Friday, January 21, 2011

BigFM hit by big payout

Thane and Richard Kirby (Thane was involved launching GeorgeFM and ALT TV) announced plans last year to buy BigFM and were intending on launching BigtimeFM on May 1 2010. Never happened. Now a former employee has won $75,000 from them, after he worked for them as a radio manager for 5 months and never got paid.

Unpaid radio manager awarded $75,000 compensation

"A former radio manager fobbed off with false promises of pay has been awarded nearly $75,000 in compensation by the Employment Relations Authority.

David Gray was employed by Charity Works Trust in April last year and quit in August after not being paid at all during his employment.

Mr Gray was hired to manage the day-to-day business operations, and was preparing for the establishment of a new radio station, known as Big FM, his employer Richard Kirby was planning to buy through his company Winstone Investment Ltd (WIL).

Mr Gray approached Mr Kirby four times within a two month period requesting pay, and was turned back with a promise every single time.

Mr Kirby kept putting it off and requested Mr Gray's bank account information three times. In July, Mr Gray asked for payment for a fifth time and received no reply. Weeks later, Mr Kirby said he would pay Mr Gray the next day, but the money was never transferred.

During Mr Gray's employment, the purchase of the radio station was still pending. Mr Kirby told him the Trust and WIL was discussing funding possibilities with the Ministry of Social Development. In August, Mr Gray believed the purchase of the radio was unlikely, and with no payments made, he resigned."

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