Friday, December 31, 2004

Check out this new MP3 blog, old local kiwi sounds. Could be onto something...
"An mp3-blog companion piece to - an archive of New Zealand music that attempts to reach the outskirts of obscurity." See

"You heard of Nat King Cole? Well I'm his half brother, Charcoal." Prince Tui Teka.
I picked up a flyer for Te Papa's first online exhibition, on Maori Showbands, at (requires Flash plugin). Well worth a look. Billy T James and Prince Tui Teka got their start in showbands.

O-Dub has an interesting take on news reports on the tsunami disaster...
"... I find it typical - and annoying - that some U.S. media outlets are doing what you might call National Death Rolls - last night, read in several places notes like, "3 Americans confirmed dead." That'd be 3 out of (at the time) 20,000 dead. Is national origin really that important at that point? Sports Illustrated relayed a ridiculous story about "swimsuit model surives tsunami." Seriously, they need to get out of here with that b.s."

Got any good new years resolutions? I'm working on some today.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

"Check Hugh Macleod's "How to Be Creative" project. Hugh draws cartoons on the backs of business cards and works in advertising; his How to Be Creative is a meditation on creativity, individualism and commercialism, and it's full of pithy, clear, no-nonsense advice.
Now Hugh has expanded the piece into a short book, which is online in its entirety. He's found an agent and the agent is shopping the book - I'd certainly buy a copy! " - Cory Doctorow, Boingboing.

"Creativity is all about distruption. The people who tell you that creativity is pain-free are liars. The people who tell you they've got a plan are liars. There is no plan. There's just you, God and the need to invent. And this uncertain world is what most of us now find ourselves entering, willingly or otherwise.
Creativity equals chaos. Chaos equals creativity. Embrace it or die. I've already done so. I know all about it. It almost cost me my liver but like I said, education is expensive.
The Creative Age is upon us. The Chaotic Age is upon us. We are scared. Damn right, we should be scared. But out of the terror comes the amazing opportunities for us to expand both on the material and spiritual level. The fewer safety nets there are to save us, the less choice we have to be anything other than ourselves, the less choice we have besides doing what is meaningful to us. And finding ourselves, doing what matters, becoming the person we were born to be, this is what God put on this earth to do.
We live in amazing and interesting times. If we're lucky, while on this earth we can do a damn good job proving it." Hugh Macleod. More here.

Beer and Rap says "Fuck Your Early 90's HipHop Mix. Hey shitbags those early 90's hiphop mixes that you think are so fucking original well guess what? They fucking aren't. No one wants to hear you mix a bunch of fucking reissues that you bought 3 years ago. People have been making early 90's mixes since the goddamn early 90's.

Stinkzone drops his top 40 hiphop albums for 2004, and top 50 songs, plus audio mix to check out.

Oh, did you read the story in the Herald about a crash between a Mr Whippy truck and a car near Te Puke? The road was covered on chocolate sauce, about 30 sq m. The Fire Service had trouble removing it from the road surface as the sauce hardened. Gotta love slow news days, of which there are many between xmas and new years.