Friday, February 17, 2006

Do fries go with that shake?
Via Boingboing... "Wendy sez, "Great news for all you producers, DJs, and remixers: the Copyright Criminals Remix Contest over at ccMixter has been extended by two weeks, ending on March 14. Additionally, new vocal samples from influential rapper Chuck D (of Public Enemy) and pioneering funk musician George Clinton (of Parliament-Funkadelic) have been made available for use in the competition." Link

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The sweetest girl...
Clock these MP3 blogs, and feel the width...

One Louder (check "Back when NME was fab: C81" - love that Scritti tune), and Analog Giant (some politico stuff, but a good JDilla post with tunes if you scroll down).


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Deaf Jam
Film maker Don Letts was in Toronto recently, for a retrospectiove of some of his films. Here's a writeup from Vibes and Stuff of the Q&A after his doco on Gil Scott Heron screened. Sounds very entertaining, not unlike the Q&A featured on the DVD extras for Letts' "Punk Attitude" doco.

Then this happens...

Snip... "The Q&A session started up well enough with some interesting queries, but as the questions started to become vague statements, a white-haired man proceeded to the front of the stage, shaking Letts’ hand. The man turned out to be notorious former Clash manager Bernie Rhodes, who apparently lives in Toronto now. In response to a barely audible question about swastikas and punk, Rhodes went on a rambling monologue on how he put together the Sex Pistols, The Clash, acid jazz and Def Jam(???).

Now I’ll give him some credit for at least being involved to some degree in the first two. But acid jazz and Def Jam? According to Rhodes, the reason Russell Simmons didn’t mention him in his recent biography was because Russell ‘didn’t want to give any credit to a white person’ for helping to start Def Jam. Hmm Rick Rubin anyone?"

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mashed Lennon.
Via Boingboing - "DJ BC has released a second album of "Beastles" (Beatles/Beastie Boys) mashups called Let It Beast. dj BC is one of my all time favorite mashup artists, not least because I love both the Beatles and the Beasties and the way that he mixes them together brings new life to both. He clearly loves his source material dearly, and his treatment of them is playful, artistic, and totally danceable. I'm halfway through the new album, and I'm already in love, especially with Electrified Kite, a remix of "Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite" and "Electrify."
1. Ladies Do Love Me
2. Belly Movin
3. Buildin My Life
4. Electrified Kite
5. Let it Beast
6. Lovely NYC
7. Anna's MCs
8. Love You To Check It Out
9. Looking Down The Barrel of a Warm Gun
10. A Day in The Life of A Beastie Boy
This is dj BC's second Beastles album; the first one was just called "The Beastles" and it's up for download on the dj BC site as well. Link

ADDED - Doesn't seem to be working right now, try again later, maybe.

and check this great MP3 blogpost on Esther Phillips....

"... Originally known as Little Esther, Ms. Phillips was a soul chanteuse of the highest order -- and one of the grand pioneering voices of soul music. Her career stretched over four decades, several record labels (including a stint on Atlantic during the soul years), various bands, and a 16 year battle with heroin addiction that nearly destroyed her. It was after leaving rehabilitation that she recorded "Home Is Where The Hatred Is" for the Kudu label in 1971. Its powerful, nearly autobiographical anthem, makes it one of the most painfully beautiful soul records ever made..." More here. I've got a couple of her albums on Kudu, excellent stuff - also worth checking her version of Use Me (Bill Withers).

Monday, February 13, 2006

RIP J Dilla
Hiphop producer Jay Dee aka J Dilla has passed away. Working with the likes of Madlib, the Pharcyde, the Roots, Busta Rhymes, Slum Village, Erykah Badu, D'Angelo, Janet Jackson, Common, Tribe called Quest and many more (check his extensive discography here), he built a solid reputation within hiphop circles. He had some serious health problems last year, and died on friday from kidney failure - his new album, Donuts, was released on tuesday. He was 32.

More on JDilla from Beats n Rants, Detroit Free Press, MTV News.

Video killed my internet connection...
from Coolfer, if you aint checked YouTube yet, you are in for some fun...

"A recent NY Times article on YouTube came just as Coolfer had began spending a bit of time searching for the kind of rarities and interesting clips that have the potential to make the site a landmine. For the uninitiated, YouTube is a website that allows users to upload videos to the site free of charge. There's a social aspect to the site, just as Flickr creates social networks from photos; it's easy to share a video with a friend, and videos are grouped by the tags applied to them.

Videos can only be streamed, not downloaded -- getting around thorny legal issues mean playback can be jerky -- and the video and audio qualities aren't spectacular. The trade-off comes in the variety of content. A search will result in all sorts of things, some recordings of proper videos and telecasts, others homemade movies.

There are other similar sites, but as Ben Ratliff points out in "A New Trove of Music Video in the Web's Wild World," YouTube has more to offer from every search query. The social aspects are nice, but the public archival aspects are better. As more people upload files, more rare, interesting and almost forgotton clips will be available to all Internet users.

Here's a short list of some things Coolfer has found on YouTube:

Dave Brubeck performing "Take Five" on Jazz Casual in 1961.
The Beastie Boys performing "She's On It" in the movie "Krush Groove."
Husker Du performing "Could You Be The One?" on the "Joan Rivers Show." The clip includes a hilarious interview with Joan after the song. Missing is the band's performance of "She's A Woman (And Now He Is A Man)."
Miles Davis with John Coltrane performing "So What" on a 1958 television show.
Nas featuring NTM: Affirmative Action" Saint Denis Style remix. From 1996. NTM, a Parisian hip hop group, remixed the track by New York rapper Nas.
The Replacements at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis in 1981.
Os Mutantes and Gilberto Gil performing live on a television show.
A performance by krautrock legends Amon Duul II.
Iggy and the Stooges playing "TV Eye" live in Cincinatti in 1970. The introduction makes this clip special.
A crowd recording of the Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne inside a transparent plastic ball.
If Alf were to make a death metal video.

And, for those of us who didn't watch the Grammys, there's a stream of Sly Stone's mohawked performance."

Ring the Alarm playlist, Base FM, February 11
Glen Brown - Leggo herb man dub (Small axe vs terminal head mix)
Barrington Levy and Beenieman - Murderation
DJ BC - Biz Markie vs Rolling Stones
Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band - Can't get no satisfaction
People under the stairs - Hang loose
Willie Bobo - Spanish grease
Loopless - Pink blue hotel
Damian Marley - Move (playing in Auckland April 7)
Perfect - Handcart boy
DBC - Hit the boomz
Ojays - Backstabbers
Breakestra - Recognize
Lester Sterling - Afrikaan beat
Steele Beauttah - African stomp
International Observer - London dub
Kenny and the Beach Boys - Big payback
Brentford Allstars - Racetrack
Sergio Mendes feat QTip - The frog
Monguito Santamaria - Groove time
Coldcut feat Roots Manuva - True skool
The Beat -Mirror in the bathroom
Bondo de role - Funk de esfiha (Brazilian outfit - out on Diplo's new label, Mad Decent)
Krafty Kuts - Come alive
Linval Thompson - Babylon system
Congos - Fisherman
Sly and the Family Stone - Sing a simple song
Prince Fatty - The zoo
Dr Dre and Snoop - Next episode (Upstate remix)
Joe Gibbs - Outrage
Aceyalone and RJD2 - All 4 U