I can see for such rubbish being printed is to support Musichype’s business model.

DRM represents more New Zealand artists at iTunes than any other label or aggregator in the land.  Even after our commission and in several cases non-resident international withholding tax being taken into account, artists are seeing back around or in excess of 50% of iTunes retail price.  This is considerably more than the $0.08 - $0.15 that Dave is asserting.

Far from the “decrepit underlying structure” with “labels calling the shots” the truth of the modern, digital industry is that the power of distribution has passed back to the artist and independent label.  Couple this with independent physical distribution (Rhythmethod, Border, Pure….) and independent promo/plugging (Maiden, The Label, Isaac) and there’s probably never been an easier time to do it yourself."

Monday, February 08, 2010

More on Pauly Fuemana - it's Pauly, not Pauley
Yesterday the Sunday Star Times managed to produce a tawdry little story by Tim Hume with the headline "Pauly Fuemana: the money, the violence, the drugs." It depicts Pauly as a rock'n'roll victim.

Hume talks with Ermehn about Pauly, who tells a funny story about how he and Pauly stole one of Dave Dobbyn's guitars from a concert: "We took the nicest one off the stands and put it in the car. When we came back, everyone was upset -'Somebody's taken Dave's guitar'!"

The Sunday News ("Pauly Fuemana: The real story") managed to get extensive interviews with Pauly's brother, Tony, and Pauly's wife, Kirstine.Tony talks about some of the things he saw on tour with his brother - Tony played bass in the OMC touring band...

"We had taken a 20-hour bus trip and we got there at six in the morning. They wanted a TV interview at 6.30am. Pauly asked them if he could just have a shower and something to eat before he left," Tony said.

"They threatened to pull the concert that night, if he didn't [do the interview]. The rep said, 'You have to be there at 6.30 or we will pull the plug on your show and the rest of your shows'. Pauly said he wanted to go back and talk to me, but they got him and pulled him from his shoulder off the bus.

"Paul turned around and pushed him back, he [Pauly] didn't want to be manhandled, and he [the rep] fell through the window. The guy said, 'I am going to sue you'.

"Not being pushed around and standing his own ground counted against him," he said.

Thankfully, some clever person at (which hosts content from both the SST and the Sunday News) chose the Sunday News story to put on their front page, not the SST one.

A large part of the SST story is sourced from the 20/20 interview I highlighted last week, and also, I suspect, taken from this comments pages on TV3's website, regarding Pauly's unhappy neighbours in Beachaven.

On Friday the NZ Herald published this story by Kara Segedin, which failed to even spell Pauly's first name right - "Pauley Fuemanas funeral today" (it was also wrong in the story and the photo caption)I emailed Kara via the link at the bottom of the story on Friday, and also asked the NZHerald late Friday via Twitter to fix it. (and again on sunday) It's still there, four days later. UPDATE - I emailed someone at the NZ Herald and he was able to go and stand over someone til it was fixed. The NZHerald never responded to me via Twitter or email.

THEN I was sent another NZ Herald story by Vaimoana Tapaleao , headed "Singer broke down cultural barriers" from Feb 1st. The photo caption says "Pauley Fuemana shot to fame..." and in the story it happens again... "Mr Kightley said Pauley Fuemana's passion and knowledge for music was still growing..."

Clearly, spelling someone's name correctly is no longer a priority for the NZ Herald. And Pauly isn't around to complain about it.

ADDED: The Sunday Star Times also features an article on female singer Sheba Williams, who will be performing at the Big Gay Out. The SST described Sheba as a drag queen. Ah, NO.  No link to the story, as they had the good sense not to put that blooper online.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Afro-Rock Vol 1compilation reissue.
I remember scoring this wicked comp back when it first came out in 2001. Now it's  finally been reissued. Check that cover. Heavy heavy heavy! Liner notes are great too.

DOWNLOAD: Steele Beautttah- "Africa" [mediafire] [zshare]
From: Afro-Rock (March 2nd, Strut)
"... Originally surfacing on Duncan Brooker’s indie Kona label in early 2001, the album single-handedly kick-started the thirst among jazz, funk and soul fans and ‘diggers’ to rediscover lost music from Africa made during the ‘60s and ‘70s from a time when many countries were gaining independence and celebrating a Pan-African identity within their music. The album was one of the first to reach a far different audience than the traditional ‘world music’ market and spawned many further projects and labels in its wake. A year later, the Nigeria 70 compilation surfaced on Strut and labels like Soundway and Analog Africa would continue to unearth amazing lost gems from the Motherland..."
LCD Sound System in the studio (video)
The temporary studio set up is in a rented mansion in LA. Best quote - "Why would anyone want to go to a studio? Look at this place! Its fucking awesome!" True.

clip 1 from lcd soundsystem on Vimeo.

Bob Blank remembers Arthur Russell
Watch it here or below (there's three other videos too). Bob Blank- The Blank Generation: Blank Tapes NYC 1975-1985 out on Strut, Feb 1. Tracklisting here... from Gladys Knight to Sun Ra, Lydia Lunch and James Blood Ulmer. Includes an extensive interview with Bob Blank by Bill Brewster. The compilation is the first collaboration between Strut and well-respected authors Brewster and Frank Broughton of