Friday, March 03, 2006

Crazy baldheads
DJ C is a Boston-based DJ who has been putting out killer jungle tunes for the last few years on his own label, Mashit. The first big tune of his I heard was Billy Jungle, his take on Shinehead's Billie Jean with a killer jungle beat under it (get it here - Mashit 004). It saw official release on UK label Scandal Bag in 2005, with a vocal from an MC by the name of Quality Diamond. He even scored a Peel Session (Peel's 'Label of the month' for October 2004) before the great man passed. Other recent mixes include Gregory Issacs and M.I.A.

His latest tune is with Toronto's Debaser, a jungle take on reggae classic Crazy Baldheads. Wrap your earholes round this. Bonus - grab Mashit 001, a Capeleton jungle rework.

... And Simon Grigg has dropped another one of his fantastic lists, this time it's seven inch vinyl. "Similar rules apply to this list as did to my 12’’ one earlier….I have to own the physical copy, the cut-off is 2000, and there was only to be one from each act..."
my local faves on seven... herco pilots, newmatics, beat rhythm fashion... come to think of it, one of the best tunes I heard last year was only on seven inch, by Tiombe Lockhart... and that DC C and Quality Diamond tune only came out on seven... damn, vinyl is cool...

spotted via Radioscope.. "
With goodshirt "no longer functioning as a band", former members Murray Fisher and Mike Beehre have instead joined forces with a fellow Aucklander of similarly considerable quirky pop persuasion, Voom's Buzz Moller.
The new Voom line-up, which also includes Nick Buckton, makes its debut appearance on March 6 when they play support for early '90s alternative power-pop icons The Posies at Studio in Auckland."
So, Buzz, where's the new album, then?????

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Public Enemy visit here next month - PE's Flava Flav has got a new reality show Flavor of Love on VH1 in the US, basically it's The Bachelor with Flav as the catch (wuh?). It's down to the final three in the latest episode, which ended in a major cat fight. New York vs Pumkin (pictured above).

"Honestly, if the Emmys had a category for "Greatest TV Moment of the Year" this would not only win, but it would be the only nominee. My recap of FOL won't be until Wednesday, but I could not wait to post the hottest catfight in the history of all catfights. Pumkin's spit hitting New York in the mouth is what this site is all about. Will somebody also please give New York the Oscar, because the dialogue that came out of her tranny-mouth was pure art." Link

"I will whoop that bitch's ass!"

"She called me an aspiring actress in front of Flav, which I am"

"Did you smell her breaf?! It smelled like straight up shit!"

From Beats n rants - "You can watch the entire beat down right HERE. Click it and enjoy! And read the Real Foxxxy Love's excellent recap of the show and bitchfight that the DLister calls the "Greatest TV Moment in History." Foxxxy Love's detailed critique of the entire show is a great read.

Contestant Pumkin was booted off the show because she had appeared on a half-dozen reality shows, including Blind Date (and MTV's Next) and didn't bother to tell Flavor Flav. Pumkin then left the show in a huff and like the true reality TV-addicted trick bitch that she is, hurled a nasty spit stream right in New York's face. Yes . . she . . did.

What a sore loser. And it was a nasty spit, too -- it was yellowish and thick. Ewww! What followed was probably the craziest bitch fight on network television. New York grabbed pumkin's hair and pushed her right into the cameraman . . head first." Pumkin defends her actions here, on myspace. Nasty girl.

meanwhile, back in the real world...

Dr. Dre - Detox EP (needs Winrar)

MC Hammer gets a blog

Nas - on making Illmatic

Monday, February 27, 2006

Pistols say bollocks to Cleveland
Looks like the Sex Pistols won't be attending their induction into the Ohio-based Rock'N'Roll Hall of Fame next month.

"John Lydon has previously referred to it as the "Rock and Roll Hall of Shame", and, "a place where old rockers go to die".

The Sex Pistols' former bass player, Glen Matlock, told The Independent on Sunday yesterday it had been a unanimous decision by the band to steer clear. "It's nothing to do with the bands - it's all to do with business. When I first heard about it I was quite excited... but then I found I was going to have to pay thousands of pounds to take my kids." [

Jon Savage, the author of the definitive punk history, England's Dreaming, was unsurprised that the band had turned down the honour. "They are no friends of the music industry and they have always had an uneasy relationship with it. I think it's interesting that finally their influence is being recognised by the mainstream American music industry. America didn't do them any favours. They had a terrible time on tour there. At the end of the day the Sex Pistols were punk rockers, so what do people expect?"

gte the original press release from

Generated some funny headlines, tho...
Sex Pistols Flip Off Rock Hall
Sex Pistols Insult Rock Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame? A Rotten idea! Pistols refuse to pony up dough for award show
Punk rock - a breath of rotten air

Jay Dee's last days
"The untold story of the noted Detroit hip-hop producer's drive to make music in the face of life-threatening illness" Read it here.

Beatmaking videos... kinda heavy on the downloding, but you get Pete Rock making beats for Soul Survivor, Kanye West making a beat, Jay Z's Fade to Black studio sessions doc, Pharrell making and RnB beat, and Domino from Hieroglyphics making a beat with Sesame Street samples. (hat tip to Catchdubs)