Monday, February 26, 2007

Criminals in Hollywood.
A cheery little snip for the Oscars...
"Around the Oscars, they organize a thing where the New Zealanders come together. And there's one for the Australians, too. But the Australians crash the New Zealand one. They're a lot rowdier but it makes the party much more interesting because they all come from criminals. We're from peaceful Scottish people."

--New Zealand actress Melanie Lynskey on the New Zealand government's yearly Oscars party in Los Angeles. Interview in the Los Angeles Times, 11 Feb 2007 (seen here)

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Feb 24
Jimmy London - I'm your puppet
Lloyd Charmers - Darker than blue
Curtis Mayfield - If there's a hell below... (live)
The Jam - Start
Pointer Sisters - Yes we can can
Tommy McCook - Heatwave
Mckay - Take me over
Salsoul Orchestra - Runaway
Digidub - Zinzo
Aim - Just passing thru
Bokoor band - Onukpa shawarpo
Simon Bogle - Dry bone (Groove Corp remix)
International observer - Freyberg place mat
Hot grits - Say I love it
Upsetters - Popcorn
Leon Haywood - Who you been giving it up to?
Freestylers -Ruffneck
Dirty beatniks - Hypnotysin'
Rolfos tabanka rhythms - Watermelon man
Overproof sound system - Watch what you put inna (Groove corp remix)
King kong - Step pon mi corn
DJ Patife - Sambassim
Al Green - Love and happiness (Shoes re-edit)
Stephen Marley - Traffic jam