Saturday, May 10, 2008

Big changes at EMI NZ?
There is news coming out of Asia that EMI is closing down some of its Asia operations - will this have a flow-on effect to their NZ operations? Could we see EMI NZ being run from their London or Australian offices?

From Onetwomusic News ..

We recieved rumours from someone working inside EMI that after the long weekend in Hong Kong, EMI will announce that they are closing all operations in Asia. This includes EMI regional office in Hong Kong. We have not heard anything official from EMI yet.

There has been a lot of speculation of how the acquisition by Terra Firma will affect EMI in Asia, where they closed down their Thai Office and laid off Key management staff in Hong Kong’s regional office late last year.

Our sources tell us that EMI will be inking deals with distribution partners in Asia, but no word on whom yet.

EMI has been struggling in the region, with under-performing international albums and successful Asian artists limiting to Greater China only.

Once we recieve more information or a confirmation, we will post it here.

24/03/08 UPDATE: From what we heard after our post, EMI will not be shutting down immediately after Easter, but will start rolling out plans to start a licensing/distribution network for EMI in Asia. Eventually their presence in Asia (ex-Japan) will be in the form of licensing.

ADDED more at Music 2.0. "Already, EMI has effectively closed offices in Thailand and Singapore whilst those in Japan, India, Australia and China will remain to some level of direct EMI jurisdiction especially on the digital front. It is believed that EMI is currently in talks to license a partner to manage their catalogue in Asia, and rumours have Warner Music as the front runner."

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Business time
Flight of the Conchords hit number one in NZ this week. On the US charts, they drop from no 3 to no 17, selling 22,000, a 57% drop from its first week. Total is 75,000 (source).
Blog wins over rock
Dave Allen is quitting the reformed Gang of Four to concentrate on his blog. Seriously.

Speaking of old school, Stiff Little Fingers hit Auckland May 14, at the Powerstation, Christchurch at the Civic, May 15th. They're also popping up at the Meltdown Festival in the UK, this year curated by Massive Attack, playing their Inflammable Material album in its entirety.
TV Party NYC 1978
Just watched ESG's final show on PitchforkTV, then discovered this great doco about a cable tv show called TV Party, hosted by Glenn O'Brien outta NYC from 1978-82.

"Running from 1978 to 1982, this hilariously anarchic, drug-fueled NYC cable access show featured unpredictable appearances from David Byrne, Nile Rogers, Arto Lindsay, DNA, Andy Warhol, Blondie, Mick Jones, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, George Clinton, Jean Michel Basquiat and others."

The TV Party Orchestra was led by Walter Staeding with Chris Stein. They weren't allowed to smoke cigarettes in the tv studio, but smoking pot was ok. They also used to take phone-in callers live-to-air, which is pretty funny - it's lots of verbal abuse, which the hosts handled with great humour. More about the doco here.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Ring The Alarm, BaseFM, May 3 playlist
Gamm doin' James pt 2 - U got soul
International Observer - Seedsavers dub
Pitch Black - Flex (Son Sine remix)
Submariner - Tha natural
The Cals - Amazon bossa nova
Lewis McCallum - Way we live
Brother Culture and Twilight Circus - Fiyah well hot
Jackie Mittoo - Moonwalk
Johnny Osbourne - Budy bye
Prince Charles and the City Beat Band - Cash (cash money)
Kashmere stage band - Aint no sunshine (JRocc remix)
J Dilla - Won't do
Barbara Trent - Heartbreak hotel
Dubwize - Dub promise
Benga - 26 basslines
Estelle - The magnificient
Lykke Li - Little bit
Dusty Springfield - Spooky
Dave Cortez and the moon people - Happy soul with a hook
Latin Blues Band feat Luis Aviles - I'll be a happy man
(For more on the tale behind these two songs - as sampled by DJ Premier for his Christina Acquilera tune 'Aint No Other Man' - see music writer Oliver Wang's Soulside blog. Great music geekery. Banging drums courtesy of Mister Bernard Purdie!)
Johnny Rodriquez and Angel Rene - Sister Sue
Gabriella Cilmi - Sweet about me (Ashley Beedle remix)
Lennie Hibbert - Real hot
Fabulous three -Odyssey revised
Tiki - Always on my mind (dub)
Unitone Hifi - Up to eleven
Willie Royal - General alarm
Opotopo - Belema
Mo horizons - Superworld