Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Spotted at Coolfer "Today it was announced that Warner Music Group will distribution and market physical product for EMI in Southeast Asia [Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea and Thailand]. The companies have had a similar arrangement for India, the Middle East and North Africa since 2005. I was wondering about North America, not smaller and developing markets, but I think such partnerships here are inevitable. A permanent reduction in distribution workforce would have considerable cost savings. Since the number of labels and the number of titles released are not growing, physical distribution needs to be rightsized."

Saturday, September 06, 2008

You freak me
So, late Friday arvo call, and what do you know - I've got tickets for the Crosstown Revue. Yay! Off to see Supergroove and guests at the mighty Civic. Two sets, intermission at a gig, seated venue hmmm..

First set starts with Supergroove joined by Gin Wigmore. What great songs! Word is she's just signed a record deal for the US. Not hard to see why, she is a huge talent. A few Supergroove numbers, then they try out a new song that is... new. Kinda midtempo rock tune, with a chorus that includes Che singing something about "when the shitstorm hits you..." Moving along, Hollie Smith comes out, and sits at the keys and wails thru a few of her numbers, ably backed by Supergroove. The crowd love her. And then its intermission. Strange thing - no-one at the gig in Supergroove t-shirts. Time was, back in the early 90s, you couldnt walk thru town without seeing someone in their tshirts with that logo on. They were everywhere.

Set two opens with the curtain coming up to reveal Scribe sitting on a stool mid-stage, with Supergroove on stage playing a moody intro that shifts into his song Stop The Music, with Gin Wigmore tastefully filling in for that pitched-up vocal sample (wacky ol P-Money). Straight outta that and into Tim and Nick on the horns, honking out that distinctive three-note riff that is Not Many. You get Scribe rapping, with Che and Karl backing him. Choice. Scribe even lets Karl handle lead for one of the choruses, leading my mate to suggest "Look, its Donald Duck onstage!" He does flail most energetically, that boy.

Other highlights - Che's Fade Away, with Hollie and Gin backing him up. And of course, You Freak Me, Scorpio Girls, Can't get Enough, For Whatever Reason (with extra rap added midsong from Scribe) and Chains, featuring Scribe, Gin and Hollie - Killer.

Karl asked the audience for a round of applause for the Civic, and then Che added "Put your hands up if you saw Star Wars here, return of the Jedi" - a few folks cheered and then he laughed and said "heh, you old!" There was a lovely version of Che's tune Misty Frequencies earlier too, with bass, keys, drums and Gin and Hollie on backing vocals.

A great night's entertainment. And at the Civic, one of the most under-used venues in this city. And then there's the Wintergarden too...
Ring The Alarm, BaseFM, Sept 6 playlist
Dennis Brown/Dillinger - Jah is watching you
Prince fatty - Meltdown
Wayne Paul - Take the train
Quantic - Westbound train
Joni Rewind - Uptown ranking
Bobb deep - Got it twisted
Katalyst - Say what you feel
Freddi Henchi - Funky to the bone
Esther Phillips - Use me
Palvov and Mishkin - Brothers
Tony Allen - Sankofa (Hypnotic Brass Ensemble rework)
Patato and Totico - Dilo como yo (Anitbalas remix)
Ernest Ranglin - 54 46 was my number
The lions - Sweet soul music
Techniques - Little did you know
Stranger Cole - Rough and tough
Prince Fari - Hello, love brother
DLT and Che Fu - Chains
DJ Day - Close your eyes
Dub Asylum - My sneaker collection weighs a ton
Amrals Trinidad Cavaliers - 90% of me is you
20th century steel band - Heaven and hell is on earth
Moodorama - Sweet toffee
Freestylers - B-boy stance
Keith Lawrence and Rodney P - Style and fashion
Roots Manuva - Again and again (Moody boyz remix)
Lee Perry vs Moody boyz - God smiled dub take
Benga - B4 the dual
Grooverider pardoned.
From Bigshot mag... "UK drum ‘n’ bass DJ Grooverider (Raymond Bingham) has been pardoned by the Dubai Royal Family. He was released from prison on Thursday after serving ten months of a four year sentence for possessing 2.16 grams of cannabis and pornographic material. Grooverider was arrested at Dubai airport last November, and although he claimed he was unaware of the contraband found in his bag and the country’s no-tolerance policiies, the DJ was convicted and imprisoned."

Friday, September 05, 2008

an interview with TRICKY
on his new album, dubstep, grime, Bernard Butler("A horrible little man"), Switch, M.I.A. and more, link.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Carl Craig goes classical
"Carl Craig and Moritz von Oswald will tackle the works of Maurice Ravel and Modest Mussorgsky in October.

In the third edition of Deutsche Grammophon's ReConfigured series, the duo have remade one of the most famous classical works of recent vintage, Ravel's "Bolero," as well as Mussorgsky’s "Bilder einer Ausstellung" and another Ravel piece entitled "Rapsodie Espagnola."

The album comes at a particularly classically-inclined time for both, as they'll be playing a show in Paris the day after this album's release in which they will perform what we're guessing will be one or more of the works on the record alongside one of classical music's minimalist icons, Steve Reich. The album follows in the wake of the two previous editions in the series, undertaken by Mattias Arfmann and Jimi Tenor." (link)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

How Sonny Rollins beat heroin.
"In his six-decade career, legendary saxophonist Sonny Rollins has claimed many a triumph. But his greatest may have come during a quiet period in Chicago." Link, plus videos.
New York Times" Offers Yet Another Lesson In How To Write A "Vinyl Is Back" Trend Piece
"This week, the Sunday Styles section of The New York Times took on the "vinyl is back" trend, thus becoming the 1,495th publication in the United States to do so in the past year." From Idolator. Worth a read, very funny. Expect the same story to pop up in the Sunday Star Times any weekend now (The NZ Herald has already done this story, in Canvas, a while back).

Monday, September 01, 2008

Muxtape's Legal Defense To RIAA: Seriously, You Guys Should Just Leave Us Alone
Link.From Silicon Alley Insider (that's their heading above), and Coolfer.

"... some questions were posed to Muxtape founder Justin Ouellette about Muxtape (his music sharing site that has attracted the attention of the RIAA):

• How is that legal? A non-answer.

• How to make money with Muxtape? Another non-answer.

• What happens when labels start calling? "I would like to work with all labels of all sizes and with individual artists.... Everything I've been thinking about for the future has been related to, What can we do to create an equitable landscape for everybody?"

Earlier, when asked about a scenario in which a label complained about copyright infringement, Ouellette said, "I have to honor that. I think that some people will make a decision that they don't want to interact in that space, and I think they're foolish not to. But I have to respect it. I really do."

Spring has sprung mix
Some audio for you - just signed up to 8tracks.com (similar to muxtape) and made you a mix. Everything from Roots Manuva to Barrington Levy - the kind of stuff I spin on BaseFM. Enjoy. Let me know if you like it and I'll do another one.

How To Build an Album Art Wall on the Cheap

"While sprucing up our place earlier this year, we decided the wall above our mantle could use some art. Rather than pony up for frames, artwork, or blown up photographs, I decided to take advantage of the cheap albums in the dollar bin of my local record store to add beautiful artwork to my living room. With just a few bucks and about 30 minutes, I built an album art wall to display some of my favorite album art—both for albums I love and for albums that I love to look at. The best part: You can easily switch out the albums on display any time. Here's how I did it." Link, Lifehacker.
What We Do Is Secret: Germs biopic
"Rodger Grossman’s long-gestating portrait of the short-lived ’70s punk band the Germs, which was barred from playing Los Angeles clubs by the time it got around to recording an album, focuses on Darby Crash (Shane West), the now-textbook head case/“genius” who founded and disastrously fronted a band whose members couldn’t play their instruments...

... The film’s only watchable scenes are the musical performances, which are always chaotic, frequently mesmerizing, and come closest to reflecting punk’s grimy rawness. The rest is High School Musical with needles and dye jobs." Link. Trailer also.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tune in
Check out ALT TV tonight at 10.30pm - I'm being interviewed by Gene Rivers on his show, Stereo Deluxe. Talking about the new EP, and he asked me to bring along five influential records to talk about too.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ring The Alarm, BaseFM, August 30 playlist
Derek Laro and Trinity -Don't stop til you get enough
Sound dimension - Real rock
Marcia Griffiths - Feel like jumping
The Snugs - Trying
Magic circle express - Magic fever
Lightning head - Bokoor sound special
Mighty Mo - The next message
Don Covay - Sookie sookie
Edwin Birdsong - Rapper dapper snapper
Top cat - Request the style
Dark angel - Free da minds
Jimmy Cliff - Hurricane Hatty
Don Drummond and the Skatalites - Man in the street
Rob Symeonn - Message in the music (Shanti roots dubhouse edit)
Super Beagle -Dust a sound boy
Prince Douglas - you and me dub
The Clash -Rudie can't fail
Meters - Just kissed my baby
BT Express - Do it til you're satisfied
Salah Ragab - Egypt strut
Bugz in the attic - Zombie 2003
Jazmine Sullivan - I need you bad
Gussie P - Loved somebody version
Roots Manuva - Again and again (Moody Boyz remix)
Erykah Badu - Honey (Moody Boyz remix)
Bad brains - Return to heaven
Fat freddys - Cay's crays (Oneself remix)
Jophnny Hammond - Fantasy (Marc Mac Beatdrop version)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The new Digi-Ep is out there, and folks seem to like it - got someone wanting to play a tune off it on his reggae radio show in Chicago (Echo Beach, WLUW-FM) this weekend. I sent him a link to an mp3 and he's away. Boom!

Had a few people asking me if it was going to be available at Conch Records. The answer - why yes, it is - limited run of CDs, see here... Link.

Off to chat with me old mate Wallace Chapman on his show on KiwiFM, on air about 530pm.
More moody
Moody Boyz remix of new Roots Manuva tune. You liked that Lee Perry/Moody Boyz remix? Check this. (15mb) Heavy, heavy, monsta sounds.

This series sounds cool. "Strut Records kicks off its new series of artist pairings, Inspiration Information. Sly and Robbie with Amp Fiddler are first up, with releases to follow from Mulatu Astatke and The Heliocentrics, as well as Ashley Beedle and Horace Andy.

Inspiration Information is a heavyweight soundclash between Detroit soul maverick Amp Fiddler and reggae legends, Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare.

Arriving at Anchor Studios in Kingston, Jamaica, armed only with a handful of acoustic vocal ideas, Amp and the Riddim Twins recorded the album in just three days during June with overdubs laid down a week later in Detroit.

Within the sessions, the trio also revisited select tracks from Amp’s Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly album, giving them a full Jamaican makeover. To complete the Island connections, the album is currently being mixed by another original studio regular, Godwin Logie."

Watch the interview feature:http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=3zAkOQmPnZo

Sly & Robbie / Amp Fiddler - Inspiration Information Vol. 1
Strut Records, out October 28th, 2008

AND on another note, my blog turns five, and none of you say boo? WHAT'S THAT ABOUT?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Future of online music discussed
"In yesterday's episode of RWW Live, our live podcast show, our topic was online music and we had 3 very special guests on the show: Dalton Caldwell, founder and CEO of Imeem; Lucas Gonze, founder of Webjay and until recently a senior member of the Yahoo Music team; and Rob Williams, Senior VP of Music Software at RealNetworks." Readwriteweb Link.
Yakety yak
Check out the Morning Steppa on Radio KFM's breakfast show this morning - I'm doing an interview with him at 9am or thereabouts (listen online here) about the new Dub Asylum EP, and later, I'll be on Radio 95 BFM with Andrew Manning on Freak The Sheep, round 9.15pm (listen here).

Had a few folk mention they can't get at Msypace or it doesn't work for them, so I've put the Ba Ba Boom! EP up on Last.fm to preview it. Listen here. Let me know if that works. Sweet! Also sorting out Imeem - anyone up with that one? Tips? Got a playlist with the new EP up there too, listen here. Righto.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big day for Lil Pete
Not only is today the release date for my new EP, it's also the fifth anniversary of my blog, which started out with a review of a night out at the hairdressers awards. So, yay me.

Over time, this has evolved from a blog about random stuff into a music blog, which I think gives it some much-needed focus. I've just started a new blog, over here on tumblr, partly cos it's got the coolest template (from Catcuslab's Matt Buchanan - nice work!) based on the art of Saul Bass (Hitchcock's Vertigo), and it's an easy way to throw up links of interesting randomness. Because the internet is all about random connections.

Thank you to my regular readers, you are a select group of very cool cats and I like you a lot. Cheers!

Ba Ba Boom - out now
My new digi-EP is out today - woo hoo! Very proud of it too. You can get it from all good digital outlets (Vodafone, Telecom, iTunes, etc). Amplifier have it as good quality MP3s (320k) without DRM, AND they've got an exclusive bonus tune too, called Mr Skiffle (link to Amplifier).

If you're up bright and early, I'm doing an interview on BaseFM's breakfast show at about 8.15am - listen online here.

Here's the blurb from Amplifier, in case you missed my previous ravings...

"Dub Asylum (a.k.a. Peter McLennan from NZ music legends the Hallelujah Picassos) returns from the wilderness with five songs of funky goodness, mixing up dub, ska, hip-hop and down-tempo.

The EP serves as a taster of the second Dub Asylum album (the follow-up to 'She Dubs Me, She Dubs Me Not from 2002), due to drop at the end of the year.

Guests include regular SJD vocalist Sandy Mill, MC Kyla, the WBC horn section, and Scatch 22 (The Unscene). Highlights include the deliciously skanking ska of Ba Ba Boom, and the funky, full-throated roar that is MC Kyla on Smash Thru, over a groove that sounds like Mr Scruff dancing on some lino, buggin' out doing headspins.

The latest release from Dub Asylum includes the Amplifier exclusive track Mr Skiffle. Recorded at Federal Recorders, engineered and mixed by Peter McLennan. Mastered at Kog Studios by Chris Chetland."

Monday, August 25, 2008

Move the crowd
Ex-pat Kiwi and now Senior VP of International Marketing at Motown Universal, Kirk Harding, wrote an excellent piece for the latest issue of NZ Musician, its 20th anniversary issue - CONGRATS to them! Read the full version at the MTC blog (Link).

snip..."The industry’s playing field has changed a great deal since the days that I was pushing Richard Thorne and the good folks at NZ Musician to give me some column inches for a then unknown act called Supergroove. We all know the bands story, but I would like to use their example for a minute to highlight/illustrate how quickly that the industry’s playing field is changing.

In the 1990’s the only way to get your music out to the world was via methods that seem to be rather archaic in the present day. The fact that we went on to sell a considerable amount of Supergroove albums internationally was no accident, it was a result of a big system pushing a little group from New Zealand, who had proven themselves to have huge potential in their home market first..."
Kirk also talks about the current processes A&R use to find new acts, such as monitoring iTunes sales globally, Myspace traffic etc...

earlier posts from Kirk - Droppin Knowledge part 3 Defing the grind;

Droppin Knowledge part 2 Come together: snip "at that point the word had spread that Daryl [DLT] was making an album and no one in the (very small scene at the time) wanted any part of it. I remember it so clearly, rather than taking the opportunity to work with D, everyone started hating on the concept; with one very established artist proclaiming to Daryl “who the fuck do you think you are? You’re not Dr Dre? You don’t run this scene”. I was gob smacked. I couldn’t believe it and still can’t. Daryl was the first Hip Hop artist that was signed to a major label."

and Droppin Knowledge part 1 Lost art of A&R.
Go read em all.
NWA Day - help the police

Very funny. Hat tip to P-Money.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Retro audio

Hat tip to Chad for this link. "Jeff Kobi rescued an old Apple 5.25" floppy drive from a thrift store. His aim was to repurpose it as a retrostalgic project case. He eventually struck upon the clever and practical idea of using it to house his budget-priced Sonic Impact T-Amp "audiophile" digital amplifier."

And check these awesome headphones... (link)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ring The Alarm, BaseFM, August 16 playlist
Johnny Pacheco - Boogaloo de Johnny (Quantic mix)
Prince Douglas - You and me dub
New Mastersounds - Witness
Keith Lawrence - B Bwoy Skank
Art of noise -Moments in love (Caspa remix)
Koliphones - Voyage into the sun
Betty Davis - If I'm in luck, I just might get picked up
One blood - Be thankful for what you've got
Techniques -I'm in the mood
Joy Denalane - Soweto 76-06
Lil Wayne - Dr Carter
Dub Asylum - Ba ba boom!
Lightning head - Steelsation
Jackie Mittoo - Hot milk
Rodney P and P Money - Untitled (samples a huge chunk of Marvin Gaye, wicked - grab it from P Money's myspace page)
Johnny Hammond - Fantasy (Marc Mac 'Beatdrop version')
Beats International - Invasion of the estate agents
Lee Perry vs Moody Boyz - God Smiled (Moody Boyz mix)
Roy Ayers - Running away (playing live in Auckland October 25! details here)
MAW and George Benson - The ghetto/el barrio
Clemon Smith - Brother man, sister Ann
Isaac Hayes, Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Jones - Wattstax finale, If I had a Hammer

Friday, August 22, 2008

RIP Johnny "Dizzy" Moore
"Trumpeter Johnny "Dizzy" Moore, one of the founding members of the Jamaican ska/reggae outfit the Skatalites, has passed away after a long battle with cancer." Link, with videos

Frequencies flow

Spotted at Russell Brown's Hard News...
"You could also do worse than pop over to Peter McLennan's MySpace for a listen to the new Dub Asylum stuff, which range from Prince Fatty-style rocksteady revivals to the tricked-out funk of 'My Sneaker Collection Weighs a Ton'. It's music produced by someone who really loves music." Cheers, Russell!
I have just added another song off the EP to the myspace page too, a melancholy ditty called Come Figure Me Out featuring the wonderful vocals of Ms Sandy Mill. Check it.

On the subject of digital releases, Russell mentions... "I ran into Mike Hodgson from Pitch Black this week (at the Point Chev Countdown) and he says that paid downloads have really started to work for them. Ingrooves, the San Francisco-based aggregator they use outside New Zealand gets them a direct link off the electronic genre page on every iTunes country store.

They now release digital singles regularly via this route, and in the last six months Pitch Black sold 18,600 individual tracks online, in about 55 countries, from Belgium to Brazil, Latvia to Luxembourg. Mike says allowing the tracks onto subscriber music services, which return quite a low rate, has been a surprise boon. I'm guessing it probably doesn't amount to much more than $10,000 net per six months, but it's passive income that doubles as marketing in multiple territories. Mike's pretty happy with how it's going.
The top artists on Amplifier are now billing five-figure sums too. And increasingly, they don't have conventional record deals. Interesting."
You got me sideways
I recently completed a remix for Kolab, Auckland-based hiphop crew who released their debut album What Comes Next in June. The new single off the album is Sideways, directed by Mark Thretheway & Steve Gulik, check the video out.

Link for video.

You can check out the Dub Asylum remix of Sideways, featured on iTunes NZ as an exclusive (link). Word is they are picking up a bunch of sales thru iTunes US - IMNZ reports that "Kolab have been featuring recently in the What’s Hot section for Hip Hop and R&B on iTunes USA, one of the first Aotearoa hip hop acts to ever do so - one critic even likened the group to a futuristic version of the Beastie Boys." Cool

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Farewelling Isaac.
"It was easy to tell the Hollywood Scientologists from the Memphis music people as they passed the gantlet of television cameras and entered the suburban Memphis megachurch to pay tribute to Isaac Hayes. They were on the whole paler and skinnier and showed rather more cleavage than is considered properly funereal here in the South."
from NY Times - Hollywood Joins Memphis for a Farewell to Isaac Hayes.

Sahara and Dilla
Spotted at Stonesthrow, new video from Karl Hector and the Malcouns for Shara Swing, and an interview with J Dilla's Mother, Ms. Maureen Yancey, in LA Weekly.

"A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece discussing the difficulties J Dilla's estate has had in enforcing copyright law and paying off the six-figure IRS debt left behind. In the aftermath of the story's publication, I had the chance to speak with his mother, Ms. Maureen Yancey about Dilla's legacy and her current estrangement with the executors of his estate." LINK

Bug powder dust
I remember seeing Bomb The Bass (Tim Simenon) DJing at the Big Day Out way back in 2001. He dropped a few of is own tunes in there too, I recall. Later in the day, I saw him wander past in the crowd, so I called out to him and thanked him for some wicked tunes. Then I asked him when some new Bomb The Bass stuff might see the light of day, and he said its coming, so I told him to hurry up.

Seven years later, here's his new album. From the guest lineup, it reads like it might be kinda similar to the last album from UNKLE (recent BDO visitors) without the guitars.

"On Future Chaos, Simenon's guest vocalists are as inspired as ever. David Best, of Brighton Krautrockers Fujiya & Miyagi, spreads his trademark free-association whispers all over "Butter Fingers." Toob, the duo of Jakeone (Jake Williams) and Red Snapper's Richard Thair, lend a nervous, sultry touch to "Burn the Bunker."

Jon Spencer—yes, he of Blues Explosion fame—infuses "Fuzzbox" with the distant purr of robot phone sex. Paul Conboy, of A.P.E. and Corker/Conboy, sings and shares writing credits on five more songs, with a lush-yet-understated touch that recalls Thom Yorke in his mellower moments.

But the most striking appearance here might be Mark Lanegan's. Formerly of the Screaming Trees, a onetime member of Queens of the Stone Age and collaborator with PJ Harvey, Lanegan has a voice like no other; on "Black River," his smokes-and-whiskey drawl proves the perfect complement to Bomb the Bass' rich sonics."

Out Sept 15 worldwide except US (out there Sept 30) thru K7 Records, check here (Myspace) for audio previews.

1. Smog (feat Paul Conboy)
2. Butterfingers (feat Fujiya and Miyagi)
3. Old John (feat Paul Conboy)
4. Burn the Bunker (feat Toob)
5. So Special (feat Paul Conboy)
6. No Bones (feat Paul Conboy)
7. Black River (feat Mark Lanegan)
8. Hold Me Up (feat Paul Conboy)
9. Fuzzbox (feat Jon Spencer)

More Tim Simenon audio over here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Paradise or the bag
Read Simon Grigg on the lack of funding for Kiwi electronica and more. Also a very nice hat tip from Simon about my new EP - gracias, sir. Link. "I love the joyous ska / rocksteady-ness of Ba Ba Boom and, what I describe ... as the very post rare-groove feel of the wonderfully named My Sneaker Collection Weighs A Ton."

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fly, baby, fly
Worth checking out if you are in the AK area this evening. Young Mr Dwyer talks about his excellent tv show, maybe even his mishap in China where he got out of a taxi and watched it race off down the road before they got their gear out off the boot, including Nick's laptop. Actually, maybe don't remind him of that one, aye? Ask him about all the Jamaican DJs using Serato (the NZ-created DJ software).

Making Tracks with Nick D - Monday, 18 August at Auckland Central Library, 46 Lorne Street, 6pm start, FREE entry...
"Nick Dwyer from C4 talks about his experiences filming the hit TV series Making Tracks.
All welcome, intrepid explorers and armchair travelers alike."

Currently listening to this... DJ set from Rhythm and Sound's Moritz Von Oswald with Tikiman ("keep track for how many times he uses the word 'massive'. it is a truly massive amount.") 227mb, over here.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ring The Alarm, BaseFM, August 16 playlist
Ended up doing this show live from someone's lounge in Grey Lynn, cos the BaseFM studio is getting a new desk. People wandering into the lounge in their 'Í just got up' clothes, and watching the Olympics. Very entertaining morning. Cheers Jaz, DC, and flatties.

Ralph Myerz Band - Savannah
Guts - Living is easy (Dynamics remix)
Patti Jo - Make me believe in you (Ashley Beedle edit)
Isaac Hayes -Soulsville
Sambo - Woman
Ernie K Doe - Here come the girls (Andy Smith edit)
Tyras and the tornadoes - Hui hui
Natural yoghurt band - Soft cheese
Gregory Isaacs - Give a hand
Sugar Minott - Inna dancehall style
Chosen Few - Shaft
Congos - Congoman - Carl Craig edit
Karl Bryan and the afrokats - Money generator
Unitone hifi - Up to eleven
Mad lion - Take it easy
James Brown - There was a time (Kenny Dope remix)
Oscar Brown Jr - Chicken head
Herbie Mann - Cajun moon
Pepe Braddock - Peer pressure
Lee Scratch Perry -Train to doomsville
Nitin Sawhney -Dead man (Fink remix)
Top cat and Mungo's Hifi - Herbalist
Dub Asylum - Ba ba boom!
Loopless - Pink blue hotel
Johnny osbourne - We need love
Marcia Griffiths - Feel like jumping
Quantic- Allegria en bella vista

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ba Ba Boom!
Just added a song from my new Dub Asylum digi-EP (out August 26) to the myspace page, it's called "My sneaker collection weighs a ton" (oh, I wish that were true, but sadly, no). It's a funky hiphop number, title is a headnod to Public Enemy, via Peanutbutter Wolf. Listen here.

Also spied this via twitter.. check this muxtape from Soulsides' Oliver Wang.
Delay delay delay delay delay delay
Check this out, cool documentary film out soon with Lee Perry, Sly and Robbie, Bunny Lee, Doon Letts, Kode 9, LTJ Bukem, Roots Manuva, G-Corp, King Jammy, Basement Jaxx, Thievery Corp and many more. Youtube trailer link.

"Dub Echoes" is a documentary that shows how The Jamaican dub influenced the birth of much of what we hear today, from electronic music to hip-hop.

Over 40 key names, from both the reggae and the electronic music world, were interviewed to talk about the history and the importance of the dub music.

Just follow the bass lines! For a full list of the people interviewed and more info, check:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pay what you want
How does it work for smaller artists, asks the New Times. Link.

snip... "So what does giving away music do for promotional efforts? According to Ian Rogers, former Yahoo Music VP of product development and now CEO of Topspin, a new digital music marketing platform, a good example is Saul Williams' recent release, Niggy Tardust.

"He sold about as many copies as he sold with his last release, which was on a label," Rogers says. "But [because of the free downloads] he was heard by ten times that, and that's affected his ability to tour; it's affected his entire livelihood. For him, the pay-what-you-want thing [has] absolutely been crucial to him or crucial for his career."

While Williams' collaboration with Trent Reznor undoubtedly provided ample promotion (although fewer than 20 percent of buyers chose to pay $5 for the album online rather than download it for free), it increased his chances of gaining a larger fan base.

Evidence corroborates: Lyle Lovett recently confessed to Billboard that after two decades and 4.6 million albums sold, he's "never seen a dime" in royalties and has made his living primarily off touring. That's a sure sign that business-wise musicians must find new ways to survive.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dub Asylum - Ba Ba Boom! digi-EP.
Okay, finally got some new music on the way (I know, it's been a while). Here's some details of what I've sorted so far.

It's gonna be out August 26, thru Amplifier and all good digital outlets. Guests include MC Kyla, Sandy Mill and more. Listen to a sneak preview of the EP's title track here (features The WBC horns, and Scratch 22). Working on a few other ideas, also got a video on the way too. Let me know what you think of the song! Link: myspace.com/dubasylum
Roger Friedman of Fox News writes on the passing of Isaac Hayes, his poor health, and his departure from South Park.

"...in January 2006, Isaac had a significant stroke. At the time, the word went out only that he had been hospitalized for exhaustion.

But the truth was, Isaac, whom I’d seen just a couple of months earlier when he headlined the Blues Ball in Memphis, was in trouble. Having lost the rights to his songs two decades earlier, he was finally making some money voicing the character of Chef on “South Park.” But “South Park” lampooned Scientology, so the leaders wanted Isaac out.

“He said he was under great pressure from Scientology, and if we didn’t stop poking at them, he’d have to leave," South Park's Trey Stone said.

The conversation ended there. Isaac performed Chef’s signature song at the Blues Ball a week later with great delight. Although he was devoted to Scientology, he also loved being part of “South Park.” He was proud of it. And, importantly, it gave him income he badly needed.

But then came the stroke, which was severe. His staff — consisting of Scientology monitors who rarely left him alone — tried to portray it as a minor health issue. It wasn’t. Sources in Memphis told me at the time that Isaac had significant motor control and speech issues. His talking was impaired.

In March 2006, news came that Hayes was resigning from “South Park." On March 20, 2006, I wrote a column called “Chef’s Quitting Controversy,” explaining that Hayes was in no position to have quit anything due to his stroke. But Scientology issued the statement to the press saying Hayes had resigned, and the press just ate it up. No one spoke to Isaac directly, because he couldn’t literally speak. "Chef” was written out of the show.

Click here to read the March 20, 2006 FOX411

Isaac’s income stream was severely impaired as a result. Suddenly there were announcements of his touring, and performing. It didn’t seem possible, but word went out that he’d be at BB King’s in New York in January 2007. I went to see him and reported on it here.

The show was abomination. Isaac was plunked down at a keyboard, where he pretended to front his band. He spoke-sang, and his words were halting. He was not the Isaac Hayes of the past.

What was worse was that he barely knew me. He had appeared in my documentary, "Only the Strong Survive," released in 2003. We knew each other very well. I was actually surprised that his Scientology minder, Christina Kumi Kimball, with whom I had difficult encounters in the past, let me see him backstage at BB King’s. Our meeting was brief, and Isaac said quietly that he did know me. But the light was out in his eyes, and the situation was worrisome.

But the general consensus was that he needed the money. Without “Chef,” Isaac’s finances were severely curtailed. He had mouths to feed to home. Plus, Scientology requires huge amounts of money, as former member, actor Jason Beghe, has explained in this space. For Isaac to continue in the sect, he had to come up with funds. Performing was the only way.

In recent months, I’ve had conflicting reports. One mutual friend says that Isaac had looked and sounded much better lately at business meetings. But actor Samuel L. Jackson, who recently filmed scenes with Isaac and the late Bernie Mac for a new movie called “Soul Men,” told me on Saturday that Isaac really wasn’t up to the physical demands of shooting the movie. (Neither, it seems, was Bernie Mac.)

Sam Moore, who recorded those Isaac Hayes songs in the '60s and loved the writer-performer like a brother, told me Sunday when he heard about the death: “I’m happy.” Happy, I asked? “Yes, happy he’s out of pain.” It was one of the most beautiful ideas I’d ever heard expressed on the subject of death.

Read the article here.

Isaac Hayes obituary from Memphis Commercial Appeal. Snip... “The first time I saw Isaac he was wearing pink socks, green pants and a yellow flowered shirt — and he was completely bald,” said Sam Moore, of Sam & Dave. “I thought ‘Oh, my God, who is this guy?’ But, man, what songs [he] wrote for us.”

Monday, August 11, 2008

RIP Isaac Hayes

"Relatives found Hayes, 65, unconscious in his home next to a still-running treadmill, said Steve Shular, a spokesman for the Shelby County Sheriff's Department.

Paramedics attempted to revive him and took him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after 2 p.m., the sheriff's department said. No foul play is suspected, the agency said in a written statement." Link

Sunday, August 10, 2008

88 drummers drummed
Pic and video from Brooklyn Vegan, if ya interested (link). Entertaining comments too.
ADDED BFM's Sunday Breakfast has a first hand account- "Our rather stoned New York correspondent, Harlan Levine, talks live from Saturday night in New York. He tells us about 88 drummers drumming for 88 minutes, at 8:08 on 8-8-08 in Williamsburg." Listen to Audio MP3, 7m35s, 6.9MB

RIP Bernie Mac. Gone at 50.