Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ring The Alarm playlist, Basefm July 25
Cookin on 3 burners - Cars
Aim - Just passin thru
E's E - Scratchs skank pt 1
Mr greedy -Fustep version
Dubblestandart - Terrorists and inhalers (Keith Le Blanc version)
Joe Ariwa - Neeky youths
Noel Ellis - Memories
The Dramatics - Get up and get down
Esther Phillips -use me
Johnny Frigo Sextet - Scorpio
DJ Adlib fear MED - Every day
Hypnotic brass ensemble - Sankofa
J Rawls Jay Are project - Lee Morgan story / red peppers
Dub Colossus - Azmari dub
Major lazer -Can't stop now
Noiseshaper - Bushmasta
The Wailers - I'm gonna put it on
Jackie Mittoo - El bang bang
Mophono - Edge remix
El michels affair - Red rooster
Muchael Jackson - Rockin robin (Grant Phabao remix)
The revolutionaries - Kunta Kinte (DJ Kentaro remix)
Smashproof - Ordinary life (Moody boyz dub)
Wajeed - Jeedo suave
Bob James - Angela (theme from Taxi)
Cookin on 3 burners - Settle the score Diesler mix

Friday, July 24, 2009

One of my favourite musical releases so far this year was from Washington DC-based hiphop producer by the name of Oddisee. He dropped the Odd Summer EP back in late May, as a free download (get it here). It's a laidback collection of wicked funky, jazzy instrumentals, check it out. Just discovered this great interview with him, talking about how he works. He's released three (partial) albums this year as free downloads, to test the market and get feedback to take to a label and get a deal for a full version of each release (he mentions in the interview that one of these releases got 12,000 downloads).

He says that if you try and work the old way - send out press copies of your album three months in advance, then do press, tour etc, you will get nowhere. (hat tip: Crate kings. Love that blog!)

Notable Quote:
"Hip hop is bootlegged more than anything else. If you go about putting it out the old way, you’re gonna be destroyed by leaking and bootlegging."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vinyl revival at PortalSpace Records
Via Crate Kings. Financial Times goes inside the PortalSpace Records, EMI’s former vinyl pressing facility, to explain the life of a vinyl record, including masters, mothers, and 100 ton hydraulic presses. (Related: Crate Kings visits United Record Pressing Plant in Nashville, where Daptone Records get akll their vinyl pressed)