Thursday, August 13, 2009

There need to be more songs about pizza.

Here's why. Checked out Sal's Pizza this evening (see previous post), had the pepperoni. It's so, so good! And they do these things called Garlic Knots ($1 each, $2 for 3), little balls of doughy goodness coated in garlic, so yummy.

Got chatting with the guys running it. I mentioned the whole NY water quality thing, and turns out that if you check those global tables on water quality, NY and AKL are in the same position, pretty much right near the top - our water compares favourably.

One of the guys took 6 litres of AK water and flour to NY to Sal's original pizzeria in Queens NY, to test the Kiwi ingredients and see if they'd stack up. He said he was amazed he got the Kiwi ingredients thru US customs - I'm kinda surprised they pulled that one off. Anyways, they spent a week at Sal's Pizza in Queens making pizzas with the Kiwi ingredients and no-one could tell the difference. Ciaran said it really is an urban legend about the NY water quality - it comes down to the quality of your ingredients overall. Tho he did say it might be a bit harder to pull off say in somewhere like Shanghai (with their water).

Oh, they have their own delivery vehicle - a segway. And there's not very many songs about pizza. Might have to write one. And eat more of Sal's awesome pizza.
ADDED: Sal's Pizza, 4a Commerce St. Auckland City, phone 09 379 7257. Open Mon-Sun, Midday until late

Correction: Nick at Sal's Pizza "when I took up the water, we used all NYC ingredients, except for the NZL water, with the exact same results- and this is what we use here in Auckland for the same NYC taste."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All about pizza

I was having this random conversation via Twitter today with a fella from LA (Jon from LASnark) - he asked the question "Anyone know that LA pizza place that supposedly imports their water from NY to make authentic NY pizza?" I've heard many great things about NY pizza from places like Lombardi's, so, what is the deal?

So, bit of searching uncovered some stories which I fired his way, including this article from the LA Times on the best place to get NY style pizza in LA (turns out the importing water story is urban legend).

Then I found this link to an LA pizza place that import Massachusetts water, which led to this story about a recent blind taste test where three pizzas were made, one with LA water, one with Chicago water, and one with NYC water. All four of the tasters preferred the NYC pizza (read the comments there for more on the special qualities of NYC tap water, the special ingredient in NYC pizza).

So, that's great and all if you live in LA, but I'm in Auckland. So where is the best NY style pizza in our burg? Looks like I'm gonna have to check out Sal's Pizza in Commerce St. Ciaran, a former resident of Queens, NYC, has opened up Sals - he based it on his favourite local spot back home, also called Sals. You can read all about it over here, on Frank Liew's blog.

Excerpt: "10 years ago he approached his favourite local joint in his neighbourhood - Sal’s Pizzeria in Queens to talk about opening up shop outside of NYC

For one reason or another it didn’t happen back then, but over the years he kept the thought in the back of his mind - and last year when he was back home he went back to Sal’s with his idea, who ended up giving him their original recipe, the same recipes they’ve used for all their pies since they opened in 1975.

Funnily enough, they didn’t want anything for it, just to share good pizza with the world, so in return he named his own joint after them. Sal’s Pizza, Auckland New Zealand."

Ciaran added this to the comments on Franks blog', talking about how he got started with Sals... "Nick (my business partner who I met playing tennis in the south of France 15 years ago) came to visit NYC for New Years 08′ and has always loved the pizza in NY. After downing a couple large 18″ pizzas (on consecutive days:) he kept saying how good it would be to have pizza like that in Auckland. After that conversation, we did a bit of research and decided to go for it…"

Photo credit: Sal's Pizza from Frank Liew's blog.
ADDED: Sal's Pizza, 4a Commerce St. Auckland City, phone 09 379 7257. Open Mon-Sun, Midday until late

Liquid Liquid live in NYC

Legendary 80s outfit Liquid Liquid played in New York a few days ago, at the Lincoln Center alongside a performance by Rhys Chatham with 200 guitars, more here. If you know Melle Mel's 'White Lines', you know Liquid Liquid - thats their tune that got sampled by Melle Mel (with no subsequent credit or monies...)

review snip... "The members of Liquid Liquid haven’t been playing together regularly for more than 25 years. They reunited at NYC’s Knitting Factory in 2003 and got together again last October at the Barbican Centre in London. But they sounded amazingly tight and the crowd responded enthusiastically.

All four band members seemed energized and totally engaged — thrilled to be performing before an appreciative hometown crowd. The sound was crisp and the beats were just as hypnotic as the day they were created. People in the audience who saw Liquid Liquid in the Eighties were amazed that the players had barely aged and hadn’t lost a bit of their drive." review and photo from Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone? Blog.

Heres a 30 min video interview with Liquid Liquid's Sal Principato, via Red Bull Music Academy.