Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kerretta new album preview at Brothers Beer tonight

Kerretta have a brand new album on the way, and they are having a listening party this evening at Brothers Beer, on Wellesley st, by Food Truck Garage/Ugly Bagels.

The band say: "The new album 'Pirohia' being played for the first time!  5.30pm-8.00pm THURS 28 AUG, Brothers Beer, Auckland. Free entry, DJ's spinning new album and unique craft beer."

Como Mamas x Menahan St Band 45

From Daptone: "Led by Ester Mae Smith’s unmistakable voice, the Como Mama’s have found their place at the gospel end of the Daptone table alongside a legendary stable of soulful musicians. However, as stirring as their music is, up to now, all of their recordings have been a capella.

With this record they join forces with the boys of the Menahan Street Band (billed pseudonymously here as The Radiant Rhythm Band) to lay bare the funkier side of gospel music. “The rhythms we all play were already right there in their vocals,” explains drummer Homer Steinweiss, “so it felt natural to lay down the grooves behind them.”

Thomas “T-N-T” Brenneck, the up-and-coming producer who brought us both Menahan Street Band and Charles Bradley, presided over the collaboration, which took place in the old Dunham Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn." 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

If These Walls Could Talk trailer

Trailer for the mini-documentary series If These Walls Could Talk. Featuring Askew One, Benjamin Work, BMD, Elliot Francis Stewart and Mica Still. Coming in October.

Prince Fatty meets Nostalgia 77 - Seven Nation Army dub

Via TruThoughts: " The worlds of dub and jazz collide when Prince Fatty meets Nostalgia 77 ‘In The Kingdom Of Dub’; this intriguing collaborative album, out 22nd September on Tru Thoughts, sees two musical explorers and like minds joining forces to illuminate the shared roots and spirit of rebellion that lie at the heart of these two genres.

The first single 'Medicine Chest Dub / Seven Nation Army Dub feat. Dennis Alcapone' is out now. Buy it from iTunes, Amazon & Etch Shop. Stream via Spotify

Prince Fatty – maverick producer of Hollie Cook and countless pop and reggae legends alongside his own Soundsystem projects – puts his spin on the music of bluesy jazz wunderkind Nostalgia 77, for a full set of exclusive new versions of tracks from across the latter’s prolific career, including collaborations with Alice Russell, Keith and Julie Tippett and Beth Rowley."

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

@Peace disturb the peace

A few weeks ago, I posted a piece on the controversy around Darren Watson's song Planet Key. When I posted that item on Twitter, Tom Scott of @Peace/Homebrew replied, saying he'd done a song called Kill The PM, and was thinking of releasing it. He recorded the song a few years ago, he says. Not the first time Scott has been outspoken on the PM - remember when they got censored during their music awards performance?

Turns out he did, on August 21, under the @Peace moniker, and now it's hitting the headlines. Several news outlets apparently incorrectly reported the song was funded by NZ On Air - while @Peace did get funding last month, that was for another song, Gravity.

The Dominion Post reports that "Kill the PM, which is available for download, is also being hosted on Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom's file-sharing site Mega."

Dotcom said Twitter "For the record: A song about killing John Key is a SHIT song and unlawful too. Please report #Mega links to our takedown team."

Tom Scott's response: "1st you made a fortune selling other people's ideas. Then you steal our tour campaign & chant. It ain't sposta be a concerto bruv."

Scott has responded to the outrage with this on FB:

"Now that I have your attention, may I remind you that 130,000 ELIGIBLE PEOPLE UNDER 25 HAVE NOT YET ENROLLED.

The current PM does not care about these people. He does not care about the growing gap between the rich and the poor in our country. He does not care about the native people of our country. He does not care about the planet we depend upon to survive, the living organism that we as humans are a functioning part of. He does not care about the right we should all have to an education. He only cares about him and his friends.

I do not want to literally kill this man. I do not wish to have sexual relations with anybody related to him. Let's not pretend a silly little song ever changed anything. Last I seen famine was still going pretty strong since 'Heal The World' came out. It's just a song. No different from Thatcher era punk. Anyone ever heard "Maggie you're a c#nt"..?

What's important is that we ENROL TO VOTE so that we have a chance to select someone to represent us who understands the concept of empathy.

I'm fed up with this dude. But if you want to vote for him, that's your choice. Personally, I'm voting Greens but you can vote for whoever you like. You can choose between a whole bunch of different people who represent a whole bunch of different ideologies. That's the beauty of the political system in NZ.

Please respect my right to express my disappointment for the leader of our country.


Watch: An Otara Millionaire's tale

OMC cover, Pavement, June/July 1996. Photo: Stephen Langdon
Pavement, June/July 1996. Photo: Stephen Langdon

Last night, MaoriTV debuted the documentary directed by Stuart Page about the life and times of Pauly Fuemana, it's now available on demand, watch it here... sadly it's geoblocked, so NZ only at this stage.

OMC,  Pavement, June/July 1996. Photo: Stephen Langdon
Pavement, June/July 1996. Photo: Stephen Langdon

Sola Rosa - new single

Sola Rosa - new single out today, off their new album Magnetics, due out in mid September.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Going Global showcases: She’s So Rad, Watercolours, Trip Pony, SJD...

"THE GOING GLOBAL MUSIC SUMMIT 2014 is just over two weeks away now and we are very excited to announce the artists who will be performing!

Our local music scene is constantly evolving and it gives us great pleasure to announce the nineteen talented artists who will be presenting at Going Global 2014 – more details below.

If you are looking to take your music overseas, come and hear from people who are working with both new and established artists on the global stage.

Seminars: Studio One, 1 Ponsonby Road, Auckland - Register at , thanks to

GOING GLOBAL MUSIC SUMMIT 2014 – Announcing The Artists!
Friday 5th September – AUCKLAND

Showcases: Fourteen artists, one venue, three stages
Appearing at Galatos Live, 17 Galatos St, Newton (showcase tickets $20, 1st band 7pm):

Little Bark -
Race Banyon -
Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes –
Arthur Ahbez –
Ha The Unclear –
She’s So Rad –
Chelsea Jade –
Jupiter Project –
Dictaphone Blues –
Golden Curtain –
Kaitlin Riegel –
Anthonie Tonnan –
Jesse Sheehan –
Trip Pony –

AAANNNDD I better add showcase #2, on the Saturday....

Saturday 6th September – AUCKLAND
Seminars: Studio One, 1 Ponsonby Road, Auckland - Register at , thanks to

Showcases: Four artists, one venue

Appearing at The Vic Theatre, Devonport (showcase tickets $20, 1st band 7.30pm):
French For Rabbits –
Aldous Harding –
Anika Moa -

Jules Issa - Mr Melody

Jules Issa was a reggae singer with Auckland crew 12 Tribes of Israel. She started her recording career with the Deepgrooves label back in 1991, with a great reworking of the song Dangerous Game, originally performed by Diatribe, contemporaries of Herbs.  This song featured on a NZ On Air Kiwi Hit Disc in 1993, and was only released to radio.

Read more about Jules Issa here.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mister Ott: Matt Ottignon

Saw this via ParisDJs: " Mister Ott is a six piece band led by New Zealand saxophonist Matt Ottignon [currently based in Australia], keen on exploring the Ethio-Jazz-Funk universe and around.

Their first single is a two-track self-released CD [released 2014] that might be a bit hard to find over here in France but the digital version is on Bandcamp.'Mattaraja', pounding to a fat hip hop beat, is quite surprising. Is that Jazz? 

The answer might lie in the other tune, 'Take It Higher', with first class keyboard and sax solos over something like a... half soca beat! Really great jazz/hip hop instrumental stuff recorded in Sydney with inspiration from Ethiopia."

The songs have been on Bandcamp for a minute, but still worth checking.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Rodriguez returns to NZ, for two shows

Rodriguez returns to New Zealand for two shows in October, Auckland and Wellington. Rediscovered after the 2012 Oscar-winning doco Searching For Sugarman by audiences worldwide, his career revival  really kicked off when Seattle label Light In The Attic reissued his two albums  - Cold Fact (1970), and Coming From Reality (1971), in 2008.

Monday 13 October -Auckland – ASB Theatre, Auckland Aotea Centre (Ticketmaster)
Thursday 16 October Wellington – Wellington Opera House (Ticketek)

Light In The Attic on Cold Fact: " Rodriguez recorded Cold Fact – his debut album – in 1969, and released it in March 1970. It’s crushingly good stuff, filled with tales of bad drugs, lost love, and itchy-footed songs about life in late ’60s inner-city America. “Gun sales are soaring/Housewives find life boring/Divorce the only answer/Smoking causes cancer,” says the Dylan-esque Establishment Blues.

But the album sank without trace, thanks, in part, to some of Rodriguez’s more idiosyncratic behavior, like performing at an industry showcase with his back to the audience throughout. When the follow-up, 1972’s Coming From Reality, also sold poorly, Rodriguez called an end to his recording career. He’d never even played a proper gig. And he got on with life. Over the years, he turned his hand to local politics, gaining a degree in philosophy, factory work and eventually, hard labour.

As his music career became a memory, Rodriguez’s legend was growing – on the other side of the world. In South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Cold Fact had become a major word of mouth success, particularly among young people in the South African armed forces, who identified with its counter-cultural bent. But Rodriguez was an enigma – not even the label knew where to find him – and his demise became the subject of debate and conjecture... " Read the full story here. 

Shocking Pinks Mixtape: EWH, Karl Marx Project and more

Shocking Pinks (Stars and Letters, ex Flying Nun, DFA), aka Nick Harte serve up a cool mixtape with a ton of NZ kids, including Electric Wire Hustle, Karl Marx Project (Isaac Aesili), She's So Rad remixed by Kutcorners, Die Die Die, Emily Edrosa (of Streetchant) AND brand new music from Scott Mannion (Tokey Tones). Less said about that awful Dragon remix the better tho. Free DL

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kiwi brewers set to expand, says bank. Cheers, banking dude!

ANZ Bank's New Zealand Craft Beer report was launched yesterday at Beervana in Wellington, shedding some light on the growing popularity of craft beer here.

Via Stuff: "It shows that just 2 per cent of beer consumed in New Zealand is craft beer, unless you include those labelled as craft beer by one of the country's three big brewers, which grows the market to 10 per cent [which nobody does, cos it's mostly mass produced brown water].

New Zealanders are the 27th biggest beer drinkers in the world, downing 64.7 litres per capita a year ... craft beer is the biggest-growing segment of the local brewing industry at about 25 per cent a year.

The number of beer firms has grown from 39 in 2008 to 110.... Auckland, Nelson/Marlborough and Canterbury were listed as having the most craft brewers at 16 each. Wellington was sitting just behind on 13."

ANZ expects demand for Kiwi brews to triple over the next decade, partly as a result of increasing Asian demand... 

via NZ Herald "John Bennett, ANZ's general manager of the central region for commercial and agri, said Asia's fast-growing middle classes were beginning to develop a taste for boutique beer.

The potential for New Zealand exporters in countries such as China was huge, he said, but brewers and local hops growers would have to lift production significantly in order to fully grasp the opportunity.

"These consumers are increasingly looking for premium products that are authentic, high-quality and were made by a craftsman, not a factory production line," Bennett said. "The challenge for craft brewers is to grow production quickly and without compromising quality or uniqueness."

NZ Herald: "Ralph Bungard, president of the Brewers Guild, which represents craft firms, said he expected craft's share of the domestic market to grow to around 10 per cent - which would bring New Zealand roughly in line with the United States - over the next five to 10 years.

But it was challenging for small-scale breweries to create the brand recognition required to break into export markets, said Bungard, who owns the Three Boys Brewery in Christchurch...

...The founder of Auckland craft brand Epic, Luke Nicholas, said securing suitable brewing capacity to meet demand had always been a challenge for local firms. "I think that's going to be the case for at least a decade," Nicholas said.

New Zealand's beer exports were worth $26 million in 2011, when much of that product went to Australia."

OMC: How Bizarre album remastered for new tv doco on Pauly's life

OMC - How bizarre album cover

Via Amplifier: "OMC needs no introduction to New Zealanders. It was the title track from the debut album "How Bizarre" which catapulted Pauly Fuemana to international fame in 1996. On the back of the million selling single, Pauly went on to sell over a million copies of the album worldwide.

To mark the premiere of the acclaimed OMC documentary about the life of Pauly Fuemana that has been commissioned by Maori Television, Universal and Huh! are pleased to make Pauly's classic New Zealand album available again on CD.

This reissued version of the original album has been fully remastered by Pauly's co-writer and producer Alan Jansson and includes 2 bonus tracks - the 1996 single version of "Land Of Plenty", and the 2007 track featuring Lucy Lawless, "4 All Of Us".

Also, tune in to Radio NZ's Music 101 this Saturday, when Trevor Reekie interviews Stuart Page, director of the doco, producer and co-songwriter Alan Jansson and Simon Grigg from huh! Records about OMC’s worldwide success.

Maori Television's documentary "How Bizarre", directed by Stuart Page, screens Monday 25th August, 9.30pm.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Frankie Teardrop goes looking for the perfect beat

Legendary NYC duo Suicide get their tune Frankie Teardrop remade by Xeno and Oaklander. Suicide's Martin Rev comes along to the session with the original drum machine, a Seeberg Select-A-Rhythm 601B.

"No sacred cow was safe from Suicide. Reviled and revolutionary, Alan Vega & Martin Rev used a cheap drum machine, fevered screams and a murder to create a classic. In this episode, more than four decades later, Martin Rev meets Xeno and Oaklander to talk about the track and watch the Ghostly International duo reimagine "Frankie Teardrop."

On the same electro tip... Afrika Bambaataa - Looking for the Perfect Beat revisited, with Arthur Baker and John Robie. Talking 808 beats.  Check out more in the series over at Red Bull's Youtube channel. Mtume - Juicy fruit, Blondie - Heart of glass, Peech boys - Don't make me wait....