Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Copped from Boing boing... Naijajams is a terrific musicblog maintained by a group of "like-minded Nigerians who share a common interest in Nigerian music."

It's not a commercial venture, just a labor of love -- and there's a lot to love. Great posts on contemporary afropop, juju, reggae, all things Fela, and vintage highlife, including this wonderful item about Ghanaian bandleader E.T. Mensah, known as the King of Highlife throughout English-speaking Africa some fifty years ago.

"If you were out dancing in Lagos or Accra in the 1950s and early 60s, highlife music is what the band was most likely playing," reads this post, "It was a music of the times – it reflected the optimism and hope individuals had in a the early days of self rule. You can hear this in the light-hearted themes and uplifting sounds."

When you listen to this MP3 of E.T. Mensah and his Tempos Band doing their midcentury hit, “All For You,” it's hard not to feel a little more upbeat than before you clicked.
Link (Thanks, DJ Carlito!)"

Red hot or not
The new Jurassic 5 single is out in our shops, damn fine tune called Red Hot, featuring a collaboration with killer funk band the Dap Kings, taken from J5's forthcoming album. Unfortunately, not all the collaborations on the new disc are likely to be this good...

"The upcoming Jurassic 5 album will have a duet with Dave Matthews. In the blogging world I believe the tired ol' phrase is "jumped the shark." It has never been more fitting. Congrats on losing those last two strands of street cred, J5, and good luck playing catch up with the Black Eyed Peas." via Coolfer.

hey LJ kids! - Art Brut Guitarist Quits Band Via LiveJournal.

RIP Willie Hutch
"Veteran singer-songwriter-producer Willie Hutch, who helped compose several hits for the Jackson 5, died Tuesday of undisclosed causes in Dallas. He was 59.

Best known for his work at Motown, his association with the label began in 1970 when record producer Hal Davis asked Hutch to help complete a song for the Jackson 5. "I'll Be There" became a hit for the group as did Hutch's subsequent collaborations with the quintet: "Got to Be There" and "Never Can Say Goodbye."

Hired to work regularly with other Motown artists by label founder Berry Gordy, Hutch logged production credits on albums by the Miracles, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Michael Jackson and Diana Ross, among others.

Branching into soundtracks, Hutch penned the music for the 1973 blaxploitation movie "The Mack." The critically acclaimed soundtrack spun off two of Hutch's biggest R&B hits, "Brother's Gonna Work It Out" and "Slick." More here.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Susan Wood - the most boring person on television?
Here's the evidence, judge for yourself... In the Weekend Herald's Timeout section, they do a weekly Q&A with a local actor/musician/DJ/celebrity, along the lines of "My typical Friday night is..." "Which means on Saturday morning you'll find me..." and here's what Susan Wood came up with for one of the questions.

Q Saturday evening. If my dreams came true there would be a gig by...
A I'd rather be sitting by the fire than at a concert, I'm afraid.
[And we're afraid that's the most unimaginative answer to this question in the history of this column - Editor]

random linkage....
A video for the K-otix remix George Bush Don't Like Black People" is here: Link

High school percussion band performing DJ Shadow. (spotted via Poplicks)

[TV3 release - 60 words] "The brains behind BRO'TOWN, who first found fame as a theatre troupe [no, they are a comedy group] called The Naked Samoans, tell 60 Minutes about their sources of inspiration and the work that goes into making the award-winning animated local comedy. Reporter Mike McRoberts talks to David Fane, Oscar Kightley, Shimpal Lelisi and Mario Gaoa."
60 MINUTES - 7.30 pm, Monday September 19, 2005, TV3

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Saturday Sept 17
Jackie Mittoo - Earthquake
Overnight players - Shaka the great
Dizzy Gillespie - Matrix
Patti - Jo -Make me believe in you (Ashley Beedle and Phil Asher re-edit)
Damian Marley - Move
Barrington Levy - Collie weed
Amadou and Mariam - Coulibaly
Che Fu - D&D
Mckay -Bluesin it
Curtis Mayfield - Gypsy woman (live)
The Abyssinians - Mandela
Boozoo Bajou feat Joe Dukie and U Brown - Take it slow
Freddie Cruger feat Desmond Foster - Bad mutha
International Observer - Dirty Harry
Leela James - Ghetto
Spanky Wilson - Sunshine of your love
Rae and Christian feat The Congos - Hold us down
Little Brother - Hiding place
King Tubby - Dark destroyer dub
Augustus Pablo - Song of the east
Lee Scratch Perry - Run 4 cover
The Nomad - Look around
The Meters - Just kissed my baby
Nextmen feat Demolition Man - Piece of pie
Lee Scratch Perry - Upsetting dub
Kora -Politician
Jurassic 5 feat the Dap Kings - Red hot