Monday, January 14, 2008

Sly Sly Sly
The Mike Douglas Show with guest Sly Stone - In the world of the internet, footage previously sought after for decades can suddenly make an appearance out of nowhere. The teenage Frank Zappa appearing on The Steve Allen Show to "play the bicycle" is a good example. Then just as fast, in the world of the internet, that footage can suddenly disappear, usually at the behest of lawyers, never to be seen again. Not quite a year ago, there was some marvelous footage of Sly Stone appearing on The Dick Cavett Show, his coke nose glistening under the bright studio lights, while he spoke nonsense in a drug-induced haze. Another clip of Stone on Cavett had him sharing the panel with Muhammad Ali who at one point told Sly to shut up because, "You're making [Black people] look bad in front of millions of white folk." This clip comes a few years later and Douglas asks why he never sees Sly Stone on any of the talk shows. Stone refers to having "a reputation." Stone has things more together in this interview, making the footage slightly less fun than the aforementioned, but it is entertaining regardless. (From WFMU's blog)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, January 12
Grant Phabao - Message to you, Rudy
Pressure drop - Knok knok
Main ingredient - Don't you worry bout a thing
Tony Allen/Salah Ragab - Ole
Ticklah vs Axelrod - Si hecho palente
Augustus Pablo - Dub organizer
Scientist - Babylon fight dub
Inifinite livez - Intchaaa (Jstar remix)
King Cry Cry - I had a talk
A certain ratio - Do the Ducasse
Calypso king and soul investigators - Damper down popcorn
Lumidee - Uh oh
Supergroove - Next time (DLT remix)
Che fu - The mish
Lukid - Fela
Joe Tex and U Black - Standardization
Krafty kuts - Snatchit
Pepe Braddock - Peer pressure
Iggy and the stooges - Raw power
RJD2 - Let the good times roll Pt 1
Solomonic sound - Children of Israel (Blakdoctor remix)
Nick Holder presents Rockers delight - Natty dread dub
Me'shell Ndegeocello - Who is he...
Meters - Just kissed my baby
Budos Band - Budos rising
Mystic moods - Cosmic sea
Wreckx n effect - Wreckxshop
Fred Wesley and the horny horns - Four play

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, January 5
MC Lyte - I can't make a mistake (Upstate remix)
Al Green - Love and happiness (Shoes re-edit)
Manuel Bundy - What's my dub?
One self - Paranoid (JStar remix)
Sergio Mendes - For what it's worth
Romanowski - Why?
Budos Band - Origin of man
Tito Puente - Take five
Border crossing - Rhumba medly
Daktaris - Its a hustle (Mad Professor remix)
Sir lord comic and his cowboys - Ska-ing west
Guilty simpson - Make it fast
Bob Dylan - You go your way...(Mark Ronson remix)
Massive attack - I spy (Mad Professor remix)
LCD sound system - All my friends
Morwell unlimited meets King Tubby - Morpheus special (Kid Loco remix)
Nightmares on wax - Ease jimi
Cornell Campbell - Rope in
Jackie Mittoo - P Cafe
Ethiopians - I'm gonna take you over
Prince Jazzbo - Crabwalking
Rae & Christian feat Pharcyde - It aint nuttin like
20th Century steel band - Heaven and hell is on earth
Lee Fields and the explorers - I'm the man
Lalo Schifrin - Bullit (Underdog remix)
Pavlov & Mishkin - The brother
Kraftwerk - Tour de France (Francois K remix)

Friday, January 11, 2008

35%. Thats the number total turnover at NZ music retail dropped between 2001 and 2005. From very informative article in NZ Herald's Business section (which has been serving up the goods over the holidays, despite the rest of the paper filling with seasonal dross). Online article is titled "Real Groovy - a company adapting to change" while the print version was called "Shops change tune to battle downloads." The three big xmas sellers at the Warehouse featured one Kiwi act - Prince Tui Teka. Classy.

$US80 million. That's how much cancellation of the Golden Globes ceremony is costing the Los Angeles region - they're holding a press conference instead. Exciting. So far the writer's strike has cost US$1.4 billion in lost wages. The Oscars organisers have said they will go ahead with the TV show (on Feb 24) regardless of the strike, even tho the Screen Actors Guild says its members will not appear. The Oscars is the second most popular TV show in the US, behind the Superbowl. Look for a resolution to the strike early Feb.

27 international acts. 15 festivals. That's the rough total for gigs and events in and around the Auckland area from Jan til late March. That's a huge number of punters out and about (even if Timeout is whining about the lack of pre-BDO shows by the big acts). There must still be a lot of folks with some dosh after Xmas to be spending up large on that many gigs.

$18.00. Last time The Police played here, it cost $18 a ticket. Of course, they earned $212 million last year from gigs. Shame they came out number one in a recent poll of bands with large carbon footprints - not very green of ya, Sting!

Friday, December 21, 2007

It's a long project....
Turn of the Century is one of the greatest singles ever produced in this country. Released back in 1981 by a Wellington three piece called Beat Rhythm Fashion, their output amounted to a trilogy of singles, before disappearing across the ditch. Over 20 years down the track, they hold their own easily alongside the likes of The Cure, Joy Division and Young Marble Giants, all reference points for their sound.

In the early 1980s, the turn of the century really did feel like a long way away - New Zealand was in the grip of a short little thug named Muldoon, who delighted in dividing the nation (see 1981 rugby tour or hey - kids, ask your parents to explain Car-less Days) and the USA was run by a former actor Ronald Reagan, aka Re-Ron, as Gil Scott-Heron called him, who cracked jokes like "We start bombing the Russians in 5 minutes". Nuclear war didn't seem impossible, thanks to Reagan dragging out the cold war.

"The long awaited disc of finely crafted songs from this much respected and greatly sought after Wellington band. Brothers Dan and Nino Birch made sweepingly beautiful and thought-provoking intelligent music. Part of the Wellington terrace scene that gave us the four stars compilation BRF grew past their edgy post punk beginnings to create open melodic soundcapes like the classic "Turn of the Century".

This disc collects all three singles all lovingly restored and remastered, plus 9 tracks from the band's later live set to complete the album BRF would have made if life had played out differently." Get it here or here.

Also on the local tip, electro-jazz duo Trip To The Moon (Tom Ludvigson and Trevor Reekie) have a new album out, called Welcome To The Big Room. It's full of laidback beats, jazzy piano noodling, and some dubbed-out guitar riffs that drift by effortlessly. Cool music for a chilled out day at the beach, or just hanging in the yard with the barbie on the go... you know the one. Graham Reid described it as featuring "an electronica element, but as with Brian Eno's work the sheer melodicism and warmth of the music makes this very human and engaging - and very headphone friendly." Get it here.

And more lists... Amplifier lists their Top 20 NZ albums for 2007. You own a few of these, right?

Hope you have a great christmas, and see you in the new year. Be nice.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, December 15
Tony Allen - Sankofa (Hynotic Brass Ensemble rework)
Freddie Cruger - Running from love
Bob Marley - Sun is shining (DJ Delores remix)
Prince Fari - Give love
Joy Denalane - Change
Budos Band - My girl
Junior Mance - Dontcha hear me callin ya
La Belle - Moon shadow
James Brown - Soulful xmas
50 cent vs Sharon Jones - Get dap money
Kissey Asplund - With you
Jackie Mittoo - Ska shuffle
The Clash - Rudie can't fail
Lee Dorsey - Operation heartache
Cut chemist - The garden
Sa-ra - Sa-ra space theme
Maxwell implosion - Doughie step
Groove armada - Tuning in (dub)
Ernie K Doe - Here come the girls
Collie Buddz - Come around (K-Salaam remix)
Sharon Jones and the Dapkings - How long... (Ticklah remix)
Lukid - Fela
OJays - 992 arguments
Jackson 5 - Santa Claus is coming to town (Ready Steady Drew remix)
Queens tag team - C'mon yeah
Junior Reid - Bubblers
Alicia Keys - No one (reggae remix feat Junior Reid)