Friday, July 03, 2009

Lee Fields
Mister Lee Fields has recently released a fine new album on the Truth and Soul label, called My World. Brooklyn Vegan has a bunch of cool videos featuring the making of the album, and Lee rehearsing with his band, featuring members of Budos Band, Dapkings and Antibalas. Check it. Oh, and there's a couple of tunes to download for free there too.
James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince onstage. Seriously.
Live footage from a James Brown show from 86. Totally funky. Watch MJ bust out a bunch of JB moves. Watch Prince get it on, then exit the stage and pull down part of the stage set by accident.

I know there's a ton of MJ footage floating round, but this is awesome. (Via The Fader)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Death of Vibe magazine
If you've ever read my profile blurb, you'll see one of my passions is magazines. Sure, I have a record collection (don't you?), but I also have a magazine collection. So, stories like this one fascinate the heck outta me.

Saw this via Twitter from author Jeff Chang (@zentronix for a twitterheads)...
The Death of Vibe And The Future Of Magazines: A Roundtable with Alan Light and Raymond Roker Link.

Raymond Leon Roker : The ways us smaller print brands have a chance is to become boutique agencies. Filter, Cornerstone/Fader, BPM, et al, everybody is in the agency game. The magazines become the branded company pitch. A measure of credibility and clout.

But as print continues to melt away, in the eyes of clients and under the weight of constantly increasing production costs, some of these brands may drop their mags too.

The assumption is that magazine brands, if they walk away from print, can’t survive. That hasn’t been proven one way or another yet. But IMO, the only way they will is by becoming media marketing companies instead. Ones where content and marketing blur (hello ASME). But the standalone magazine model died years ago."

And Media Assassin Harry Allen weighs in on Vibe...
My Final Visit as VIBE Flatlines.: Stick a knife in it, they’re done:..
link (he's on Twitter too - @harryallen)
One Stop
Via Cratekings, wicked video, especially the beat battle at the end.
"Here we have the official video highlight reel for Sha Money XL’s One Stop Shop Producers Conference featuring panel highlights and conversations with producers such as Just Blaze, RZA, Hi-Tek, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, Steve Lobel, Dru Ha, and Drumma Boy, and more. In addition, the video features beat battle footage and the crowning of the 2009 champion, Billboard."

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Quincy Jones on MJ
A lot of people/idiots are saying a lot of garbage about Michael Jackson, mostly about his personal life and so on and passing judgment on him. Eventually the chatter from the cheap seats will die down, and we'll be left with the music.

One person who knows all about MJ's music is legendary producer Quincy Jones. He's weighed in with some thoughts on working with MJ, over at the LA Times. This is well worth a read.

"For some reason I have had the honor of meeting young performers when they reach the age of 12. There was Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Tevin Campbell and, of course, Michael Jackson....

"We finished the album [Thiriller] at 9 a.m. the morning we needed to deliver the reference copy. We had three studios going all night long. Michael in one putting final touches on "Billie Jean," Bruce in another, and Eddie Van Halen, who I brought in, in yet another recording his parts for "Beat It."

We all gathered in Studio A to listen to the test pressing with this enormous anticipation. This was it, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to "Off the Wall." And it sounded . . . terrible."

More reading on Jackson from The Village Voice's Greg Tate - "Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror - Black America's eulogies for the King of Pop also let us resurrect his best self".

Monday, June 29, 2009

Kidz In Space
Ocean of drugs is the name of the song - vid is bugged the eff out. Nuts.