Friday, December 16, 2005

Free music
Catch hot new local reggae/ska bands The Brysans and the Earthtone Rockers live at The Thirsty Dog on K Rd this evening, with DJ's Selecto, Matty Dreads and Peter Mac (that would be me), from 8pm andf it's free! Good tunes, for the right price. Later.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ape crazy
King Kong madness hits Welliwood tonight, here's some audio accompaniment...

"... In [the song] "King Kong," Jimmy Castor does very little beyond simply retell the story of the gargantuan gorilla. However, he does so over an infectuous disco rhythm, and, for unexplained reasons, refers to the monster as "kemo sabe" throughout the song (with a distinctive Jimmy Castor pronunciation: "koma sange.")

The song opens with a gong - presumably inspired by the one the Skull Islands natives used to offer their human sacrifice to Kong - and then Castor lets out with rapid-fire simian whooping noises. Castor then narrates his tale, excitably chanting such lines as "From everyone he knew he got respect / whoever failed to give it, he'd correct!" Underneath this, Castor has orchestrated a forceful, chunky funk line, featuring a wah-wah guitar and high-speed Latin drumming.

It's when Castor reaches the song's chorus -- the only sung part of the song -- that he best sums up King Kong: "He didn't dance or party / he spoke at times, but hardly," Castor tells us. "One woman heard his love call / but he was too big and too tall."

It will take Peter Jackson three hours to tell exactly that same tale..."

Link to MP3 of said tune.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Ring the Alarm playlist, BaseFM Saturday Dec 10
Mr Perfect - High grade tree
Barrington Levy - Many changes dub
Mere Mortalz feat U Brown - Dis a boom
Breakstra - The getting to it
Open Souls - What do you do?
Special guest Big Matt drops his favourite tunes for 2005, all killer, no filler..
Johnny Osbourne - Truth and rights (rerub)
Jah Warrior and Lutan Fyah - Smoke the high grade
Rodney Hunter feat Paul St Hilaire - Vampire
Recloose - Mana's bounce
Black Samurai - Information critic
Keith Lawrence and Shauny Tee - Muzic ed special
Foreign beggars feat Wildchild - Let go
RBX - Sunshine instrumental
One self -Bluebird instrumental
Shy FX and T Power feat Yush - Lovers rock
Jungle Royal feat Jimmy Riley - A1 sound
Katchafire - Rude girl (jungle version)
DJC and Quality Diamond - Let it Billie (dancehall mix)
Nextmen feat Dynamite MC - Blood fire
Fat Freddy's Drop - Roady (Nextmen's Walnut mix)
Notch - Oye Que Buena
Roberto Carlos - O Calhambeque (XRS mix)

And one more tune from me and we gone...
Floetry feat Common - Supastar

Thanks to Big Matt for dropping by!

RIP Richard Pryor
Saw a snip of him on the tv news, amusing to see them show his concert footage and talk over the top so as to obscure his frequent use of the words nigger and mutherf*cker.

"... Pryor was best known for his searing analysis of race relations. He was honored by the Kennedy Center with the first Mark Twain Prize for American humor. "I feel great about accepting this prize," he wrote in his official response, his familiar edge glinting through. "I feel great to be honored on a par on with a great white man — now that's funny!" from Newsday. More Pryor news reports here.