Friday, March 09, 2007

Shake N Bake - on this Saturday!

"For the 3rd successive year BaseFM bring you a day out in the lovely surroundings of Western Park. Expect a full spectrum of sound, we got you sorted with Base DJs providing the good vibes, plus live performances from Anbaric and The Unseen.

Witness live graffiti art in progress with a collaborative mural painted by Cut Collective (Trust Me, Flox and SP23) plus special guests on the day. Drinks will flow, the ol barbie will be rockin', plus the prestigious egg and spoon race for those with a competitive streak (ooooh!) We’ll even try our hand at a bit of petanque, bonus points for those who can curse in French. Don’t worry, we don’t do mornings either. Bass drops 12pm…

Saturday 10th March, Western Park, off Ponsonby Rd, down by the kids playground. Sweet.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

North American scum
That's the genius title of the catchy-as-hell single of the new album from LCD Soundsystem, and you can see them playing it live for the first time in the UK here. Shot three nights ago at Cargo in London, it's a bit rough. Hat tip to Fact mag.
I've only just got round to buying their first album (yeah, slow-ass loser) from (on special for $14.95, with bonus disc too), but I can't wait to hear their new one.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Watching the defectives...
Mayor Hubbard has said out loud what a lot of Aucklanders might be thinking - "I don't see how any policeman could say, 'Two of my best friends are in jail for rape, and by the way I want to be head policeman in Auckland so I can protect the women folk of Auckland'."

The catch is, in a day or two, Hubbard will be hit by the political fallout from that statement. Why? I'm guessing some attention-seeking MP will blurt out (under Parliamentary privelege) the allegations made by Rickards camp that the rape charges made against him were done to keep him from becoming the first Maori to hold the top police job, of Police Commissioner. Then it will get really nasty....
More here from Russell Brown...