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Roland and Bobbylon, Riot Riddum Sound System

"Aotearoa's foremost indie dance label, Deepgrooves is the musical cross pollination of cultures that comes from the world's largest Polynesian city, Auckland. Reggae, dub, ragga, club, and hard beats from the mind and soul of the fresh crew with the new view - Riot Riddum Sound System, Leaders of Style, The Sound Foundation, Jules Issa and the Mighty Asterix, The Projector."

This is how the Deepgrooves label described itself in promotional material... (from an ad in Billboard Jan 1992, plugging various NZ labels).

It's a good insight into the minds of the folk behind the label, engineer Mark Tierney, Bill Latimer (owner of The Lab Studio) and Kane Massey, and captures something of the spirit in the music. Auckland central had a bubbling club scene that mixed and mashed styles every weekend - the hiphop and reggae heads all went to the same gigs, cos there was only about 200 people in central Auckland into those genres at that time. New Zealand hiphop was still a long way from standing up, it was just learning to walk.

Names like Stylee Crew, Native Bass (later Dam Native), DLT, Stinky Jim, Roger Perry, Teremoana, Slowdeck, Dubhead, OJ and Slave, Tuffy Culture and others, were all jumping on stage and having a good time at warehouse parties across the CBD, and in back yards like behind the Blue Tile Lounge on Symond St. That was the scene that gave rise to the Deepgrooves acts. It was a recorded representation of what was going on musically in the clubs in town.

I'm currently researching and writing a book on Deepgrooves, focusing on the music - if you know something about the label, please get in touch (love to hear from you, Kane Massey!). My email is petermac008 at gmail dot com. Thanks

Mighty Asterix, back cover of his Sweetest Girl cd single


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Mighty Asterix
 / Stamp magazine interview from 1992
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Jordan Reyne (at Audioculture)
Sound Foundation (DJ Dubhead, Angus McNaughton, Tuffy, Danny D)
Sofa So Good compilation
Urban Disturbance (feat Zane Lowe) plus, UD, the lost 2nd album?
Unitone Hifi (Joost Langeveld, Stinky Jim, Angus McNaughton)

Colourblind: The Auckland Dance Scene, by Andrew Schmidt, Metro magazine, Feb 1994.

ADDED Nov 15, 2012: website been has resurrected, with this message, pointing to some major archival work going on...hooray!

"...the Deepgrooves "storage room" holds approximately 1000 recorded, remixed, demo'd and instrumental tracks in various states of completion, many that as yet, remain unheard. Over the next 12 months we will be endeavouring to digitise every functioning (unfortunately many have already deteriorated) DAT tape, 2" Tape reel, ADAT, cassette, 1" Tape reel, S8mm, S16mm, 35mm film reel, Hi8mm, BetaSP and digital Beta tape that we have. We will also be tackling the numerous boxes of negatives, photos and unedited videos that have sat in storage, in some cases for over 20 years. Please be patient, we have been "away" for pretty much the last ten years..."

Deepgrooves has also reissued an number of their releases, check iTunes etc...

ADDED August 2016 - sadly the Deepgrooves website disappeared some time in late 2015.

LISTEN: a Deepgrooves playlist....


Ermehn, from his Samoans Pt II album

Jules Issa