Friday, December 22, 2006

Insert Christmas platitude here.
Been compiling my annual Christmas CD for friends and family - it usually contains track both old and new. 2006 was not a great year for music - that's been confirmed by the best of lists I've been seeing round the place.

I pored over Real Groove's top 50 albums and singles lists at the weekend, as compiled by it's esteemed critics, and found only one album I'd bought this year (Nudie Suits) and one I was thinking of buying (TV on the radio). Same ratio for the singles list. And doing the Xmas CD, well, even the new tracks I included sound old, like they could have been recorded 30 years ago (Hot Grits, Quantic Soul Orchestra, Nomo). If you disagree, then show me the evidence that 2006 was a great year for music - cos I aint seen any signs of that. Sure, there were tunes that made me happy, but the pickings were pretty slim.

And then there's TV2. They finally start showing my fave program Entourage, then, 4 weeks into the first season (hey, it debuted in the US in 2004, and series one and two have been out locally on DVD for several months), they ditch it from their Friday night line-up, and replace it with Tommy Lee Goes To College. WTF????

Just as well I've got Bad Santa on DVD - best Christmas movie ever, just don't watch it with the kids, especially when Billy Bob Thornton's mall Santa picks up bar waitress Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) and shags her in his car, as she cries "f*ck me Santa, f*ck me Santa, f*ck me Santa..." now, that's quality Christmas entertainment right there. (Watch the trailer here)

Anyways, that's my obtuse way of leading into thanking you for dropping by (and a big thank you to those who contributed, via comments/posts - much appreciated) during the past 12 months, and wishing you a happy Christmas and a fantastic new year.

Peace. Outski.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, December 16
Cheers to the young fella who came up to me when I was DJing at the Midnights/ Kingites/ House of Shem gig on saturday night and asked me what my DJ name was, did I do a radio show (yes, saurday mornings) and then told me he listened to my show at work all the time. Nice one!

George Benson/MAW -The ghetto
Gap band – Shake
Timmy Thomas - Why can’t we live together? (Shoes dub edit)
Quartertones – Caffiene (DJ Format mix)
Kraftwerk – Tour de France (Francois K remix)
Mckay -Take me over
Breakestra – Keep on playing
Trinidad Steel Band – I want you back
Jackie Mittoo – Got my boogaloo
In crowd – Mango walk
Katchafire – Collie herb dub (Sola Rosa remix)
Black grass – Oh Jah
Ramsey Lewis Trio – Wade in the water
Amadou and Mariam – Coulibaly
Kevvy Kev - Give and take dub
Kingites – Whistling in the dark
James Brown – Soulful Christmas
Eric B and Rakim – Follow the leader
Emmanuel feat KRS One – My thing remix
King Kong - Step pon mi corn
Sugar Minott – Identify yourself
Dod G -Trojan soap
Roy Ayers – Red black and green
Temptations – Zoom
Dynamics – Seven nation army
Rosalia De Souza – Maria moita