Friday, November 21, 2003

He got the Ghostface
Ghostface Killah is the mean sounding name for a fella who is part of hiphop crew the Wu Tang Clan (real name: Tony Coles), but he's on the level. Check this story from
"Ghostface Killah will hand out 1,000 sleeping bags donated to homeless people by the Troop apparel co. Ghost & Troop's owners, will hand out the sleeping bags & initiate a "Hat & Glove" drive at The Bowery Mission in NYC on 11/24. Fans are being asked to bring hats & gloves in exchange for an autographed photo of the rapper."
I got a record of his recently, doing a mean-ass rap over Dawn Penns reggae tune No No No. Nice.

While flicking thru the latest catalogue from the Warehouse (and another Brazilian rainforest dies), I spied mention of "thousands of retro jazz vinyl LPs for only $2.99". Not the usual place I'd go record hunting, but hey. So I checked it out this afternoon, and its a small pile of new vinyl - I thought retro was shorthand for scratchy and old, but no. They're new pressings of jazzbos like Count Basie, Anita Day, Tommy Dorsey and more. I picked up LPs by Oscar Peterson and Blind John Davis.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Moby Dick
"If you hope to have a career in music, you might want to get involved in porn—it’s the one place music is consistently used."
—Moby, on the music-business slump.

Over at Public Address, Chad Taylor has succumbed to the endless stream of home renovation tv shows and taken to blogging about rehinging windows. Should we be worried? I guess one can't be a internationally reknowned author 24-7.

Jeremy Newsboy's TV show Eating Media Lunch debuted last night - he's droll lad, is News. Its a highly amusing look at local media. The celebrity Stock Exchange was brilliant, but the footage from Oz, highlighting the way their voicover people plug their upcoming shows - over the closing titles of the Hitler miniseries, detailing the horrors of WW2 - was truly unbelievable. Our tv may be crap, but hey, it could be worse.
Then Slave and Otis returned for another jaunt around the planet doing wacky stuff. Last night they arrived at Disneyland and the first thing they heard was the D4 blasting from the PA. Episode one closed with the boys in Central Park, with Otis saying 'F*ck I love new York'. In the opening credits they slipped in something about 'the return of the award winning Mo Show' with footage of Otis going 'Yeaahhh!' at the TV Awards. Nice.

Last week my new tune 'Tag team act' by Dub Asylum Vs Word Perfect (local hiphop mc I've been working with) was sitting at number one on the national Alternative Top Ten, compiled from the BNet radio stations. That is pretty cool.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Your silence is appreciated.
Australian magazine editor Sue Smethurst flew to the US last week, intending to interview Olivia Newton John. Instead "she was treated as a threat to national security and deported back to Australia after nearly 15 hours of interrogation at Los Angeles airport." When she asked why she was being held, she was told "We will tell you when we have a problem and your silence is appreciated."
Her lipliner and makeup was taken from her, as it was deemed a national security threat. She was fingerprinted, had mugshots taken, and was refused access to a lawyer; "They said to me you don't understand, you have no choice, no rights here under American law," Smethurst said. They also denied her request for a cup of tea. The brutes.
Earlier this year, six French journalists suffered similar treatment, when they arrived in Los Angeles to cover a video games trade show. They were held at the airport, searched, fingerprinted, handcuffed and held for 24 hours, before being forcibly sent back to France. Is this how you win the War on Terror?
I visited the US when I was a kid with my family, and I'd like to go back there one day, but not any time soon. reports that "an Independent newspaper article on Bush's interview with David Frost, notes his dodging of a question about whether he believed British intelligence reports that Saddam could deliver chemical or biological weapons within 45 minutes, first saying "I believed he was a dangerous man." And when asked a second time: "Well, I believed a lot of things."
But remember, he doesn't believe anything in the media. He gets his news from reliable sources, like his own advisors.
"I appreciate people's opinions, but I'm more interested in news," says Bush. "And the best way to get the news is from objective sources. And the most objective sources I have are people on my staff who tell me what's happening in the world."

Well, that distracted you from the rugby for a whole five minutes. Right?