Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Further evidence that morons are taking over this city
Item 1 - I was walking along K Rd yesterday morning, I saw a cyclist ride thru an orange light, heading down K Rd to town. A car zoomed up behind him, and turned left into Howe St, honking at the cyclist for getting in the way. Then the driver decided to chase after the cyclist, swerving back onto K Rd, and flooring the accelerator until he was tailgating the cyclist, honking his horn and shouting. Then he swerved round the cyclist and tried to cut him off. It was raining, the road was wet, and riding a bicycle in those conditions is tough enough, without morons like that on the road. What frightens me is that the driver thought driving dangerously was acceptable, because he was in the right. What a massive coward. Driving in this city is a freaking nightmare, and being a pedestrian aint no better. And I know the cyclist too - hope you're okay, Richard.
Item 2. My car got broken into on Monday night, for the second time in three weeks. Over Xmas, 14 cars were broken into in the parking building where I store the car. Some morons broke into my car, made a mess, and stole... nothing. Cos there's no money in there, no CDs (only got a cassette player), just a mess made by a pack of morons.
Keeping it Sly
From La Times site, more here. "... Sly's intimates, few in number, report that he rarely leaves his isolated property, except for the occasional shopping trip. Although he is said to be taking good care of his health, he hasn't much availed himself of the equipment in his exercise room, instead working late into the night on his Korg Oasys keyboard synthesizer, in his studio.

Some of those labors may be showcased at the House of Blues on Saturday, and more completely on an album due this summer on Sly's own PhattaDatta record label. (In the meantime, Sony BMG plans to begin reissuing the original Sly & the Family Stone catalog on CD in March.)

Years of reclusiveness were part of his response to negative media attention three decades ago. His reputation for missing performances also damaged his standing with fans and concert presenters, as did his cocaine-related convictions in the 1980s. Stone opted to retreat within the walls of his Hollywood Hills mansion, work on his music and let the world go by.

Sister Vet had in mind Stone's unstoppable and prolific love affair with music when she helped him move north last year, after the Grammy salute to Sly. She positioned him not far from her own place in Vallejo, the small city where she was raised in the 1950s as Vaetta Stewart, along with Sylvester (Sly) and their three music-making siblings, Loretta, Rose and Freddie..."

AND what's up with Van Halen getting into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, ahead of Iggy and the Stooges or Joe Tex?
Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, January 6
Tye Tribbet and GA – Mighty long way
Hortense Ellis – Woman of the ghetto
Horace Andy – Jah provides
Oneself -Temptation
Jose Feliciano - She’s a woman
Bombs edit - Under mi sensi
Bic Runga – Something good (Submariner remix)
Ohio Players – Speakeasy
Seeed feat Felix Banton – Dancehall credential
JB’s – 40th anniversary mix
Cubalooba – Cubalooba
Chuck Womack – Ham hock and beans (Quantic remix)
Jackie Mittoo – Champion of the arena
International observer – Vale Bengali
Romanowski - Strudel strut
Guy Pedersen – Les copains de la basse
Prince – Housequake
Daktaris – In the middle
Schoolly D and Joe Delia – The player (Ganja Kru remix)
Brian Eno – Backwater
Skatalites – Coconut rock
Nightmares on wax – Pudpot
Turbulence – Notorious
Connie Price and the keystones – Sucker punch
Idris Mohammed – Express yourself
Ananda Shankar – Dancing drums
Katchafire – Rude girl (Baitercell and Schumacher remix)