Friday, August 07, 2009

DJ Spinna on the mix

Two beauties from NY-based DJ, his Sade mix, and a Quincy Jones mix. Ace! "Having worked with Temptation Eddie Kendricks, famed jazz artist/vibraphonist Roy Ayers, and prolific Brazilian musician Sergio Mendes, Spinna’s not your average DJ/Producer & his musical prowess covers a few genres."

DJ Spinna's Tribute to Q (Quincy Jones) mix here; DJ Spinna's Best of Sade here. Hat tip to the Smoking Section.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Horse Meat Disco - bonus mix
The official blurb sez "
inspired by the halcyon days of New York nightlife including Mancuso’s Loft, Nicky Siano’s Gallery and late lamented DJ Adam Goldstone, Horse Meat Disco's legendary parties attract a discerning mix of old time disco heads, club kids, bears and naturists and has become renowned as a space where heterosexual disco fans can party at a gay disco club without feeling out of place. The club's open-minded ethos has secured them bookings worldwide with international crowds keen to sample the Horse Meat Disco party energy." So there ya go.

Horse Meat Disco- Bonus Mix (zshare) (mediafire)
Debut mix CD out Aug 5 on Strut Records

Hot Chocolate - Disco Queen
Queen - Dancer
World Premier - Share The Night
Empire Projecting Penny - Freakman
Cerrone - Hooked On You
Charanga 76 - Music Trance
Fonda Rae - Heobha
Melba Moore - Standing Right Here

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Rocksteady: Roots Of Reggae (movie trailer)

Featuring Hopeton Lewis, Judy Mowatt, Ken Boothe, Leroy Sibbles, Marcia Griffiths, U-Roy, The Tamlins and more. "The premise, that the "remaining great singers and musicians of Jamaica's Golden Age of music, Rocksteady, come together after 40 years to record an album of their greatest hits, to perform together again at a reunion concert in Kingston, and to tell their story", is kind of like a reggae version of The Buena Vista Social Club."

Hat tip to The In Crowd blog
Anvil metal
I still havent managed to catch the doco on Canadian metallers Anvil (must rectify that), but this story is really rather cool. Have a read.

Via Brooklyn Vegan:
Last year's doc Anvil! The Story of Anvil made audiences fall in love with Toronto's hard-luck metal band, which never stops despite a list of misfortunes that would fill a book, including a European club owner who tries to pay the band in goulash. But last Tuesday the band - singer/guitarist Lips, drummer Robb Reiner and bassist Glenn Five - found itself playing for 40,000 people. Let Lips explain how it went:

"I was thanking him as he shook my hand saying "great show, great show!" He then shook my son's hand as he was being whisked away in his SUV. Wow! I had just met Angus Young, lead guitarist of the mighty AC/DC. It was such an honour to be able to thank him in person for his big heart and generosity for letting Anvil have an opening slot at the biggest and most meaningful show we've ever done in America..."

Get the full story here.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Jay Z opens US rock festival filling in for Beastie Boys, and drops No Sleep Til Brooklyn
KILLS IT. Watch and see. Link.

Pilooski galore
Soul vigilantes - Background noise (PILOOSKI REMIX) from Grand panda
Kenneth Bager - Sound of swing (Pilooski dub edit) from Emodring
Elvis Presley - Crawfish (Pilooski edit) from Sous...
Jarvis Cocker - You're in my eyes (Discosong) (Pilooski Remix) from Knicken

Pilooski is responsible for the absolutely killer Nina Simone re-edit Taking Care Of Business off the latest Verve Remixed. His Jarvis Cocker retweak is well grooving. Go!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Concrete jungle
The Specials finally played in Auckland last night, 30 years since they formed. Took them long enough to get here, so just as well they were worth the wait.

I saw two double-decker party buses pull up in the carpark, with ska music blasting away, and hordes of ska-happy old bastards spilled out, skanking down the aisles and off the buses. As one of my mates commented, he didn't feel like to oldest person there. I saw hardly any young ska kids - a few smattering of studded mowhawk punk teens tho.

After waiting outside for the doors to open in the Logan Campbell Centre (when will this godawful venue mysteriously burn down?), the crowd milling outside made their way in, where they were greeted my huge queues waiting for service at the bar. It appeared there were three barstaff in total trying to serve a few thousand thirsty ska fans. One of my mates queued for about 20 minutes and gave up. Bit of an organisational failure, that.

Saw Stinky Jim, in the foyer with a bag of records: he'd had the pleasure of playing a few tunes as one of the support DJs (followed by an MC chatting with Terry Hall's son Felix DJing). He made some comment about how without the Specials (and other acts), he wouldn't have become the Stinky Jim that he is today, and also something about how nice it was to hear accents for good part of England!

Check out this gent below, was wearing a shiny silver suit, and had his hat embroidered for the gig. Classy. Surprised that more folk didn't make the effort to dress up. Plenty of pork pie hats tho.

So, inside we go (after bumping into a million old faces from the past). Bang on 930pm, on come the band, playing behind a white curtain backdrop, which falls away to revel them in front of a huge SPECIALS banner. Songs - everything you could want to hear off the first two albums, plus Ghost town and a few covers (54-46 was my number, Longshot Kick De Bucket).

First impressions - they manage to jump around for a bunch of old gits. Cept for grumpy Terry Hall. He loiters at the back of stage when not singing, and checks his watch a lot. Having said that, he was in fine voice, and even managed some droll stage banter between songs. For example: "So, we've been here for three days now, and when we got here, I checked the guide book, to see what there was to do, and you've only got like two or three fookin things to do - walk across a bridge, or jump off a fookin building. So if anyone knows of something in to do here, please let me know, seriously." Later, he suggested to the audience that "I know something we can do - how about someone come round tomorrow and do my dirty laundry?"

Still, he seemed to be having a miserrable time, while the rest of the band were bouncing around and giving their all. I heard later from someone closer to the action on stage that he was constantly checking his watch, sniping at Neville Staple, and giving off a very strong "I dont wanna be here" vibe. Okay, so he's in this for the money - fair enough - the rest of the band want a payday too (they didnt write the songs, so that makes sense) but Hall made a career and built his reputation on the back of this band. He just seems churlish. At one point he said on the mic, "Fookin hell, its 5 past 10 already" but that might've been a clever intro to Friday Night, Saturday morning. Or not.

Anyways, the mirror ball came out for the intro to Niteklub, then towards the end we got Ghost town (complete with trombone solo - they'd bought a horn section with them), which was brittle, gloomy, monstrous and just stunning. It was the only song of the whole night that moved beyond reproducing the records and became something quite extraordinary. Gotta say too, Roddy Radiation is a mean guitarist.

Then the encore, Too much too young, 54-46, Longshot kick de bucket, (during which the horn section are joined by two young kids to skank alongside them - huh?) and Enjoy Yourself to close. Give the people what they want.

Then, off to round two of Sat Nite Nostalgia Fest - The Newmatics at the Bacco Room (pictured above). After DJ sets from Printor and Benny Lee, the band took the stage to a full house after midnight. They blasted thru all their records and a handful of earlier punky numbers. Some of the tunes had aged better than others - Riot Squad and Doobie Do Boy still sound fresh and vital. They threw in a handful of covers (Soulman, Land of a thousand dances, which they used to do back in the day) and a version of T-Rex's Get it on, which didn't quite come off. Still, they acquitted themselves well, giving the songs the needed vigour to make them spark. Bloody good show!

So, who's next on this nostalgia buzz? Anyone taking bets?