Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Street racers anonymous
There's this guy on the news last night, defending his son, who has killed himself by wrapping his car around a tree at high speed. His son had been stopped by the Police in a known area for boy racers at 3am sunday morning, but before the Police could talk to him he sped off, took a few corners, clipped a van and crashed, spreading wreckage over a 50 metre stretch of road. The man's son was a 35 year old father of two. The father claimed his son was not a boy racer.

Then on 60 Minutes, there was an doco item about four boys, killed in a high speed crash. One of the boys had been given the keys to the car by his parents, driven round to his mates for a barbeque, then headed off home about midnight, but had also taken three of his mates. Turns out he was going for a cruise to the gas station, but he failed to take a corner at high speed (140 km) and killed himself and his three friends. The driver, a 15 year old, did not have a license. Yet his parents still gave him the keys to the car. The Father was belligerent when the interviewer asked him why he hasn't apologised to the other families, but later gave a sort of apology.
Later, TV3 chose to screen Fast and the Furious, a film set in LA around the exciting world of street racers.

Whatever happened to personal responsibility?