Friday, June 24, 2005

The kid is alright
Got sent this meme by Hans, bless him...

Name 5 things you miss about your childhood.

Oh crap. Right then...

Visiting my Uncle Charlie and Aunty Florence's farm near Taumaraunui and getting to ride on the tractor with Uncle Charlie. And the smell of fresh hay.

Tagging along with my Grandad to his work - inspecting milk sheds round Taranaki for the local dairy company.

Is that five yet? Sigh...

Visiting my Nanna for afternoon tea and getting to see what tasty home-made treats she had waiting in her cookie tin.

Growing up in a house with a fireplace, and curling up in a beanbag with a book in front of the fire.

Mum taking us to Okahu Bay to go swimming in the sea - hang on, I did that several times last summer...

also via Hans, the billboard fun 'n' games, courtesy of ACT... here's my effort (with apologies to Peter Jackson)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Christopher Walken comes into the room....
I read a bunch of Billy Corgan-related stuff on the internets yesterday, following the hype around Mister Corgan's full page ad(PDF) in his hometown paper, plugging his debut solo album 'The Future Embrace' and dropping a bombshell that he's reviving the Smashing Pumpkins - no mention yet whether this includes former members, or is just the name being revived.

He's got some fascinating autobiographical rants on his website, (under 'The Confessions of Bully Corgan', nice title) but I ended up reading the tour journal of Linda Strawberry, a 23-year old ex-Mormon keyboard wiz who is part of Mister Corgan's touring band to promote his solo disc - he's playing Auckland on 24 July at the St James.

Ms Strawberry has interrupted recording her own solo debut to jet off round the globe with Mister Corgan, and now finds herself hanging out with Robert Smith (one of her musical heroes, hardly surprising after looking at her photos, very post-goth punkette) and Bono, and recently played live on the David Letterman Show.

"I'm here in my hotel room, its 4:02 a.m.. My parents are on tour with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in spokane tonight. They announced at breakfast that I would be on letterman tonight. They called this morning to tell me they were in the same hotel as whitesnake. What a mix..

"When it was our turn we went down there and there was a brief moment where no one knew where billy's guitar was as we were plugging our in ear monitors in. In those five seconds I got a little scared. David letterman was on the left and paul schaffer was on the right and billy was standing there empty handed going "where's my guitar" and then suddenly it just started. "

Of course, NZ golfer Michael Campbell was on Letterman last night following his stunning win at the US Open, and wouldn't you know it, the other guests were Christopher Walken plugging his new movie (Wedding Crashers), and Billy Corgan and band playing live. Billy Corgan, Michael Campbell and Christopher Walken, in the same room. Imagine what the conversation was like in the green room backstage? What are they going to talk about - Lord of the Rings?

ADDED: some light relief, oh hang on, this is serious???

In Search Of: The Next DJ Shadow
"..when URB magazine ("Providing the Missing Link Between Trance and Hip-Hop Even Though Nobody Wanted It!") recently decided it needed to manufacture the next DJ Shadow in order to create a new media darling it could call its own, the GBs were on top of it. As public service to all, we're heading off URB's plans at the pass and shining some light on the inner workings of how a new poster boy is decided upon. Below you will find the discarded applications of various hip-hop notables, recovered from the recycling bins at URB's offices. Click on where it says, "Click here for full internal document," to see the full internal document." Link.

DIY hot video action.
Radio Active wants to reward you for doing it yourself (DIY). Get-in-there and patch together a NZ music video of sorts to enter in the 8th Handle the Jandal competition. The idea is to make a mean music video (with written permission from the musician) without any funding.

Last year around 70 music videos made it to the Active Towers, this year we want more. Like every year that's gone before 15 finalists will be screened at the Embassy Theatre Awards Ceremony in September.

Prize categories include: Best editing, Best cinematography, Best concept, Best Animation, Best Use of Exploitative Tactics to Promote a Band, and Rising Star.

Win a golden Jandal, enter Handle the Jandal - last year we gave away a sweet Sony camera.
Check for entry details. Preferable formats are Beta Cam, DV or Mini DV. Entries close Monday July 25th.

Fat Freddy's live shows just announced for round Aotearoa before they jet off overseas...
Sat 16 July, St James, Auckland with Tha Feelstyle and OpenSouls
Sat 23 July, Shed 6, Wellington - Support TBA
Thurs 28 July, Town Hall, Wanaka - Support TBA
Fri 29 July, Sammys, Dunedin - Support TBA
Sat 30 July, Town Hall, Christchurch - with Verse II

Higher than the sun
How Lowe took Radio 1 higher
The UK's Daily Telegraph newspaper features an article on Kiwi Zane Lowe, and his "unpredictable, hyper-energetic evening show" pulling in awards and listeners for BBC Radio1.

"Socially, Lowe speaks even faster than he does on air. His enthusiasm is unstoppable, and quite at odds with the level-headed authority that we still associate with BBC broadcasters."
(Tip of the hat to Medianstrip)

and this just in... Tony Blair - war criminal....

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hope for the English generation
Fat Freddy's get 4/5 stars in the Observer, prior to their forthcoming UK/Europe tour. Any NZ dates before they take off?

Fat Freddy's Drop, Based on a True Story
By Neil Spencer, Sunday June 19, 2005 .

Debut set from the urbane New Zealand fusioneers.

"Reckoned a super group back home in New Zealand, the 'Drop have won an international following with their crisp blend of soul and dub, with DJs Gilles Peterson and OMM contributor Charlie Gillett among their UK champs. Restraint and poise aren't the only qualities they bring to a fusion scene inclined to cliche and over-egged production. They have a horn section that purrs and glides, a sweet-voiced frontman, one Joe Dukie, who can croon and ache, and a classy way of mixing sonic action and accomplished playing. From the deep-dub opener, 'Ernie', to the soulful closing number, 'Hope', the group's debut is a slow-burn winner."

The album has been in the NZ album charts since its release in early May, and hasn't left the top ten, unlike, say, Shihad. Go the indies! (Should point out that when Shihad start touring in July their album will probably race back up the charts - at the moment it's not even top 20)

ADDED Russell Brown has already noted the Aussies are trying to claim Michael Campbell as one of their own, now this gem from The Australian...

"... The win triggered pandemonium in New Zealand, where four million people, including his father Tom, were stationed in front of their television sets..."
So, were you one of the four million watching Campbell win? Or were you at work, like the rest of us? DJ Sirvere dedicated the final video of the Holla Hour last night to Campbell, saying that not only did he win, not only did he beat Tiger Woods, but he got paid. The video was Dam Native's song The Son (from 1997), which namechecks Campbell. When's that new Dam Native album out?

Monday, June 20, 2005

Cross-marketing is a bitch
From yesterday's SST...
"A DVD produced by Destiny Church leaders Brian and Hannah Tamaki has been sent to the chief censor for classification because of its overt political and anti-gay content.

The Tamakis produced the giveaway DVD, New Zealand, Nation Under Siege, which they plan to take on tour this week. But they have failed in their first attempt to have it rated for general release. As with any unclassified film, video or DVD, the Tamaki DVD had to be sent to the Film and Video Labelling Body in Auckland for rating. The body can only classify films G, PG or M.

Executive secretary Bill Hood said he and his staff were not trained censors, and he had worries about the DVD's content. It had been sent to chief censor Bill Hastings in Wellington for classification.

"The content of the disc was very, very political. There was some content in there, particularly the views against the gay community, which I think should be considered by a higher authority than my office. There's a part in there that speaks about Helen Clark and other key members of the Labour Party, and then it goes into their (Destiny's) feelings about the gay community and same-sex marriage. I thought it was beyond what I would like to sign off myself."

Hood said the film was not necessarily too abusive or inflammatory - his main concern was that it was too political. The Tamakis have previously tried to distance themselves from the political arm of their empire, Destiny New Zealand.

Destiny Church spokeswoman Janine Cardno said it was expected the DVD would be cleared for general classification, and if it was not "we will make a big fuss about it". Hastings said the Tamakis had asked for urgency, so he would try to have the DVD classified by mid-week."

Hang on, would this be the same Brian Tamaki who wrote the following vicious rant about Mr Hastings on his new website?

"New Zealand’s chief film censor is Mr. Bill Hastings, a gay activist. This man is responsible for allowing explicit sexual and violent content of the worst kind into our country, including films that depict brutal murders and rapes. This material is now available in our communities. I have also become aware of the strong homosexual and liberal representation at every level through media in our country. I would say much of this representation has come about because of the direct influence of a secular liberal government."

This is part of Tamaki's FAQ in response to the question "You say that the media are a modern day witchcraft. What's with that?" And you expect a fair hearing from a man you spit hatred at? How is that good Christian behaviour?

The good thing about lliving in a democracy is all the nutters/fundamentalists/hate merchants are entitled to free speech, so they are out in the open, where we can keep an eye on em.

In other exciting news for cross-cultural zealots, Tze Ming reports on a feature film in development - it's called Chowick. Not a joking, kids, it's serious, and it's even got $20,000 development money from the Film Commission, and guess what? It's a Touchdown production (the people that bought you quality tv like Celebrity Treasure Island, Miss Popularity, and My House, My Castle). Tze Ming got interviewed by the film's director as research. Read of her frightening, shocking experience here.

"... How the hell could the Film Commission possibly give $20,000 to a non-Chinese writer/director, for a project called 'Chowick'? The Film Commission is based in Wellington, but is that enough to excuse such ignorance? Would they fund a Pakeha writer/director who had never heard of fried bread, to write a film set in Ruatoria called 'Hori-town'?"
Ring the Alarm, BaseFM, Saturday June 18 playlist

Underground vegetables - Melting pot
Carl Bradley -Slippin into darkness
Francois K and U-Roy - Rootsman
Stargard - Which way is up?
DLT - I'm your MC
Patti Jo - Make me believe in you
Romanowski - Why?
Horace Andy - Jah provides
Turbulence - Ethiopia awakes (someone sent a txt asking where can you get this - I ordered it thru Beat Merchants in town, took a while to come in tho. On the Shantytown riddim)
Roy Ayers - Boogie back
Buta - Okwawa Se
J Osbourne and Burro Banton - Truth
Angie Stone meets the Viceroys - My man (Upstate remix)
Common - Testify
DJ Format -The place
Salmonella Dub - Platetechtonics - Groove Corp remix
Damian Marley -Welcome to Jamrock
JMX feat Tikiman - Tikisong - Osunlade remix (Paul St Hilare aka Tikiman features on the new Sola Rosa album, due out soonish)
Ballistic Bros - Peckings
The Nomad - Let's play
Jungle Bros - On the road again - Upstate remix
Barrington Levy - Collie weed
Cornerstone roots- Forward the sax
M.I.A. - Bingo
Nicolette - Wicked mathematics (dedicated to Albert Einstein, who came
up with the theory of relativity 100 years ago this month - hard to
find funky songs about science, so this will have to do)
Capleton - Step 2 fire/4th St Sista - Can you feel it/ Sizzla - It's
appropriate (all on Messer Banzai riddim)
Bounty Killer, Swizz and Freddy Mckay - Bounty is a treasure
Collen and Webb - Jamaican jerkoff aka Golden