Saturday, September 06, 2008

You freak me
So, late Friday arvo call, and what do you know - I've got tickets for the Crosstown Revue. Yay! Off to see Supergroove and guests at the mighty Civic. Two sets, intermission at a gig, seated venue hmmm..

First set starts with Supergroove joined by Gin Wigmore. What great songs! Word is she's just signed a record deal for the US. Not hard to see why, she is a huge talent. A few Supergroove numbers, then they try out a new song that is... new. Kinda midtempo rock tune, with a chorus that includes Che singing something about "when the shitstorm hits you..." Moving along, Hollie Smith comes out, and sits at the keys and wails thru a few of her numbers, ably backed by Supergroove. The crowd love her. And then its intermission. Strange thing - no-one at the gig in Supergroove t-shirts. Time was, back in the early 90s, you couldnt walk thru town without seeing someone in their tshirts with that logo on. They were everywhere.

Set two opens with the curtain coming up to reveal Scribe sitting on a stool mid-stage, with Supergroove on stage playing a moody intro that shifts into his song Stop The Music, with Gin Wigmore tastefully filling in for that pitched-up vocal sample (wacky ol P-Money). Straight outta that and into Tim and Nick on the horns, honking out that distinctive three-note riff that is Not Many. You get Scribe rapping, with Che and Karl backing him. Choice. Scribe even lets Karl handle lead for one of the choruses, leading my mate to suggest "Look, its Donald Duck onstage!" He does flail most energetically, that boy.

Other highlights - Che's Fade Away, with Hollie and Gin backing him up. And of course, You Freak Me, Scorpio Girls, Can't get Enough, For Whatever Reason (with extra rap added midsong from Scribe) and Chains, featuring Scribe, Gin and Hollie - Killer.

Karl asked the audience for a round of applause for the Civic, and then Che added "Put your hands up if you saw Star Wars here, return of the Jedi" - a few folks cheered and then he laughed and said "heh, you old!" There was a lovely version of Che's tune Misty Frequencies earlier too, with bass, keys, drums and Gin and Hollie on backing vocals.

A great night's entertainment. And at the Civic, one of the most under-used venues in this city. And then there's the Wintergarden too...
Ring The Alarm, BaseFM, Sept 6 playlist
Dennis Brown/Dillinger - Jah is watching you
Prince fatty - Meltdown
Wayne Paul - Take the train
Quantic - Westbound train
Joni Rewind - Uptown ranking
Bobb deep - Got it twisted
Katalyst - Say what you feel
Freddi Henchi - Funky to the bone
Esther Phillips - Use me
Palvov and Mishkin - Brothers
Tony Allen - Sankofa (Hypnotic Brass Ensemble rework)
Patato and Totico - Dilo como yo (Anitbalas remix)
Ernest Ranglin - 54 46 was my number
The lions - Sweet soul music
Techniques - Little did you know
Stranger Cole - Rough and tough
Prince Fari - Hello, love brother
DLT and Che Fu - Chains
DJ Day - Close your eyes
Dub Asylum - My sneaker collection weighs a ton
Amrals Trinidad Cavaliers - 90% of me is you
20th century steel band - Heaven and hell is on earth
Moodorama - Sweet toffee
Freestylers - B-boy stance
Keith Lawrence and Rodney P - Style and fashion
Roots Manuva - Again and again (Moody boyz remix)
Lee Perry vs Moody boyz - God smiled dub take
Benga - B4 the dual
Grooverider pardoned.
From Bigshot mag... "UK drum ‘n’ bass DJ Grooverider (Raymond Bingham) has been pardoned by the Dubai Royal Family. He was released from prison on Thursday after serving ten months of a four year sentence for possessing 2.16 grams of cannabis and pornographic material. Grooverider was arrested at Dubai airport last November, and although he claimed he was unaware of the contraband found in his bag and the country’s no-tolerance policiies, the DJ was convicted and imprisoned."

Friday, September 05, 2008

an interview with TRICKY
on his new album, dubstep, grime, Bernard Butler("A horrible little man"), Switch, M.I.A. and more, link.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Carl Craig goes classical
"Carl Craig and Moritz von Oswald will tackle the works of Maurice Ravel and Modest Mussorgsky in October.

In the third edition of Deutsche Grammophon's ReConfigured series, the duo have remade one of the most famous classical works of recent vintage, Ravel's "Bolero," as well as Mussorgsky’s "Bilder einer Ausstellung" and another Ravel piece entitled "Rapsodie Espagnola."

The album comes at a particularly classically-inclined time for both, as they'll be playing a show in Paris the day after this album's release in which they will perform what we're guessing will be one or more of the works on the record alongside one of classical music's minimalist icons, Steve Reich. The album follows in the wake of the two previous editions in the series, undertaken by Mattias Arfmann and Jimi Tenor." (link)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

How Sonny Rollins beat heroin.
"In his six-decade career, legendary saxophonist Sonny Rollins has claimed many a triumph. But his greatest may have come during a quiet period in Chicago." Link, plus videos.
New York Times" Offers Yet Another Lesson In How To Write A "Vinyl Is Back" Trend Piece
"This week, the Sunday Styles section of The New York Times took on the "vinyl is back" trend, thus becoming the 1,495th publication in the United States to do so in the past year." From Idolator. Worth a read, very funny. Expect the same story to pop up in the Sunday Star Times any weekend now (The NZ Herald has already done this story, in Canvas, a while back).

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Musical phones
Just got some more info on the new Dub Asylum ep for you. Freetext “dub” to Live (5483) on your 3g Vodafone Live mobile to check out my new tunes.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Muxtape's Legal Defense To RIAA: Seriously, You Guys Should Just Leave Us Alone
Link.From Silicon Alley Insider (that's their heading above), and Coolfer.

"... some questions were posed to Muxtape founder Justin Ouellette about Muxtape (his music sharing site that has attracted the attention of the RIAA):

• How is that legal? A non-answer.

• How to make money with Muxtape? Another non-answer.

• What happens when labels start calling? "I would like to work with all labels of all sizes and with individual artists.... Everything I've been thinking about for the future has been related to, What can we do to create an equitable landscape for everybody?"

Earlier, when asked about a scenario in which a label complained about copyright infringement, Ouellette said, "I have to honor that. I think that some people will make a decision that they don't want to interact in that space, and I think they're foolish not to. But I have to respect it. I really do."

Spring has sprung mix
Some audio for you - just signed up to (similar to muxtape) and made you a mix. Everything from Roots Manuva to Barrington Levy - the kind of stuff I spin on BaseFM. Enjoy. Let me know if you like it and I'll do another one.

Steven Price on defamation liability for threads on blogs and news websites.
Link. "Remember the basic rule of defamation: you publish it, you’re liable for it... If you’re managing a website and want to give yourself the best chance of avoiding liability for others’ comments, then don’t have anything to do with the comments, and put up a dirty great sign telling everyone that you’re not checking the content of the comments. Then stick to this. Don’t even reply to any of them, lest you give the impression that you’re reading them and therefore implicitly approving them. Then, if someone does complain about a particular comment, check it out or take it down. The possibility that you have avoided liability runs out at the point that someone draws it to your attention."

How To Build an Album Art Wall on the Cheap

"While sprucing up our place earlier this year, we decided the wall above our mantle could use some art. Rather than pony up for frames, artwork, or blown up photographs, I decided to take advantage of the cheap albums in the dollar bin of my local record store to add beautiful artwork to my living room. With just a few bucks and about 30 minutes, I built an album art wall to display some of my favorite album art—both for albums I love and for albums that I love to look at. The best part: You can easily switch out the albums on display any time. Here's how I did it." Link, Lifehacker.
What We Do Is Secret: Germs biopic
"Rodger Grossman’s long-gestating portrait of the short-lived ’70s punk band the Germs, which was barred from playing Los Angeles clubs by the time it got around to recording an album, focuses on Darby Crash (Shane West), the now-textbook head case/“genius” who founded and disastrously fronted a band whose members couldn’t play their instruments...

... The film’s only watchable scenes are the musical performances, which are always chaotic, frequently mesmerizing, and come closest to reflecting punk’s grimy rawness. The rest is High School Musical with needles and dye jobs." Link. Trailer also.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tune in
Check out ALT TV tonight at 10.30pm - I'm being interviewed by Gene Rivers on his show, Stereo Deluxe. Talking about the new EP, and he asked me to bring along five influential records to talk about too.