Saturday, December 05, 2009

 Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Dec5
20th century steel band - Papa was a rolling stone
Redds and the boys - Put your right hand in the air, put your left hand down in your underwear
DJ Day - Lucien
Dabyre - Won
Prince Fari - Hello love brother
Conroy Smith - Original sound
Dawn Penn - No no no
Ticklah - Answer me
Tommy McCook - Beirut
Havana boys - Paul's dub
Manasseh and Johnny Osbourne - Rise up
Donae'o - Riot music
Cooly G - Love dub
Kion and Murda feat Junior Murvin - No 1 sound
Salmonella dub - rhythm and pattern
Courtney Melody  - Bad boy
PD Syndicate - Ruff like me
Paul Murphy - Soul call
Sharon Jones and the Dapkings - Giving up
Dusty - Voodoo  -Romanowski remix
Fink  -Sort of a revolution - SIdeshow dub
Boozoo bajou - Sign - DSL remix
J Rawls and Liquid crystal project  -Tribute to T.R.O.Y.
Lightning head - Preguntas por que
Mayer Hawthorne - The ills
Kid Creole and the coconuts -Mister Softee
The Emotions - Blind alley
Candi Staton - Do your duty - Pepe Bradock remix

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Ba Ba-ing of the Boom by Senor Stinky Jim
Big thanks to Stinky Jim for giving the Oogun remix of Ba Ba Boom a spin on his mighty radio show Stinky Grooves. And for showing us some blog love here, at Stink Inc. Jim, a tip of the hat in your direction, fine sir.
"Of articular and particular note this evening was Oogun giving Dub Asylum a right smack-up remix for the debut 7" on Loopy Fruit Records. Props are properly dispensed to Messrs Mclenners and Oogoid for their work on this, it's a scorcher ... I've got absolutely no truck with music being bigged and upped on purely geographical stakes, but this would be getting a run or three on SG wherever it came from, top notch!."

Release date for the single is Monday December 7, in selected record stores and can be ordered via Amplifier too. Conch Records on Ponsonby Rd will have some exclusive pre-release copies instore on Friday Dec 4.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bruce is great - if you don't agree with that, you're a pretentious martian from Venus
That's a quote from a splendid letter from the late Joe Strummer, written "in response to a query sent to him by the documentary producer Mark Hagen, who wanted his opinion on Springsteen for a documentary that would ultimately air as 1998's Bruce Springsteen: A Secret History"Spotted via Daily  Swarm on Twitter, at Village Voice.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

More steel drums!
Hat tip to Recloose for this, he alerted me to a post on his blog here.

"As promised, I had to post a little something about my new friend Marron of 'Based On Kyoto'/'Dub Dub on Seng' who I had the pleasure of jamming with Thursday night at the Japonica record store. I've been a fan ever since my man Kazuo passed me his release on my trip to Kyoto last year, especially because its pretty rare to hear steel drums rocked on contemporary dancefloor joints. Needless to say 'Calypso On-Seng' and 'Flying Pan' have both been on steady rotation...

So, to my utter *#@* amazement, I find out at soundcheck that Marron is ACTUALLY playing a guitar on these tracks, not steel drums. He started to tell me how he does it, a combination of a pitch shifter and a few other pedals, but I stopped him short of sharing his secret. Lets just chalk that shit up to magic, shall we?"

Now go and have a listen to the audio at Hit it and quit it.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Junior Murvin, live on Jools Holland, dropping Police and Thieves
Killer, just killer. Check that voice. From 2004. Hat tip to Diff Kitchen.

Ba Ba Boom - Oogun's remix
Sneak preview below, Oogun's mad afrobeat dubstep remix, love it! Single out on Dec 7th. Release party details soon! Youtube link


Sunday, November 29, 2009

A post about vinyl
Yeah, I know, all my posts here seem to be about vinyl. But I picked up a few records at Conch yesterday, and they're totally awesome.

This is a 12" by Redds and the Boys - Put Your Right Hand In The Air, Put Your Left Hand Down In Your Underwear , backed with Rare Essence - Shoo-Be-Do-Wop. The cover art is by legendary designer Neville Brody, who was responsible for the look of The Face magazine back in the 80s. It came out in the UK back in 1983, and was part of the Go-go scene busting out of Washington DC at that time. There's even a movie that tried to cash in on Go-go's success, one of the many acting 'highlights' from Art Garfunkel.

20th century steel band's take on Papa was a rolling stone, is from their 1976 debut album Warm Heart Cold Steel. Isn't that a great name for an album? Also featured on that album are the heavily sampled tune Heaven and Hell Is On Earth.

I've been after this album for about a million years, after hearing it at a mate's place - he owns a copy with the former owner's name written on it  - Barry Linton (one for all you NZ comic fans). Finallly the good folk at Mr Bongo are reissuing the album - I picked up a 12" with several tunes of it, and it's wicked. Their version of Shaft is fantastic.

Mr Bongo report that 30 years after the original release "Michael Oliviere and Godfran Moore – original 20CSB members and the previous bands writers, composers and arrangers have reformed the group with a new line-up and are re-releasing their seminal album on Mr Bongo Records."