Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just like static

"More on the CISAC Copyright Summit in Brussels: British Telecom CEO Ben Verwaayen was brutally frank with the audience. "Your [music] industry has not changed for 20 years, maybe 50 years," he said in his keynote address. "You have to rethink how you work in the digital age. Are you just a rights administrator that sends me a bill, or are you something more?" (via Coolfer)

Did you see the latest round of Phase Four album funding from NZ On Air? $50,000 grants went to acts that have had to have at least two radio hits - this round went to The Rabble, The Feelers, Dion Plamer (ex D4, last heard of moving to LA), Pistol Youth (Google them andyou get a myspace page with no customising, and no music) and Ivy Lies (nothing on Google). Those last two - you ever heard of them? Me neither, and seems I'm not the only one who noticed this.. from ex NZ Musician's asst editor Melanie Selby...

"I know NZ On Air like to keep things simple but their funding decisions are often baffling (especially, I'm sure, for those who regularly miss out), and the latest round of Phase Four album grants has left me well confused.

One of the few key criteria to receiving one of the $50,000 album funding grants is that artists must have “two current radio hits” to their name to even compete for one of the refundable packages. Previously a radio hit was defined as "a RadioScope NZ Airplay Chart Top 30 song", but recognising the market degradation this was extended in July last year to include the published Top 40 chart songs.

Now, I know that the feelers have had more than a couple of radio hits over the past year. And I can probably name two songs released by The Rabble - so I can fathom both their $50,000 allocation.

But can someone tell me who the Ivy Lies are? They’ve received $50,000 - under the very same criteria. And I struggle to understand how Brad Carter’s “new” band Pistol Youth have gathered one radio hit, let alone two, especially given Brad has been busy touring foreign parts with Steriogram the last few months.

And despite a serious think I can’t recall hearing anything on the radio by ex- D4 Dion Palmer. He's been back in Auckland doing a few DJ sets lately but the last I heard he had left New Zealand and relocated to the US.

I know I’ve been out of the music industry for a month now but surely these three acts haven’t each released and achieved two “radio hits” in that time? Is there a new radio station no one has told me about. If not then just what are the real criteria being used?"