Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM March 10
Sister Nancy - Big Bam remix
Mad lion - Girlzz
Chosen few - Tears of a clown
Tubbs feat Dallas - Five day night (Fat Freddys Drop remix)
Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren band - Savannah
Skeewiff - Three piece suite
Scientist - Love you dub
Butch Cassidy sound system - Burning sun
Ohio Players - Mister Mean (from the movie of the same name)
Thelonius Monk - Monk's dream
African head charge vs Prof Stretch - Brother of reality
The monks - Rock me
Groove armada - Tuning in dub playing Ak March 27)
Black Grass - Oh jah (playing Ak March 16)
Tony Allen - Isle Nla - Wareika hill sound rework
Roots combination - Spoony bill
Herbie Hancock - Wiggle waggle (playing Ak May 6)
Aaron Neville - Hercules
Kathleen Emery - Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Ray Barretto - Acid
Zed bias -Jigga up
DJ Farrapo and Yenez - Biano vem
John Gibbs and US steel orchestra - Steel funk
Barrington Levy -Collie weed

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM March 3
Trinidad steel band - I want you back
James Brown - Funky drummer (DJ Muro remix)
Jimmy Bo Horne - Let me be your lover
Jackie Mittoo - The sniper
Reggie Stepper - Drum pan sound (Shoes re-edit)
Stephen Marley - Traffic jam
Barrington Levy - Many changes in life
Joe Gibbs - Love the one you're with dub
Cornell campbell - Boxing
Quantic soul orchestra - Feeling good
Bobby Hughes Experience - Ore twenty fore
Main ingredient - Don't you worry bout a thing
Al Green -Love and happiness Shoes re-edit
Rae and Christian feat Pharcyde - It aint nothing like
Bo Diddley - Shut up woman
DLT - Without your MC
Cornell Campbell - My conversation
Midnights - Outside looking in (Dub Asylum remix)
Breakestra - Keep on playing
Antibalas - Ice
Yabby you - Heads a roll dub
Plastic junk - Man from atlantis
Young disciples - All I have in me
Ranking Joe meets Wai Wan - Dubwise
The monks - Rock me
Senor coconut - We are the robots

BASE FM are starting a regular night down at Suite Bar (near the bottom of Hobson St) this thursday, and I'll be DJing down there, starts 9pm. Chur.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Best closing quote of any interview ever

"I think there's some things you did when you're a certain age that are a fair cop to do again when you're older, and get away with it. And others you shouldn't even try, and nobody wants to see you try. I think people in general in the modern age are totally flummoxed by the idea of being over 40. Terrified, shittified. What I get is the message that people are just happy to see somebody over 40 doing anything that isn't too embarrassing."
And its from Iggy Pop. No surprise there. Read the full interview at The Guardian. That's a pic of a 72 Oldsmobile, like the one mentioned in the article. Sweet ride.

LCD Soundsytem's new album is out this week, they've got a cunning plan...

"what's this thermometer thing about anyway?

ok. very simple. i would like to be a top 40 artist. then i could say "i am a top 40 artist" or things like that. my ingenious idea for achieving said goal is called the i'm-going-to-ask-people-who-were-going-to- buy-the-record-anyway-to-just-buy- it-all-at-the-same-time technique. it goes like this: if you aren't going to buy the record for whatever reason, fair enough. but if you are going to, it would be interesting to do it the week it comes out, because i'm curious, given the "lowered bar" of top 40-ness, if we could get there. then i could call top 40 radio stations and ask them to play my record, which they won't do anyway, but then i can say "but i thought this was a top 40 station?"

it's a lot of work for what basically results in a one-liner, but i'm thinking if i supply super-easy online pre-ordering options, then it's not anyone else's work, really. if you were going to get it anyway, then help me out.

maybe that's my slogan: "if you were going to buy it anyway, why not by it this week."

pretty compelling stuff, no?"

Their album is out thru EMI NZ, who have dropped another staffer... spotted at NZ Musician... "EMI NZ has this week made their unusually efficient Capitol Music Label Manager Lauren Clough redundant while the position Virgin Label Manager hasn't been filled since the departure of Anna Gibson."

Hiphop MC Nas proclaimed on his latest album that "Hiphop Is Dead", and here's a reason why...

"... Some of the ring tones Urban World Wireless sells have nothing to do with music and aren't bought only by hip-hop fans. A popular Three 6 Mafia tone, for instance, says, "Bubba, is that you calling?" Another says there's a "hoe" on the line.

Mike Johns, chief executive of Urban World Wireless, said that anything related to pimping is a "cash cow," and artists can spend an hour in the studio recording voice tones and make as much as in a year of performing. Hip-hop dominates the $5-billion ring tone market..."

Snip from LA Times article, more here (requires registration)

and on another note, please come on down to this gig if you're in the neighbourhood, on next Friday...

Sufferah's Choice
Some of New Zealand's best-loved DJs are joining forces to raise funds for DJ Big Matt: all proceeds from the event will go to 'Big Matt' Watson and his family as he undergoes treatment for gastric cancer.

Sufferah's Choice will feature DJs Stinky Jim, Maiden Hong Kong, Selecto, Peter Mac (Dub Asylum), Dubhead, Slave, Manuel Bundy, Submariner, Cian, Junior, Bobby Brazuka, Slowdeck, The Chaplin, Ruffian & Mikey Sampson plus reggae soundsystems Jugglin Crew and Jafa Mafia.

Sufferah's Choice will be held at Auckland's Galatos, Friday 23rd March from 9pm. Presale tickets are $10 from Real Groovy, Conch and Beat Merchants or $15 on the door. Before midnight, door tickets are $10.

I'll remind ya next week too.