Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Breakestra!
Grab a new Breakestra tune over here.Niceness.
"The song we’ve chosen to post here – a Dee Felice Trio meets Charles Stephney by way of Ramsey Lewis circa Mother Nature’s Son jaunt entitled “You’ll Never Know” – is one of a trio of instrumentals on the album [Dawn Til Dusk, out end of September]. As with the entire album, the spirit of the late homey DJ Dusk looms large. It’s not a melancholic ride, rather an introspective one that feels triumphant by the close of the album."

Short Sharp Shopping mix
Last weekend I scored a ton of records - Conch Records had a sale for market day up in Ponsonby, and then D.O.C. on K Rd had  record fair. Bargains galore! So, here's a random mix of the tunes I bought, one-take styles. Starts off with some 80s funk, then hits mad cover versions, gets all modern and bleepy for a minute before going jazzy and finishing off with some dub. Enjoy!

Download it here 22 mins, 128k 20MB.

Gwen Guthrie - Rocking chair dub
Stylistics - Whats your name?
Cookin on 3 burners - Cars
Stanley Clarke - Born in the USA
Outlines - Waiting in line instrumental
Arken - Step off
Nostalgia 77 - My name is
Pigbag - Brazil nuts
Umod - Mash-up
Black seeds - Cool me dub >>Watch the funny US tour video from the Black Seeds -

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stonesthrow dropping bombs
Right now, the Stonesthrow record label is killing it, thanks to a young white kid from Detroit who goes by the name of Mayer Hawthorne. His album is called A Strange Arrangement, and came out Stateside Sept 8, and drops here on Sept 21. His album also comes as a ltd edition CD and 2/LP packaged w 4-inch vinyl single containing 2 non-album tracks. 2/LP with "alligator skin" cover. Seriously cool. There's a great interview with Mayer Hawthorne here. His sound aint a million miles from the new Open Souls album, similar Motown/soul influences coming thru.

Find out why he's getting such a buzz from this live review. He and his band "rolled mid-set into a live version of Slum Village’s “Fall In Love.” The Michigan-born bassist and guitarist supplied harmonies for Dilla’s haunting hook, while Mayer Hawthorne let a beyond-capacity crowd at L.A.’s The Roxy know that none of his rise would be possible without Dilla and Baatin."

Stonesthrow has also got this tasty delight from Egon - Live at the Do-over as a free mp3 download. "Egon DJed at L.A.’s Do-Over party this past Sunday. Nas and Beenie Man waited in line and couldn’t get in. We’re not kidding."

But wait, there's more! There's a free album download from Koushik, called the Beep Tape. 30 tracks of instrumentals.

The Stonesthrow website is a shining example of what a record label can do to communicate with their audience, and keep them engaged. It's their storefront, their diary, their press kit, their little goldmine. Genius. I could dig round their site for hours.

Image from Stonesthrow website, photo by Henry DeMaio.