Saturday, October 04, 2008

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, October 4
Marlena Shaw - California soul (Diplo remix)
Sharon Jones and the Dapkings - Stranded in your love (Cool calm Pete remix)
Menahan st band - track 9
Bamboos - Tighten up
Gay Flamingos steel band - Black man's cry
Thievery corp - Radio retaliation
Bunny General - Pon mi border
Tommy McCook and the supersonics -Big, bad and bold
Sabres of paradise - Wilmot
Mr Scruff - Fix that speaker
Ray Barretto - Acid
Joe Bataan -Subway Joe
Joe Quijano - Fun city shingaling
Roots manuva - Again and again (Moody boyz remix)
Moody boyz - Jammin
The snugs - Trying
Dub Asylum - Ba ba boom!
Definition of sound - Wear your love like heaven
Freddie Cruger - Something good
Jimmy Bo Horne - Let me be your lover
Jimmy McGriff - Red sails in the sunset
Tony Alvon and the Belairs - Sexy coffee pot
Cyril Neville - Gossip
Maxwell implosion - Grasshopper
Lady Saw - Jealous (Benny Hill riddim)
Dj Mujava - Township funk (Ashley Beedle re-edit)
Quantic - Make dub, not war
Al Brown - Aint no love

Friday, October 03, 2008

Backyard Parties: A Brief History of DJ Culture in Southern California
"Historically, the youth involved in backyard party planning and djing did not have the extra cash to drive to Hollywood and pay $20 bucks to enter a club.

That is why they created a party of their own, with their own rules, participants, promoters, economies and music. This sub-culture which was and continues to be emulated by club promoters in the west side and the world was built and devised by the young men and women, ages 15 to 21, who live and sometimes die in east and south L.A.

In this issue of webstories, we will explore the rise of backyard parties as we take a look at the evolution of DJ culture from the 1970’s to the present. In each decade we will explore one famous party, tracing the evolution and development of fashion, music and culture in L.A." Link.

Soulwax’s film ‘Part of the Weekend Never Dies’
"Saam Farahmand is one of the hottest directors around, and he’s also an avid dance music fan. So it’s not surprising that Farahmand linked up with Soulwax and created the excellent tour documentary Part of the Weekend Never Dies. The film captures key moments during Radio Soulwax’s grueling global jaunt, which included 120 live shows and DJ gigs (where the band’s Dewaele brothers, David and Stephen, spin as 2ManyDJs)."

Link to Big Shot Magazine, includes clip from the movie. Also from Big Shot... Free mp3: Tittsworth feat. Kid Sister and Pase Rock / “WTF”
In conversation: Debbie Harry and Santogold - "Where’s Suicide when you need them?"
Debbie Harry: There’ve always been two schools of thought when it comes to female artists. There’s the serious guitar players who have stuff to say, and they’re called “women.” And then there’s the producer-driven, girl-group, hair-toss, flaunt-your-tits-and-ass kind of act.

Santogold: The producers phenomenon is one of the reasons music has gone downhill. When I was a teenager, every hip-hop artist had their own D.J., who was their producer. From Public Enemy to A Tribe Called Quest, everyone had a different sound. Now? Now it’s only hip-hop, pop, and rock. You’ve got three producers who do everything. And as far as the women go, I think there are very few big-time women right now who are running their own show, like Bj√∂rk, M.I.A., and Karen O. It’s all American Idol.

DH: The best part about American Idol is when they have the auditions.

S: I agree.

DH: That’s all they should do.

Read it here.

Santogold playing in NZ at new years. Listen to Shove It by Santogold over here.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Black, round and groovy
"Black, Round, & Groovy explores the love affair many music aficionados have with their records. Black, Round, & Groovy will introduce viewers to a variety of characters—the pack-rat whose 60,000 records forced him to rent warehouse space, the dj who attempts to free himself by selling off his collection, the punk who started collecting soul 45s—disparate people with black plastic discs in common.

"I spose it's better than being a heroin addict, cos at least i've got something to show for spending my money!" Watch the film trailer here (first one)

Check Basefm out right now

Ota (of the Open Souls), the winner of the MPC Championship of the World (read; Ak vs Welly) recreates his winning set live on Basefm, check the webcam. Slight delay between audio and pics.Awesome new Basefm website too!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lars Ullrich still hates the internetz.
"The Internet gives everybody a voice, and the Internet has a tendency to give the complainers a louder voice."
No, Lars will NOT listen to you complain about the sound quality of the new Metallica album, and, no, you're wrong - the Guitar Hero version of the game is not better. "There's nothing up with the audio quality. It's 2008, and that's how we make records." Link.
DJ Vadim diagnosed with cancer
DJ Vadim, has been diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer known as Ocular Melanoma / Choroidal Melanoma. He was operated on last Friday, in London. His wife, Yarah Bravo, has written about it on her myspace page.
"So many times has he had my back and lifted me up when i was down! And i wish now that we can all do the same for him! All i am asking from you, is to create a proactive boomerang….WORLD WIDE and please pray for him! Help him heal!! Send him all your energy and love, and think intensely about him surviving, recovering and coming back stronger!!!"

Here's hoping he is able to fight off the cancer and make a full recovery.