Thursday, August 09, 2007

And playing tonight in hell...
Imagine you are a journalist in LA. You get an email invite to a gig and you go along, against your better judgement. Welcome to Hanson, live at the Viper Room, last night.

" I'm not quite sure what lured me into going to see Hanson. I saw an e-mail about it, contemplated replying with a not-so-elaborate joke at their expense, and quickly snagged the opportunity without thinking twice.

However, when I called my friend to jokingly present the Hanson show as a concert option for the night she vehemently lurched at it. I began to think twice. Apparently, I was completely unaware of her Hanson phase. I'm pretty sure that if I had known we might not have been friends to begin with.

Regardless, by offering it up I walked straight into a trap. We were going to see Hanson. It was final. I began to frantically rehearse lines in order to justify it to friends and family in the near future, but nothing I came up with really substantiated going to see Hanson..."

"... 10:10pm We plop ourselves smack-dab in the middle of a cluster of underage girls, who clearly have issues with us doing so. I receive multiple blows to the ribcage from the girl standing directly behind me. I turn around and she attempts to play it off as if it were an accident.

10:12pm More blows to the ribcage incite rage. I turn around to explain, in a fatherly-like manner, that elbowing someone isn't conducive to results. If she wants me to move, then she should just ask. We engage in a heated argument, which draws surrounding fans. All of the sudden, I am surrounded by angry Hanson freaks. This is my worst nightmare."

And it just gets better from there. Link to LAist. Props to LAist writer Joshua Pressman for braving the hordes.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Brand new! Good for you!
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings have a new album out October 2 (thru Daptone), BV has an audio sneak preview here. MS Jones has been doing some acting too...

"[She's] just completed filming the role of "Lila" in the upcoming film The Great Debaters. Denzel Washington both directed and stars in the film along with Forest Whitaker. Sharon plays a "Juke Joint" singer named "Lila" and has both a speaking part and is featured singing the Lucille Bogan classic "That's what my Baby Likes". She also recorded additional songs which will be included in the official soundtrack to the film. The movie is a Weinstein Co release and is due out on Christmas Day. Denzel Washington hand-picked Sharon from a quickly-made DVD of her live performances and applauded her on-screen talents." Link.