Friday, February 27, 2009

Boozoo with extra grain.
Boozoo Bajou's new album, Grains, is out soon. Free download for you of the title track, courtesy of their label. Boozoo Bajou- "Grains (Radio Edit)" [download]
Streaming audio & more bizznizz heer:

"With Grains, the West Coast sounds of the Laurel Canyon era serve as a primary reference point. The lead single "Same Sun" will be released digitally on February 17th with remixes from Prins Thomas, Andy Votel (available above), & Quantic. Grains will be release March 3rd on K7.

Also watch out for these new releases from these cats...
Grandmaster Flash- The Bridge /Horace Andy / Ashley Beedle (both out March 3rd, Strut) andMulatu Astatke / The Heliocentrics- Inspiration Information (April 14th, Strut).

I've heard a few tunes off the Horace Andy/Ashley Beedle collab, thats pretty nice, but wait til you hear the Mulatu/Heliocentrics, it is some funky Ethio-jazz that is serious business. Check it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Takeaway Show does Tom Jones
I linked to these folks a while back, with their awesome clip of hanging out with Yeasayer, filming them playing a song round a piano at a party after their show in Paris. Their band coverage is always a lotta fun, but this takes the cake...

"No one ever expects this call. You’re going about your daily life and then it happens. The phone rings, you answer, and Vincent asks: “What do you think about helping on a Take-Away show with Tom Jones?” What do I think? I think it’s Tom whoa whoa whoaaaa mother fuckin’ Jones! Actually . . . I don’t know what to think. But we’re doing it...

... His manager is a band manager out of a Woody Allen movie – over zealous, over protective, and hilarious. Tom is still in his bedroom so his manager is talking to us and making sure we’re comfortable, but not too comfortable. I busy myself with the mics and don’t even look up as I ask the body next to me if they think Tom will be ready soon. The body answers yes, and Vincent says, “Umm, Teresa . . .” I look to Vincent, who looks to me, and then we both look to the mystery person I was talking to. Yeah, it’s Tom . . . Jones. Hi.

Watch it here. Tom Jones, with a guitarist, singing in his hotel room. Choice!

Tizard in a tizz.
Judith Tizard was on RadioLive yesterday, condemning the Government's actions over S92A of the Copyright Act.

"The former minister who help design a controversial internet piracy bill is accusing the Government of making a mistake by stalling on making it law... The Government has given ISPs and copyright holders a month to sort out their differences, and may scrap the bill if no deal is reached... Ex-Labour minister Judith Tizard says artists and musicians are being robbed of their livelihoods by illegal downloads." RadioLIVE

Tizard said “I'm not prepared to see, as a New Zealander who cares about creative New Zealanders, them ripped off by kids, mainly kids, who think that film and music is free."

ADDED This story from the Dom Post reports that Michael Cullen is likely to quit Parliament in the next two months, as will Helen Clark if she is successful in her "in her bid for a top United Nations for a top United Nations post.
"Miss Clark's resignation would trigger a by-election in Mt Albert. List MP Phil Twyford is seen as the front-runner to be Labour's candidate. Next in line to replace him would be former Auckland Central MP Judith Tizard" Link.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to the blackout
This Saturday, February 28th, Section 92A of the Copyright Act is due to come into force. This website has voluntarily been blacked out in protest against this law, which will be used to disconnect New Zealanders from the internet based on accusations of copyright infringement, without a trial and without evidence held up to court scrutiny.

May we be very clear: we do not support or condone copyright infringement or illegal downloads. But this blatant disregard towards the basic human right to a fair trial is completely unjust and unworkable and it has the potential to punish New Zealand businesses and individuals where in fact no laws have been broken.

Similar laws have been rejected in the EU as being against "a fair balance between various fundamental rights", rejected in the UK due to "impracticalities", and rejected in Germany as being 'Unfit for Germany, Unfit For Europe'. We don't care who voted for the law in the first place. We just want it stopped.

We call on the Minister responsible, National's Simon Power, to do the right thing and repeal Section 92A immediately. Visit to learn more"

UPDATE: AT 4pm today, after the Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister John Key "announced the controversial Section 92A law, which has been widely condemned by internet users, is to be delayed.

It will go on hold until March 27 while work is carried out on a voluntary code of practice. If no solution is reached by then it will be suspended.

If no agreement was reached then the section would be suspended, Mr Key said. If a code was agreed to, there would be a review after six months to see if the law was working as it was intended." NZ Herald link