Friday, May 14, 2004

Everyday people
Sly Stone on KSOL radio circa 1967, in real audio (8 mins) here, found this via Cocaine Blunts. Check the ad with Milt Jackson plugging malt liquor...

Christopher Porter's The Suburbs Are Killing Us MP3 blog has a cool tribute to reggae legend Coxsone Dodd, including Leroy Sibbles doing a reggae cover of Charles Wrights funk classic Express Yourself (Wrights original was also used by NWA). There's also a really sweet Charles Wright tune over at Music For Robots. Go lookee.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Hey Judith!
How much do you know about NZ music? More than your local MP? Here's your chance to find out. For the last four years, Associate Minister of Arts Judith Tizard has sent out a questionnaire to all MPs, challenging them on their knowledge of NZ music. Results in on May 19 - last year Trevor Mallard (Labour) and Pita Paraone (NZ First) came in tops.
Somehow it ended up coming my way, and so I pass it on to you, dear reader. Download it here - its in word.doc format. Print it out, challenge your flatmates/workmates, and see how much you know (its also over here). And overlook the horrible mispelling of Graham Brazier's name. Bonus question - what band sang Hey Judith?

I've been wondering who first published the photos of prisoners being abused in Iraq. Last night on Triangle TV, I caught Quadriga, DWTV's current affairs show featuring an interviewer and three journalists discussing "Torture in Iraq; losing the battle for hearts and minds". They noted that the photos were finally broken by the New Yorker, and that CBS had sat on the photos for two weeks, at the request ofthe Pentagon. The question came up of whether the US media had failed to do its duty, due to a misplaced sense of patriotism. Think back to post 9-11, when anyone in the US media who questioned events too critically after that event was labelled as unpatriotic.

Found this via the Underground Post,
The 10 Most Important Lessons Of The OC (WARNING: contains spoilers). It has just finished its first season in the US -we've got another 10 episodes to go here, assuming TV2 doesn't take it off mid-season - remember Joan of Arcadia?

Check this new documentary, just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, called On The DL. It follows ?uestlove from the Roots and producer/DJ King Britt as they try to get a drivers licence...

'Yep, that's right, these two well-known producers weren't legal to drive a car -- until now. "The flick was shot in Philadelphia by filmmaker Andrew Gura and was the idea of King Britt. Gura says filming the two driving wild on the streets of Philly was an "ultra-nightmare."
"It's undeniably ironic that ?uest and King were so accomplished musically, yet unable to drive themselves around [Philly]," says Gura. The director was amazed that the two world-traveled musicians also was scared to take their road tests, as well. "We helped them conquer those fears," says Gura. The docudrama features interviews with legendary producer Larry Gold, soul man Vikter Duplaix and Dawn Thompson, ?uestlove's sister.' From BeatsnRants.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Just quietly, Leto is back, over here.

Cop dem acting skills...
Local lass Melanie Lynskey has landed in one of the new season comedies in the US, Two and a Half Men. Here's some fun with accents for you...

"... Lynskey's American accent on the show belies her overseas roots, which are evident in regular conversation with her. She reveals Sheen didn't realize her background until they were making the show's second episode: "He turned around and said, 'What's this, uh, voice? What are you doing?' I said, 'I'm just talking.' Then he said, 'Hmmm. Is that some kind of actor-y thing?'" read the full interview here.

Pop Life
O-Dub addresses this pressing issue ...
"One question I frequently get asked by young writers is whether or not you have to be an expert in the subjects you write about. In other words, if you want to write reviews of hip-hop albums, should you be an expert in all things hip-hop from the days of "King Tim III" up to the latest Sage Francis MP3? Or, if you're going to write about food, do you need to have a culinary degree or memorize the collected works of MFK Fisher?" Read his answer here.

MP3blogs are damn fun - have a look at this one - scroll down to the Bill Cosby tune. Its his version of Sunny, backed by Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band, wickedly funky.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

This article appeared the Sunday Star Times, under the heading "Fortune awaits NZ Idol winner" (excerpt)...
The NZ Idol television talent quest has both finalists poised for pop stardom, but it remains to be seen whether their fame will translate into commercial success. The winner receives a guaranteed album deal with record label BMG and a management contract with Idol judge Paul Ellis.

Pop writers from Sweden, Australia, the UK and the US have already put forward songs to feature on the winner's 12-track album, to be released in June.

But music industry veteran Simon Grigg said the winning idol was unlikely to make any money from the album. Grigg, who released internationally acclaimed OMC single How Bizarre, said most artists made little money in New Zealand due to the small volume of album sales.

"To be perfectly honest, this will probably be a flash in the pan thing. The winner will have lots of fun for a while but they won't make an awful lot, if anything," Grigg said.

But the record company behind the search-for-a-star show is promising financial rewards to the winning finalist.

BMG marketing manager Jake Shand said: "For them not to make any money is not a reality. I'd be astounded if they didn't."

Now lets take a look at that last statement. Based on the True Bliss/Pop Stars model, the outcomes for Ben may look like this.
One. The songs are being written for him - so no ongoing songwriting royalties, like True Bliss.
Two. The record company will be paying for the recording, videos, and a major promotional budget. Any income Ben will get from CD sales will come after the record company have recouped all their expenses. It's unlikely Ben will get rich off it, as Simon Grigg notes, due to the scale of the local market. He aint gonna be like Scribe and go and pay cash for a brand new car.

Ultimately, NZ Idol is about creating a television spectacle, not a long-term music career - that is basically what members of True Bliss said in the tv doco on The Pop Stars phenomenon that was on tv last year.

Jake Shand, prepare to be astounded.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Thanks to some extensive magazine browsing at the weekend, I now know that RJD2's new album Since We Last Spoke is out May 17, and he lists 'watching the OC ' as one of his top ten favorite things, labelling it his guilty pleasure (mine too). There's a sound sample of his new album over at Def Jux (scroll down). Sounds like he's gone all indie rock on it.

And what's naughty ol Courtney Love been up to, then? Behaving like a rock star? Shocking.