Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cassette Store Day this Saturday

Cassette Store Day is now in its third year. Locally, it's happening at Rebel Soul Records at 283 K Rd, and at Flying Out, top of Pitt St.

Flying Out: "Live performances in the Flying Out shop by cassette enthusiasts, special and exclusive tapes in store, high quality pay what you want filter coffee, good vibes! 

Live performances from;
LVJ / Rank Pulla (Emily Edrosa from Street Chant) / Addison Chase (Cosmic Compositions) / Lumm
Hartebeest and Lipgloss Slumberparty from Tubertechno / Aporia

Playing times to be confirmed on Friday - but will be between 11am - 5pm.

Cassettes will be avalable from all the above artists plus many more, including Slayer (yes SLAYER!), Captured Tracks, Prison Tapes featuring local artists (pending arrival from the UK), Fazerdaze, The Datsuns and many more!

Rebel Soul Records has the cassingle release from Jintero MC, from 2-6pm, plus a boombox battle, and breakers. 

Fact Mag covered some of the special releases coming out: "A few immediate highlights pop out. Stones Throw will reissue Madlib‘s second album as Quasimoto, The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas while Kill Rock Stars will deliver Bratmobile’s classic Pottymouth. Still, the reissue game might have been won by Light In The Attic who have reissued the soundtrack to Shogun Assassin.

As for newer music, Autre Ne Veut will release The Age Of Transparency: The Avatar Sessions, a likely companion to his upcoming album. And 100%, the project from of Elaiza Santos, will receive her first physical release ever. If you’re unfamiliar with Santos’ music look no further than our Best Of Bandcamp column, which she topped in February with her crushing, anonymously released recording."

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