Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ring The Alarm, BaseFM, August 16 playlist
Johnny Pacheco - Boogaloo de Johnny (Quantic mix)
Prince Douglas - You and me dub
New Mastersounds - Witness
Keith Lawrence - B Bwoy Skank
Art of noise -Moments in love (Caspa remix)
Koliphones - Voyage into the sun
Betty Davis - If I'm in luck, I just might get picked up
One blood - Be thankful for what you've got
Techniques -I'm in the mood
Joy Denalane - Soweto 76-06
Lil Wayne - Dr Carter
Dub Asylum - Ba ba boom!
Lightning head - Steelsation
Jackie Mittoo - Hot milk
Rodney P and P Money - Untitled (samples a huge chunk of Marvin Gaye, wicked - grab it from P Money's myspace page)
Johnny Hammond - Fantasy (Marc Mac 'Beatdrop version')
Beats International - Invasion of the estate agents
Lee Perry vs Moody Boyz - God Smiled (Moody Boyz mix)
Roy Ayers - Running away (playing live in Auckland October 25! details here)
MAW and George Benson - The ghetto/el barrio
Clemon Smith - Brother man, sister Ann
Isaac Hayes, Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Jones - Wattstax finale, If I had a Hammer

Friday, August 22, 2008

RIP Johnny "Dizzy" Moore
"Trumpeter Johnny "Dizzy" Moore, one of the founding members of the Jamaican ska/reggae outfit the Skatalites, has passed away after a long battle with cancer." Link, with videos

Frequencies flow

Spotted at Russell Brown's Hard News...

"You could also do worse than pop over to Peter McLennan's MySpace for a listen to the new Dub Asylum stuff, which range from Prince Fatty-style rocksteady revivals to the tricked-out funk of 'My Sneaker Collection Weighs a Ton'. It's music produced by someone who really loves music." Cheers, Russell!

I have just added another song off the EP to the myspace page too, a melancholy ditty called Come Figure Me Out featuring the wonderful vocals of Ms Sandy Mill. Check it.

On the subject of digital releases, Russell mentions... "I ran into Mike Hodgson from Pitch Black this week (at the Point Chev Countdown) and he says that paid downloads have really started to work for them. Ingrooves, the San Francisco-based aggregator they use outside New Zealand gets them a direct link off the electronic genre page on every iTunes country store.

They now release digital singles regularly via this route, and in the last six months Pitch Black sold 18,600 individual tracks online, in about 55 countries, from Belgium to Brazil, Latvia to Luxembourg. Mike says allowing the tracks onto subscriber music services, which return quite a low rate, has been a surprise boon. I'm guessing it probably doesn't amount to much more than $10,000 net per six months, but it's passive income that doubles as marketing in multiple territories. Mike's pretty happy with how it's going.

The top artists on Amplifier are now billing five-figure sums too. And increasingly, they don't have conventional record deals. Interesting."

You got me sideways
I recently completed a remix for Kolab, Auckland-based hiphop crew who released their debut album What Comes Next in June. The new single off the album is Sideways, directed by Mark Thretheway & Steve Gulik, check the video out.

Link for video.

You can check out the Dub Asylum remix of Sideways, featured on iTunes NZ as an exclusive (link). Word is they are picking up a bunch of sales thru iTunes US - IMNZ reports that "Kolab have been featuring recently in the What’s Hot section for Hip Hop and R&B on iTunes USA, one of the first Aotearoa hip hop acts to ever do so - one critic even likened the group to a futuristic version of the Beastie Boys." Cool

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Farewelling Isaac.
"It was easy to tell the Hollywood Scientologists from the Memphis music people as they passed the gantlet of television cameras and entered the suburban Memphis megachurch to pay tribute to Isaac Hayes. They were on the whole paler and skinnier and showed rather more cleavage than is considered properly funereal here in the South."
from NY Times - Hollywood Joins Memphis for a Farewell to Isaac Hayes.

Sahara and Dilla
Spotted at Stonesthrow, new video from Karl Hector and the Malcouns for Shara Swing, and an interview with J Dilla's Mother, Ms. Maureen Yancey, in LA Weekly.

"A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece discussing the difficulties J Dilla's estate has had in enforcing copyright law and paying off the six-figure IRS debt left behind. In the aftermath of the story's publication, I had the chance to speak with his mother, Ms. Maureen Yancey about Dilla's legacy and her current estrangement with the executors of his estate." LINK

Bug powder dust
I remember seeing Bomb The Bass (Tim Simenon) DJing at the Big Day Out way back in 2001. He dropped a few of is own tunes in there too, I recall. Later in the day, I saw him wander past in the crowd, so I called out to him and thanked him for some wicked tunes. Then I asked him when some new Bomb The Bass stuff might see the light of day, and he said its coming, so I told him to hurry up.

Seven years later, here's his new album. From the guest lineup, it reads like it might be kinda similar to the last album from UNKLE (recent BDO visitors) without the guitars.

"On Future Chaos, Simenon's guest vocalists are as inspired as ever. David Best, of Brighton Krautrockers Fujiya & Miyagi, spreads his trademark free-association whispers all over "Butter Fingers." Toob, the duo of Jakeone (Jake Williams) and Red Snapper's Richard Thair, lend a nervous, sultry touch to "Burn the Bunker."

Jon Spencer—yes, he of Blues Explosion fame—infuses "Fuzzbox" with the distant purr of robot phone sex. Paul Conboy, of A.P.E. and Corker/Conboy, sings and shares writing credits on five more songs, with a lush-yet-understated touch that recalls Thom Yorke in his mellower moments.

But the most striking appearance here might be Mark Lanegan's. Formerly of the Screaming Trees, a onetime member of Queens of the Stone Age and collaborator with PJ Harvey, Lanegan has a voice like no other; on "Black River," his smokes-and-whiskey drawl proves the perfect complement to Bomb the Bass' rich sonics."

Out Sept 15 worldwide except US (out there Sept 30) thru K7 Records, check here (Myspace) for audio previews.

1. Smog (feat Paul Conboy)
2. Butterfingers (feat Fujiya and Miyagi)
3. Old John (feat Paul Conboy)
4. Burn the Bunker (feat Toob)
5. So Special (feat Paul Conboy)
6. No Bones (feat Paul Conboy)
7. Black River (feat Mark Lanegan)
8. Hold Me Up (feat Paul Conboy)
9. Fuzzbox (feat Jon Spencer)

More Tim Simenon audio over here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Paradise or the bag
Read Simon Grigg on the lack of funding for Kiwi electronica and more. Also a very nice hat tip from Simon about my new EP - gracias, sir. Link. "I love the joyous ska / rocksteady-ness of Ba Ba Boom and, what I describe ... as the very post rare-groove feel of the wonderfully named My Sneaker Collection Weighs A Ton."

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fly, baby, fly
Worth checking out if you are in the AK area this evening. Young Mr Dwyer talks about his excellent tv show, maybe even his mishap in China where he got out of a taxi and watched it race off down the road before they got their gear out off the boot, including Nick's laptop. Actually, maybe don't remind him of that one, aye? Ask him about all the Jamaican DJs using Serato (the NZ-created DJ software).

Making Tracks with Nick D - Monday, 18 August at Auckland Central Library, 46 Lorne Street, 6pm start, FREE entry...
"Nick Dwyer from C4 talks about his experiences filming the hit TV series Making Tracks.
All welcome, intrepid explorers and armchair travelers alike."

Currently listening to this... DJ set from Rhythm and Sound's Moritz Von Oswald with Tikiman ("keep track for how many times he uses the word 'massive'. it is a truly massive amount.") 227mb, over here.