Thursday, September 14, 2006

Out n about
Catch DJs Chef D, Morning Steppa, Jay V and Peter Mac (that would be me) at Rakinos this Friday night, fun and good times in abundance.
Aslo, Saturday night marks the final gig at the Odeon Lounge on Mt Eden Rd - its closing down, being replaced by an Italian restaurant - sigh. Catch The Nudie Suits, The Whipping Cats and The Artisan Guns.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

LonelyGirl15 is from the Mount!
Youtube fans will be all over this one... the story was broken by, read it all here.. "She is Jessica Rose, a 19-year old actress from Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. She recently moved to Los Angeles/Hollywood area to find work." More here.
Google Images throws up this link, which has images from Auckland's Clyne model agnecy (now deleted from their site). Boingboing is all over it too...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Every home should have one
"In 1999, Atomic Magazine ran a great tongue-in-cheek guide to building your own tiki bar (I used to have one in my old apartment in Toronto - every household is improved by tiki bars). Here's the scanned pages from the article. Link (via Negatendo, Boingboing)

I visited a tiki bar in San Francisco, in the Fairmont Hotel (where the inaugural meeting of the UN was held in 1948, and the marbelled lobby stairway was in the movie Gone With The Wind). It's called the Tonga Room, and it has a rectangular pool in the middle of the room with a boat on it, which floats out into the middle of the pool nightly. There's a band set up on the boat, playing. And every half hour, thunder and lightning starts up, and it starts raining on the pool. Great cocktails too.