Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Boom boom!
Robyn beat me to the jump, but hear the Radio NZ piece I did over here - thanks to James. Nice work, fella.
"Well, it looks like National Radio aren't going to archive the 3D Radio show that I was on back on New Years Eve, but fortunately one of my co-panellists, James from Noizyland, has kindly hosted the whole shows as a podcast (i.e. an mp3) for your listening pleasure."

3D Radio on National Radio - Internet Panel Discussion.

Listen out for the bit where James lets slip that he's surfing the net during the show, and Robyn calls him a geek. Too right!

Via Coolfer, some holiday reading... "Jason Gross of Pefect Sounds Forever compiled a list of the best music writing of the year.

Gross looks for good writing in many locations. One honoree was an album review from San Francisco's Aquarius Records. (The store's new release emails are great reading, though they're lengthy.) An article at the satiric The Onion made the list. And Damian Kulash's op-ed for the New York Times got a nod. Very nice. And since there's always bad to go along with the good, Gross has a list of the worst music writing of 2005."

Copped from Beats and Rants, a great interview with Questlove Thompson from The Roots. "I stumbled upon this old interview with the Roots mastermind Questlove. It was conducted in 2003 by journalist-turned-BET personality Touré for online magazine Believer. I don't know if any other bloggers linked this interview up besides Soulmind, but it's recommended reading. This piece features Q offering some insights on the Roots' recording process, why D'Angleo is so damn fat overweight and Q's views on hip-hop..."
How do you feel about hiphop today?
Does it speak volumes that I listen to the White Stripes more than I listen to anything in hiphop? The only album I’m listening to from start to finish right now is Elephant.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Something On TV
... is the name of a very fine local music show bought to you by the folk at They have been avidly photographing the local music scene in AK for the last year or two, and late last year they started taking video cameras to gigs as well, and made a fab one off special of local acts playing live and loud. They've been busy making a new special, and it screens tonight Monday 9th Jan at 10pm on Triangle TV in Akld. Now, I am assuming that if you're savvy enough to turn on your computer and work the internets, you are smart enough to tune your tv to get Triangle.

ADDED: Okay, so I was channel surfing on Monday night, and switched over to Triangle about 9.35pm and discovered that Something On TV had already started. Apologies, but the flyer I picked up in Real Groovy had the advertised start time of 10pm.

RIP Lou Rawls....
Washington Post... "If ever there was a cool-cool singer, it was Lou Rawls, who died [Friday] at the age of 72 in California of brain and lung cancer. Rawls's recording career stretched across genres, covering pop, gospel, blues and jazz. "Lou had a big, strong voice," Whitaker says. "He could go up or down, whatever you needed in a song."
Rawls, raised poor in Chicago, cut his teeth in the world of gospel. There'd be church ladies inside those brick Chicago churches, patting young men on their heads, young men who sang so pretty, who hummed so fervently. Rawls was just one Chicago youth, Sam Cooke was another. Where other young men may have had different pursuits -- sports, the nightlife, dreams of teaching in black colleges -- Rawls and his ilk were in basements, singing "Jesus Met the Woman at the Well."
...Rawls was offered $15,000, Brokaw says, to do a voice-over commercial for Budweiser. The commercial was a hit. Rawls wasn't satisfied. "He said, 'How do we make this bigger?' ", David Brokaw -- his publicist and later manager -- says.
Rawls proposed inviting Busch wholesalers and distributors to his shows. He'd chat with them backstage. "He'd take pictures. We got to know everybody," Brokaw says.
Rawls befriended beer magnate August Busch III. "August really loved Lou," Brokaw says.
Rawls also came up with an idea for a college fundraiser for the United Negro College Fund. He told Brokaw to call Busch, and Busch came aboard. Rawls eventually helped raise more than $200 million by hosting the annual event.
There were occasional acting gigs, more albums later in life. He talked to friends about his life, which he thought lucky: an Army paratrooper who was never hurt, survivor of an awful car accident (Sam Cooke also was in the car), a singer who escaped the harsh pavement of Chicago."
Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, 7 January
Cedric Im Brooks – Shaft
Marcia Griffiths – Feel like jumping
Roy Ayers - Boogie back
Hugh Masekela – Languta
Jackson Sisters – I believe in miracles (remix)

Al Brown – Aint no love in the heart of the city
Damian Marley – Move
Bushwackass – Who's wylin Inst.
Self Scientific – What you need
Breakstra – Stand up
Cornerstone Roots feat Ranking Joe – Forward movement Pt 2
Barrington Levy – Many changes in life
Pete Rodriquez – Oh that's nice
20th Century Steel Band – Heaven and hell's on earth
James Brown – Funky drummer (Muro remix)
Kora – Politician (Paddy Free remix)
Iggy and the Stooges – No fun
Zaguzar -Welcome to England
Jackie Mittoo – Chicken and booze
The Pleb – Ride one
Roberto Carlos – O Calhambeque (XRS remix)
Tanya Stephens – Need you tonight
Mantronix -Who is it?
Augustus Pablo – Song of the east
Sean Paul – Yardie bone
Kraftwerk –Electro Kardiogramm
Ohio Players –Take the funk off, fly
David Walters – Mesy bon dye (Bigga Bush dub version)
One Lung – Cinema 90
Tiombe Lockhart - Tip of my tongue