Friday, October 21, 2005

Food for Fido
This might be of interest if you're out and about this weekend...
"Yes ya'll its Labour weekend, so its time for another Givin' Up Food for Fido
Join us this Sunday, 23rd October, at the Rising Sun for a huge night of Funk and Soul. DJ's Dunc tha Funk, Uncle Barnie, Cesar, Selecta Sam, Daniel Ward, Automatic, the Natural Disasters and Darren Souljah will be providing more Funk to bump your rump! They will be playing 30min sets to keep the party rolling til the breaka breaka dawn.

The flossatron 5000mkII will be back pumping out free cotton candy. Free entry with animal food donation. All proceeds go to the Auckland SPCA. Doors open at 10pm, be in quick if you want some animal biscuits...the iced kind for humans."

And if you're down at NZ Fashion Week today, I'm DJing in the Fashion Week Cafe from 12 midday til 2pm. Funky reggae lunchtime!

ADDED via Coolfer...
"PC World asks, "Are You Still Using CDs?" Coolfer replies, "Yes." Harry McCracken asks, "Why fuss with CDs when you can listen to an MP3 player that holds way, way more than six CDs' worth of music and provides instant access to all of it, not to mention podcasts and other audio?" I'll tell you why: Because a lot of CDs can be purchased for the same price or less than can digital downloads at online music stores. Here's another reason: Because a lot of music I buy isn't available at online music stores. Here's another: Because I like a permanent copy even though I just moved owning a large music collection can really be a pain at times. Here's another: Because CDs sound better. Here's another: Used CDs are a great way to beef up one's music collection. Here's another: In some cases, packaging still matters. Here's another: Labels like to send promo CDs to bloggers. Have fun with your zeros and ones. I'll stick with CDs and rip the songs when I get a chance."

Oh, and Damian Marley is spending a month touring as opening act for U2, before doing his own tour in support of his new album. Um, wha???

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blank generation
Been digging heaps of 70's New York punk lately - watched the killer Ramones doco End of the Century again recently (the DVD has some great extra features; interviews with Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, and the last filmed interview with Joe Strummer), and have just finished reading Please Kill Me, a great book that's an oral history of that scene. Also got a copy of Spurts:The Richard Hell Story CD to review for work. Just bought Punk Attitude yesterday at Real Groovy, so that's next up ( one of their friendly staff pointed out the new Sinead O'Connor album was playing instore, telling me that she recorded it with Sly and Robbie, which is hilarious. Well, made me laugh).

And then there's the latest issue of Mojo magazine, with a great free cover CD of NY 70s punk. Got the Ramones on the cover, but the article on them is less than great - it's full of historical detail, which reads well, til you get half way thru and the writer Ben Edmonds drops a clanger... he claims that two of the Ramones (Deedee, Joey) had died by the time the group was inducted in to the Rock'N'Roll Hall of Fame in 2003. WRONG! Having just seen End of the Century again, the final scenes are of Johnny, Tommy Marky and very much alive Deedee at the R'n'R Hall of Fame ceremony in April 2002 - Deedee passed away in June 2002. How can you take an article like that seriously when someone f*cks up that badly?
Here's some covers instead....

Scans of punk and new wave LP and single covers

Mark Frauenfelder:  Nwslvs Nw101This site, chock full of scans of punk and new wave record sleeves, was a trip down memory lane for me. I had a lot of these, which have since disappeared thanks to rain damage and permanent borrowing.

FFD Chart Watch
After bouncing back to #5 last week (up 13 places) on the back of their NZ Music Awards successes, The lads move up one place to #4. They have been in the charts for 24 weeks now.

Heard of Vinyl Revolution? Discovered this via Chris Bell at NZBC...
"I’m buzzing, on the strength of an email just in from Vinyl Revolution, confirming a CD I ordered on 16 August has shipped. What differentiates a Vinyl Revolution order from those made through other online music stores is that it sources rare vinyl for you and transfers it to CD, digitally remastered, supplies original artwork and inserts, and ships you the vinyl as well as the CD..."

Monday, October 17, 2005

Howard Morrison: Girl, you fat!
Aging entertainer Sir Howard Morrison got in hot water at the weekend after labelling NZIdol finalist Rosita as too fat to be a pop star. "I'm not being cruel," he said. "She has already lost weight throughout the show and you can see that. She has gone from waddling on to the stage when she first started to being more in control of her performance, but she is still too big."
The last time Howard Morrison was vaguely relevant to pop music in this country was 1962 or thereabouts. Think he'd have the nerve to say that to Aretha Franklin? Or Ella Fitzgerald?
Ring The Alarm playlist, Saturday October 15, BaseFM
Horace Andy - Jah provides
Elephantman - Chapter a day
Jimmy London - Cathy's clown
Damian Marley - Khaki suit
Beginning of the end - Funky Nassau (Friction re-edit)
Dazz band - Let it whip
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - Stranded in your love
Barry Brown - Juks and watch
Jackie Mittoo -Totally together
Keith Lawrence feat Rodney P - Style and fashion
Funkmaster Flex feat Mad Lion -Safe sex, no freaks
Cornerstone roots feat Ranking Joe - Forward movement part 2
Carol Cool - Upside down
Unification - Guru
Prince Fatty - Nina's dub
Don Pullen and the African Brazilian connection - Asseko!
Bobby Valentin - Yo
Willie Williams - Armagideon time dub
Sean Paul feat Wayne Marshall - Yardie bone
DJ Format - The place
Prince Fatty - On the run
Bob Marley and the Wailers - Simmer down
Shirley Ellis, Ms Thing, Alozade - Clapping dude song
James Brown - Blind man can see it
Wille Bobo - Fried neckbones (Dan the Automator remix)
Heaven 17 - We don't need this fascist groove thang
Bo Diddley - Hit or miss
Augustus Pablo - Dub organiser
David Walters - Mesy bon dye (Bigga Bush remix)
Beenieman and Devonte - Imagination
(scored the last two tunes plus Prince Fatty from Conch Records - check out their new shipment of crash-hot tunes!)