Friday, July 06, 2007

Get ill
Mister Brown has been noting the efforts of political journos and their blogs, but here's a new one - Wellington hiphop MC (and Fairfax Digital employee) Tommy Ill has been given a blog. Check it out. So far he's busted a fake pic of the tornado. Nice one. LINK.

If you are about and about in Auckland this evening, I'm DJing at A Reggae Affair, down at the Montecristo Room at 53 Nelson St, alongside Sandy Bay Social Club, Jugglin Crew, MC Arme, Oblex B and Capp Silver and more. Free Rum Punch for the early peeps. $10 on the door.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The week of interviews continues
Quite unplanned, but it's a theme, so let's run with it..

Henry Rollins has recently been to Iran...
"I went just as a tourist on the street. I have no great intelligence or in-depth knowledge of a classified nature. But I saw a bunch of people with their kids and I met a lot of people who like America very much but are also scared of America and its president. And I hope I get a chance to go back there..." Interview here.

Headline of the week :Al Gore's son busted for drugs in hybrid car

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Here come the warm jets
Two interviews... one with Brian Eno, and one with Neil Finn. Neil is interviewed by Gary Steel in the latest issue of Metro magazine, the full text is on their website.

It seems Neil was displeased with a review Gary wrote on the mag's website, about a listening session for the new Crowded House album - he wrote that listening sessions are like "The modern equivalent of Chinese water torture, the volunteer victims then have to decide on their tactic for the next hour: Stare vacantly into space, feigning great concentration? Scream at other victims over the din? Drink with great enthusiasm? Be seen to be taking copious, possibly derogatory notes? The first Crowded House album in well over a decade sounds like, um, pretty much like a Crowded House album, really. Except it’s a bit hard to hear clearly, really, because someone’s cranked it up to ear-splitting, heavy metal levels..." (He also wrote some nice things about it too.)

"When Gary Steel went to interview Neil Finn about the reborn Crowded House, the musician took him to task about a certain review.
Neil: I read your little piece actually.
On MetroLive?
Yeah. [Read Gary Steel’s piece here.]
Gary: A bit too facetious for you?
Neil: It made me curious, I was going to ask you why you bothered coming, to be honest, because if it was like Chinese water torture, why would you put yourself through it?

And then Neil listens to Gary's answer, and asks him the same question, again. And again. And again. Til he's asked it SIX TIMES. Tenacious little bugger. (Full interview transcript here) Props to Gary for not letting grumpy Uncle Neil get to him.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, June 30
Today's theme - psychedelic soul. Good excuse to play lots of Norman Whitfield-produced tunes (Temptations, Rose Royce)...
Specials - Message to you Rudy
Jungle Bros, Ernest Ranglin - Funky Bond St
Idris Mohammad - Express yourself
Sly and Family Stone - thankful and thoughtful
Dave Pike Set - Mathar
Hank Marvin - Sunday for seven days
Rose Royce - Put your money where your mouth is
Barry White - Love serenade
Jose Feliciano - She's a woman
Kenny Dope - Can you handle it?
High fidelity -Cream of the beats (Metrophonic mix)
Temptations - Papa was a rolling stone
Solomonic sound - Children of israel (Blak doctor mix)
Sea train - Flute thing
Sisters love - Ha ha ha
Iggy and the Stooges - Down on the street (Cheers to the person who texted the studio with the word "goats" Yes, peeps, you can throw up your goats via txt message -who knew?)
Spanky Wilson -Sunshine of your love
Fred Wesley and the JBs - Watermelon man
Taggy matcher - Rockit
Lalo Schifrin - Enter the dragon theme
Rose Royce - I'm going down
Bad Brains - Banned in DC
Rodriguez - Sugarman
Life Organization - Pink steamroller
Keith Mansfield - Morning Broadway
Didier's sound spectrum - Sound spectrum
Deodato - Superstrut
Ray Charles - In the heat of the night
Rose Royce - It makes you feel like dancin'