Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hello, Springfield!

Manu Chao has a new album out early September, called 'La Radiolina' (pictured above), his first studio album since 2001. He was last heard on the fantastic album 'Dimanche A Bamako' from Mailian couple Amadou and Mariam, released in 2005.

'Toward the end of a live show, weary musicians often appeal to the audience with a stock phrase intended to invigorate the proceedings: “How is everyone feeling tonight?” “I can’t hear you!” “Cleveland, make some noise!” Manu Chao, a wiry forty-six-year-old of Spanish extraction who grew up in Paris, used a different tactic when he played the first of two sold-out shows in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in June. He shouted out the names of countries, and people cheered, often in reverse proportion to the nation’s population: “Uruguay!” Some whoops. “Costa Rica!” Roars. “Macedonia!” Total mayhem.'

Read the full interview at The New Yorker.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Doin the Dap
Here's a way cool clip of Gabe and Neil from Daptone Records giving you a guided tour of their studio, in an old two-storey building in Bushwick, Brooklyn (pictured above). "That's the couch where Amy Winehouse farted..." funny guys. They reveal they funded their studio from sales of seven inch singles - Daptone has sold about 30,000 of em since they started the label. Hat top to Brooklyn Vegan.