Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy birthday!

Cheery birthday shout out to the one like STINKY JIM, his mighty bloggeration stylings have been going down for four years this very week. To celebrate, Jim has posted another of his fine mixes, this one on the loungey tip. Enjoy! DL too.

"Being as it’s a bit of a special week with 4 years of bloggerating under the proverbial belt here’s a rather special mix, one that quite a few have claimed as their favourite. As you can tell from the excess stereo test records, spoken word wibblings and intrepid interjections this came at a time when the op shopping was still running hot, and we were heading off in the sky blue Valiant, most weeks, in search of the crackly goodness. There’s hidden layers in some of that dialogical nonsense, for those who care to indulge in such aspects..."

Fat Freddys vs JetJaguar, unreleased jam

From Jet Jaguar: "In 2010 I remixed FFD - one version ended up on the single 'The Raft', but the other was never released. So here you go." The version that did get released is below...

Chris Sinclair - Deepgrooves engineer

from Deepgrooves website, 17 11 2012: 

"Chris “Scooter” - "Coke" Sinclair [as in Coca Cola], on location recording the Loungehead Album - 1997. Despite his hair color (colouring) and taste in T-Shirts ("haven't had a chance to do the washing"), Mr. Sinclair really does deserve most of the credit for line producing a lot of the Deepgrooves albums. In fact we would go far as to say that at certain times, he held the label together and without him we would certainly not have been able to produce the volume of quality albums that we did.

Originally recruited by Mr. Latimer straight out of SAE to fill Mr. Tierney's rather large shoes at the LAB in late 1992, Mr. Sinclair along a very young Mr. Andrew Morton jumped straight into the studio (they did look very young at the time) and began recording tracks for the Asterix album - (More on this later). In 1993 he teamed up with Mr. Tierney for the Freebass album and later that year, at a rather crucial watershed, Mr. Sinclair stepped up to provide Mr. Fuemana and Mr. Lowe with the support and opportunity for them to actually produce their own albums (New Urban Polynesian and 37 Degrees Lattitude respectively). 

Read the liner notes on the releases for Freebass, Fuemana, Urban Disturbance, Sulata, Grace, Jordan Reyne, Colony, Breaks Co-op, 3 The Hard Way, Color Climax and many more and you will find his name [except they are all deleted and no longer available]. Naturally his credits would later extend far beyond the label and still do to this day. To do the man justice, in this photo, he has dismantled Kaiun, packed it in a Saab [Kane's car], drove many, many miles and has just done 22+ hours of recording and is still not quite at the "Chris - control mix" stage. The man is a legend.

Mr. Sinclair deserves a listing in Wikipedia as one of New Zealands most influential engineers of the 1990s."

See Chris Sinclair on Audioculture

Monday, November 19, 2012

3 The Hard Way - All around

I recently found this video and digitised it, from the TV3 music show Frenzy. Video directed by Clinton Phillips, graffiti art by DLT. For more 3THW, check the interview below, also from Frenzy.

NZ Hiphop Summit Dec 8

The NZ Hiphop Summit is a one day free event packed with entertainment and urban cultural extravaganza that offers visitors the opportunity to experience the dazzling and spectacular day.

It returns for 2012, being held at Mt Roskill Youth Zone, 740 Sandringham Road, Auckland, on Saturday 8 December, with:

Live music
Live performances
Educational history panel discussions
Hip hop workshops (MCing /songwriting), DJing, breaking, beatboxing, aerosal writing)
Colourful air-brush & graffiti art exhibitions
Hiphop stalls
Community charitable support stalls
NZ music industry experts panel discussion

International guest speaker: King Excel (Universal Zulu Nation World Council Member)
To learn more about King Excel and other special guests please visit http://www.nzhiphopsummit.com and look under Panel Discussions

Children and young people are spoiled for choice of music, art, workshops and entertainment

Along with a concert called Bring The Noise featuring Aotearoa's home grown hiphop and emerging new talent, it will be a day that the whole family will enjoy and remember.

Expected to become a major fixture on Auckland's event calendar, this year's theme is a dedication and salute to the Mighty Universal Zulu Nation.

Visit the event Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/NZHIPHOPSUMMIT?ref=hl

Please email the organisers on nzhiphopsummit@gmail.com if you would like to be part of the street team.

Big dumb future

My old band mate Gavin Downie (ex Picassos) asked me a while back if I had a copy of the music video for Future Stupid's song Big Dumb Future. After Gavin left the Picassos, he joined Future Stupid and was in this video. I managed to locate a copy, and have posted it online - watch out for the vocal spot from Slave (currently MC w Fat Freddys Drop), aka the Rhythm Slave.

I also found an item I directed for Ice TV (TV3) in 1995, while I was doing a tv production course. From memory, I hit up Richard Driver, the producer to let me get some work experience, and he said yes, amazingly enough. I came up with a piece on behind the scenes at a big music concert, this one was White Zombie. Future Stupid got the support slot, so I got them in the item too. Look for Jon Bridges moshing, it's pretty funny.

China Manchu and DLT

Adrian Woh/China Manchu. Photo by Haru Sameshima

Extract from an Welcome Home, an article by Emma Farry on four Asian New Zealanders, published in Stamp magazine, Dec 1993/Jan 1994. 

Adrian Woh, known onstage as China Manchu (formerly China Muffin), arrived in Auckland three years ago. He was 17, could speak very little English and had never been to school... now he writes and speaks English fluently, has a full time job in a bakery and spends the rest of his time rapping, toasting and practicing his singing.

“I've travelled all over Asia... I was crazy and got into a lot of trouble... and did petty crimes. I was born in Malaysia but I've lived in Hong Kong and Singapore. When I got to Auckland I thought it was so relaxed and easy. In this country I finally found myself and I'm now proud of who I am and what I do and my skin colour," Woh says.

"I used to be ashamed of my culture and of the European stereotypes... the way my eyes were and the fact that I had a centre parting and a round face..but different doesn't mean bad", twenty year old Woh says.

He has a number of Maori and Polynesian friends who have taught him about respecting himself and his culture. "I started doing research and realised that Polynesians are descended from Asians, so I give respect to all Polynesian peoples - they've taught me a lot." Woh says hiphop also taught him about himself and gave him an outlet to say what be feels is important.

"I take a hardcore hiphop gangsta approach even though I'm not a gangsta...I wanna be straight up and speak out proud. People should get conscious and speak out against whatever is not right in their lifestyle and the lifestyle of others. That's what I rap about. I don't wanna rap about everyday experiences - it seems like a waste of time.''

He doesn't consider himself to be political but "conscious'' which he believes is a totally different thing.

"It's just a matter of being aware of what's going on around you... with politics it just gets confused and complex."

He is happy that China's culture has stayed pretty much intact. He describes the country of his ancestors as "A staunch nation'' and is pleased that they are freeing up their society in terms of democracy and money-making, but not selling out to the West. He wouldn't want China to end up like either America or Japan.

"To me Japan is just like America.. they both do a lot of exploitation. They are becoming copycats of the Western way of life and I find that a shame."

Woh believes New Zealand is a special country because he has already been able to learn so much living here. According to him it is a more open society which allows more freedom than he ever found in Asia.

Although there are advantages about living here, Woh finds that sometimes mainstream culture still has difficulty dealing with the multiracial aspect of Auckland city. "Every day at work at the bakery I experience it. People will come in and look at the person behind me to serve them. Sometimes it annoys me and I feel like . throwing the tray in their face."

"People just don't realise how hurtful and unfeeling they're being. People aren't born racist it's just what they're taught and minds can be changed.''

"I basically wanna show people that whatever another man can do, a Chinaman can do it."

China Manchu appeared on DLT's debut album The True School, in 1996. Listen to his track below. It's very dope.

ADDED DLT saw this post and filled me in a little on China Manchu's whereabouts. DLT says the last time he saw him was about 3 years ago: "He lives out east I think he was teaching kids hiphop at a church in Glenn Innes last time I saw him."

Stamp mag cover featuring China Manchu, from deepgrooves.co.nz

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Picassos, Yardie live, 95

I found this on an old vhs tape, there's a few minor dropouts but it's pretty entertaining. It's us playing Yardie, live on What Now, 1995. We had to get up ridiculously early on a Saturday morning in Christchurch to go play this, then drive to Dunedin for a gig that night, from memory. Quite how we looked so lively before coffee is beyond me, even now.

Yardie is available in a flash, remastered form on Rewind the Hateman (cd/digital).

And here's Bobbylon, interviewed by Stinky Jim from 1994....plus live footage of Bobbylon MCing at the Gluepot...

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Nov 17

George Clinton -Do fries go with that shake?
Maxayn - Bailout
Eddie Kendricks - Going up in smoke - G's smoking edit
Issac Hayes - Juicy fruit (disco freak)
Screaming Meemees - Stars in my eyes pt 1
New order - Blue monday
Zap mama - Bandy Bandy - Carl Craig remix
Fat Freddys Drop - Midnite Marauders - Electric Drop - Peter Mac edit

King Sunny Ade - 365 is my number/the message
Cutty Ranks - The stopper - Richard Dorfmeister remix
Damian Marley - Move
Derrick Herriot - I am the ruler
The Resonators - Try again
Steel n skin - Afro punk reggae dub
Slim - It's in the mix
Fatback band  -Wicky wacky
King Errisson - Disco congo
Bob James - Angles (Taxi theme)
Jackie Stoudimire - Invisible wind - Shoes re-edit
Madhouse - Six

Friday, November 16, 2012

Eglo Recs in conversation

L-R: Keegan and Alexander Nut (Eglo)
Eglo Records crew Fatima, Floating Points, and label boss Alexander Nut, are in New Zealand for the first time, playing a show in a secret warehouse location in Auckland this Saturday.

They were up at Conch Records last night for an informal workshop session, with Alexander in conversation with BaseFM/Justsayin 's Keegan, talking about how the label came about, and what the music business is like in the UK at present.

Alexander talked about his background in pirate radio, and his previous job, working in music PR for a number of years, which gave him a taste for how NOT to work in the music industry. He said if your music needs PR, then it probably needs CPR, suggesting that good music sells itself, and that people will find it, if it's any good. It's a very organic approach to the music business.

He seemed to have a fairly lowkey approach to running a label - it seems to have grown from doing his radio show on Rinse FM, where he gets sent a lot of new music. As an example, he told us when they went and got the first Eglo Records release pressed up, the guy at the pressing plant asked for a catalog number, and Alexander asked what's that, why do we need it? The guy explained that if it didn't have a catalog number, then the guys making the stamper for the vinyl wouldn't know whose record it was, and asked what was the name of their label? They didn't have one, so Alexander made up Eglo on the spot. But he swore us to secrecy on what Eglo means. Ask him at the gig and he might tell you. Listen to a recent interview with Alexander below.

L-R: Fatima, Gareth, Keegan, Alexander

Fatima also gave us some background on growing up in Sweden  and the golden age of local hiphop there, which coincided with the golden age elsewhere  - early to mid 90s. She also talked about how she got into music, singing in choirs at school etc. Thanks to Justsayin, the British Council, and Conch, for a fun night!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Deepgrooves.co.nz revive

The Deepgrooves record label website Deepgrooves.co.nz has been resurrected by folk unknown, looks like the work of former label boss Kane Massey. Promises to dig thru the Deepgrooves archives for unreleased goodies etc...

from the website: "Deepgrooves was a small independent record label that operated out of central Auckland (NZL) from 1991 through to the year 2000. The label released approximately 20 albums and 50 singles during it's 10 year life span.

"However, the label and it's associated studio also recorded just as much material that was never released. In total, the Deepgrooves "storage room" holds approximately 1000 recorded, remixed, demo'd and instrumental tracks in various states of completion, many that as yet, remain unheard.

"Over the next 12 months we will be endeavouring to digitise every functioning (unfortunately many have already deteriorated) DAT tape, 2" Tape reel, ADAT, cassette, 1" Tape reel, S8mm, S16mm, 35mm film reel, Hi8mm, BetaSP and digital Beta tape that we have. We will also be tackling the numerous boxes of negatives, photos and unedited videos that have sat in storage, in some cases for over 20 years. Please be patient, we have been "away" for pretty much the last ten years."

ADDED The first post on the revived Deepgrooves website under 'Updates' is about digitising the original ADATs recorded for the Freebass album, featuring Nathan Haines. "Although someone has expressed an interest in possibly doing a double LP featuring all the recorded tracks as a 20th Anniversary release for next year, at this stage, the only plan in place is to have all the recordings mixed and mastered into the four live sets and made available as free downloads."

Mighty Asterix & Stinky Jim

Stinky Jim interviews Mighty Asterix, for TV3's music show Frenzy, 1994. Part 1 is the interview, part 2 is a fine tune with Jim on the turntables, Asterix on the mic, live at the Gluepot. Check it. Part 3, with the Bobbylon interview Jim mentions, coming soon uploaded and added.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Remembering ODB

8th anniversary of ODB's passing... ODB and RZA explaining what the whole Wu-Tang phenomenon is about while walking around the streets of NYC, early 90s... Hat tip to Egotripland - go watch "10 Videos of Ol’ Dirty Bastard You Must See".

Oh, and ODB and RZA on America's Next Top Model, 2003...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Soul in the hole (BBE)

This amazing collection of funk, disco, boogie and soul covers a lot of ground, but never once drops the ball. There's a massive amount of 'funk' compilations coming out these days, many of them riddled with mediocre tunes and 'unknown' tripe. Not this comp. What makes Soul In The Hole such an enjoyable listen is sheer quality here. Put together by Sadar Bahar and Lee Collins, who know their stuff - they've been DJing around Chicago since the early 80s. Well worth investigating.

MORE: Good indepth backgrounder on Sadar Bahar and Lee Collins here.

"Sadar Bahar is Chicago's best keep secret. One of the most sought after DJ's in the world of soul, funk and disco. He did a lot of DJ gigs in the US, Japan and Europe. Together with Lee Collins he selected 13 tracks for this compilation, all rare treasures."

Track listing:
01. Johnny Harris - Odyssey Pt 1
02. Calender - Comin' On Strong
03. Poetiquette - Soul Melody (Yam Who? Remix)
04. Maxayn - Bail Out
05. Seawind - Free
06. Moses - Striving For Tomorrow
07. Puzzle People - French Fried Boogie
08. Sparkles - Trying To Get Over
09. Carl Grubbs – Scorcher (Instrumental)
10. Chuck Higgins & The Wild Bunch - Funkyfied
11. Carlos Garnett - Mystery Of Ages
12. Sonny Stitt – Tornado feat. Eddie Russ
13. Frédéric Mercier – Spirit

Out Nov 12 on BBE, on vinyl (2x12" + 7") / digital. Listen to the album at Juno Download.

She Dubs Me Remix ep - Timmy Schumacher video

The Dub Asylum - She Dubs Me Remix EP is out now as a digital reissue, with a special bonus remix - the flipside off my Ba Ba Boom 7-inch single, the Oogun remix, available digitally for the first time. Here's the video Timmy Schumacher made for his remix, drawing on a pile of super 8 film footage he shot in the US.

Remixes by Timmy Schumacher vs Substax, Rob Warner and Josh Webb, Audioslut, and Oogun. Out now thru Amplifier, iTunes, Bandcamp etc. 

PLUS I found a few copies of the original vinyl remix EP 12", now on sale for a limited time only at Conch Records, comes with a bonus 7" and a free digital download of the remix ep.

New Black Seeds video

Graff art, unicorns, breaking, all the good ish...

Monday, November 12, 2012

RIP Major Harris (Delfonics)

Via Pitchfork: "Billboard reports that Major Harris, soul singer and former member of Philadelphia soul group the Delfonics, has died. He was 65.
Harris was a Richmond, Virginia native who performed with several groups in the 1960s, including the Charmers, Frankie Lymon's Teenagers, and Nat Turner's Rebellion. He joined the Delfonics in the early 1970s, replacing singer Randy Cain.
He left the group in 1974 to pursue a solo career, releasing four solo records between 1974 and 1984. He hit number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with his solo single "Love Won't Let Me Wait" off his debut solo LP My Way. His final performance took place last year when he reunited with members of the Delfonics."

Allo Prince

New video for a singer called Andy Allo, produced by Prince. Like Nelson George said on Twitter, "More horns than a Basie band in this video."

Dangerous game video

I recently tracked down and digitised a copy of this music video by Jules Issa, one of the artists I'm writing about for my book on the Deepgrooves record label. It's a cool video directed by William Roberts with choreography by Jules, and a cameo from DLT.

The song was originally performed by Diatribe, contemporaries of Herbs - more on them here. More info on Jules Issa, including the remix of Dangerous Game that was playlisted on London's KissFM, here.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fat Freddys vs Sydney Opera House

Fat Freddys Drop live at the Sydney Opera House this weekend previewing their new album Blackbirds, with Otis Frizzell doing some live painting. Holy heck! Free download of new Far Freddys single over here.

Wee bonus... my edit of Fat Freddys/Vadim Electric Drop tune Midnight Marauders, enjoy. Free DL.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Who shot rock n roll?

Photo: Ian Dickson, The Ramones at Eric's Club, Liverpool, England, May 1977

I just got back from a great talk at the Auckland Art Gallery, listening to Gail Buckland, the curator of the Who Shot Rock & Roll: A Photographic History, 1955 - Present photo exhibition. 

She talked about how the show is themed, and how she wanted to uncover some of the people who took the photos - we all know the famous people in front of the lens, but what about the person behind it?  She made an effort to track down as many of the photographer she included, and go and meet them and see their work. It's an incredible feat. 

At the end of her talk  I asked about what happens to all these photographer's work when they pass on, and she talked a bit about archival efforts she'd been associated with, but said just because something has been digitised doesn't mean its been preserved, so she said she didn't really have an answer for me. She said its much easier to get your work archived say if you're a famous photographer like Ansel Adams or similar. 

Photo: Henry Diltz, of Tina Turner, Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, 1985
Buckland talked about the above photo of Tina Turner, saying when she found it among the photographer's slides, he didn't even recall taking it, and had never used it. She asked Diltz to store it somewhere safe, til she needed it for the show. 

Later, her book publisher liked it after they saw a lowres scan, and wanted it for the book cover. Now, of course this rock n roll photographer was unorganised, Buckland says, and couldn't find it. It eventually turned up at the 11th hour, and features on the cover of the book cataloging the show. More photos at the bottom, see Wilson Pickett, backed by Jimi Hendrix...

The show is on now at the Auckland Art Gallery ($15 entry), til March 2013. There's a bunch of great activities going on around the show, live gigs, talks, a record fair, and heaps more... 

NOV11 Rockumentary film screening: The Stones in the Park

NOV11, 3pm Who Shot Rock & Roll: Graham Reid on Shooting the Beatles and creating the Sixties
Join well-known music reviewer, journalist, travel writer and music lecturer Graham Reid for a personal view of how photographers of the Beatles, Stones and others...

Open Late: Tuesday 13 November DJs (Shayne Carter), talks  (Tim Finn on his fave photo in the show)  food, drink and live music from Watercolours.

Sunday 2 December - 10am - 4pm, North atrium - free entry Who Shot Rock & Roll: Record Collectors Fair

Sunday 2 December 1pm Chris Mousdale on the design of rock and roll Chris Mousdale presents an illustrated year-by-year run down of the era's most relevant record covers.

Sunday 2 December 3pm Nick Bollinger, Murray Cammick and Milana Radojcic
Join music reviewer and writer Nick Bollinger in conversation with music journalist, photographer and record label founder, Murray Cammick and music photographer Milana Radojcic

Open Late: Tuesday 11 December DJs (Shayne Carter), talks, food, drink and live music from The Libres.

Wilson Pickett, with Jimi Hendrix as one of his backing band. May 1966

Open Late: Tuesday 22 January DJs, talks, food, drink and live music from Dear Time's Waste.

Open Late: Tuesday 5 February DJs (Murray Cammick), talks (Dj Sir Vere on his fave photo in the show), food, drink and live music from The Eversons.

Open Late: Tuesday 19 February, 6-9pm DJs (RIU editor Leonie Hayden), talks (Otis Frizzell his fave photo in the show), food, drink and live music from SJD.

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Nov 10

Freddie Cruger-  Boogie down stureby
Johnnie Clarke - Bad days/dub
Courtney Melody - Bad boy
Singers and players - A matter of time
Yabby you - Conquering lion - Smith and Mighty remix
Lightning head - 2nd line stomp
Rhythm and sound feat Sugar Minott - Let Jah love come
Frente cumbiero - Pitchito - Sonora remix
Hugh Masekela - Languta
The emotions - I like it
Gladys Knight and the Pips - On and on
The Meters - Hey pocky way
Madhouse - Six
Alyson Williams - My love is so raw  - Baby love mix - remixed by David Dorrell and CJ Mackintosh
The Orb feat Lee Perry - Hold me upsetter

Jigsy knig meets the Viceroys - Give me the weed
George Faith - I forgot to be a lover
 The inversions - I can't stand these lonely nights
Seawind - Free
Manzel - Midnight theme - Dopebrother 7" mix
Fat Freddys Drop - Silver and gold
Eddie Kendricks - On my way home
Headshock - Land of jazz
Urban disturbance - No flint no flame
Jimi Hendrix - Foxy dub
African head charge - Dobbyn joins the head charge
Junior Murvin - Roots train
Skuff - The Jamaicans vs the good foot
Richie Phoe - Twilight chime

Friday, November 09, 2012

FFD new single

Free download, off the forthcoming album, Blackbird, due out early 2013. Get in quick.

FFD's Scott Towers told the NZ Herald that "The feeling we seem to be coming back to ... I guess, to me it feels like a dance record. I keep thinking about Grace Jones records with Sly & Robbie in the rhythm section [such as 1981's Nightclubbing], they are songs but they could really be dance tracks too. There is a crossed line there and Blackbird is a bit like that." Silver and Gold will be released with bonus instrumental track Bohannon Dub on limited edition 12" vinyl in December.

SJD - new album out Nov 16

From RTM HQ: "Like an early Xmas present, all wrapped up and ready for receipt, SJD's sixth album Elastic Wasteland is hitting stores and legit download locales as of Friday November 16. We'll furnish you with links to the physical, the digital as well as the possibly stratospheric and almost definitely imaginary, on the day, but in the meantime swoon at the cover above(r) and get ready to count your chickens - because this one is positively hatching.

Entirely penned, performed and produced by Sean himself without a single guest, and focusing on just synthesisers, drum machines and the human voice this is the purest, possibly deepest SJD experience yet. The certifiably legendary Angus McNaughton is the mastering maestro, Cherry Sprinkles designed the artwork from Sean's own images and with songs like The Lizard Kings, Lena, These Are The Names, Make Love Ask Questions Later, On The Driveway and Empty World this one is going to fry some minds and sear some synapses.

To celebrate the release Sean will be performing (again completely solo… it's the new style) at Golden Dawn on Wednesday 21st of November. Stinky Jim will be spinning a selection of the very finest from Round Trip Mars and elsewhere, before and afterwards - and admission is free."

ADDED Album is streaming in full over at NZ Herald.

First single below, pay what you like...

Phil and his phone

Phil Fuemana, photo by Greg Semu, Stamp, 1994.

Loud and Proud 
Stamp magazine, issue 45, 1994. Interview By Emma Farry

It's hard to miss Philip Fuemana – he's a big Polynesian brother. His size is matched only by his voice – he has been singing and producing music in South Auckland for the past decade. 

At last the work seems to be paying off with the release of the album from Fuemana ''New Urban Polynesian", released through Deepgrooves (we're not into self promotion, honest!) and the nationwide tour of Proud, a group of seven South Auckland based musical groups who will be touring the country to promote their compilation CD.

The musicians on the Proud tour make music described as "Urban Pacific." A new sound in the increasingly popular world music genre fusing Maori and Pacific rhythms with solid dance beats.

Names range from the more well known acts like the Pacifican Descendants, Semi MC's and Fuemana, to Sisters Underground, Otara Millionaires Club, acapella group Vocal 5. Radio Backstab and DJ Payback.

"Basically the idea behind the Proud tour and CD is to celebrate our colour. The music is mostly hiphop tinged - we call it street soul in the urban Pacific tradition."

The tour kicks off on February 19th and 44 will travel the country pedalling their wares from Auckland to Invercargill and everywhere in between.

The Proud artists will perform at theatres and underage venues and the aim, apart from the altruistic ''sharing of musical culture" is to promote the CD released in March thru Second Nature Records According to the promotional material, Urban Pacific music is receiving "considerable interest'' from the record industries in Australia and the USA.

So some major record labels are riding the Polynesian cool wave and that's fine by Fuemana who believes his time has come. ''The whole Proud thing in like a modern version of Motown - taking the talent and travelling around the country with it. It's about time this kind of music was taken seriously, the whole Pacifican thing is set co take off," Fuemana says with an authority few would want to contradict.

''The Pacifican influence can be found in the beats we use, our accents our singing inflections and language . We sound like Polynesians and we're proud of it. I hate that whole mimicking of America thing - we've got our music scene which is really strong."

Fuemana jokes that he gives good friend and sometime musical partner Matty J a hard time for rapping in an American accent, The unusual couple met first on the Christian music scene. Both wanted to be the best so they eventually got together with Fuemana's sister Christina to form Houseparty and took the music to the city.

The band had some local success but things really started to happen when Matty J left to go solo and Fuemana changed the name of Houseparty to one he found more culturally appropriate. Matty J now appears regularly with the band but is no longer a permanent member.

The Fuemana album. due out in late February, brings together the experiences of the brother and sister who have struggled to make their future secure through music. 

''We saw music as one way of getting out of Otara. The music is about survival and creating a future where my family and their kids can be comfortable.''

A rocky start in life bound the siblings of the Fuemana clan tightly together. It sounds like the stuff nightmares are made of. The kids were ''kidnapped'' back and forth between mum and dad until they finally ended up with their father who found it hard to cope with a young family.

''My mum would come and get us screaming and bundle us into a taxi - and then the next week the same thing would happen with my dad. I was the oldest and the whole thing made us really close," Fuemana says.

Things weren't always easy in the Fuemana household though. Growing up with violence took its toll and in his younger days Fuemana was not scared to throw his weight around.

At the age of 18 though Fuemana's life changed. It's the conversion story that's been round forever, but it never loses the drama.

"I had this weird experience and discovered Jesus, I didn't quite know what was happening to me at the time. My family were all really scared of me and someone had broken the strings on my bass and they thought I'd kill them - but it was like a turning point in my life and I just cried. It was like I could feel for the first time in many years. I felt like I'd been woken up."

Not one to clap hands and preach on street corners Fuemana is quietly grateful for the change in his life which he attributes to Christ. "I don't make a big deal about the Christianity thing but I was turned around and my whole life changed.''

For a few years his church thought Fuemana would be the great Polynesian convert who would lead the masses to the faith. (he toured New Zealand spreading the Good News four times) but now it seems his faith has led him elsewhere although he is still active as creative director for Manukau Christian City's 'Colour Blind Ministries.'

''None of the songs on the album are Christian based. I don't think I need to put my faith into every song because everyone who knows me knows what I think anyway." 

Fuemana is proud of his roots and he is fiercely loyal to South Auckland and is always promoting local talent. He is aware though that talent needs to be mixed with innovation.

''So many talented people just copy exactly what they hear on the radio and don't play any of their own stuff. There's women in Otara who can mimic Mariah Carey to the note but we'll never hear of them - people need to use their own ideas to get anywhere. I'd rather be poor and do original stuff."

Fuemana is critical of the fact that more Polynesians haven't become involved in the music industry.

"It's not Flying Nun's fault that there is so much white music around, we're to blame for it. We should have our own label - Flying Coconuts or something - we'd all be bloody rich by now. It's a typically Polynesian thing to sit back and say 'oh well'. but its now time for us to make our mark. We have to change our priorities,'' Fuemana says.

He hopes that by his example and involvement he can inspire others in the Polynesian community to follow their dreams.

"I really wanna get other people involved. I feel that I can be a leader and that other Polynesians may see what I've done and say 'yeah, I can do that' '' . 

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Lion Rockers soundsystem

This local crew have built that incredible set of speakers you see on that poster above. Can't wait to hear what kind of bass pressure comes outta that!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

DLT - One love

I found this video on a vhs compilation of nz music videos called Screenage Kicks, released by BMG and put together by Chronic/Stuart Broughton, around 1997 (no release date on the vhs or cover pictured below).

DLT featuring the splendid vocal talents of Mighty Asterix, who appears on a few tunes on DLT's classic album The True School, which is sadly not currently available. This needs a reissue! 

The video is directed by Marcus Ringrose / V8. Spot the cameos from Tame Iti, Kirk Harding, and a couple of Gregs and a few Supergroovers and a Headless Chicken....  some nice shots down Tuhoe country too...

Screenage Kicks cover art

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Resonators album out

UK reggae outfit The Resonators drop their debut album today on WahWah45s, have a listen below... They are also touring the UK over the next month...The Resonators have opened for the likes of Lee Perry, Derrick Morgan, and Fat Freddys Drop.

"A return to dub music of rare subtelty and imagination - qualities that confirm this band as the UK reggae act to watch" (John Masouri, Album review in Echoes magazine)

 "The Resonators are easily one of the best live dub-reggae bands around, in this country or any other...The Constant is a great reggae record, fans of the band will be happy with it, new listeners will be drawn in by it." (Adam Tait, Shout 4 Music)

She Dubs Me interview

I've been doing a few radio interviews in the past week for the Dub Asylum - She Dubs Me remix digital reissue, chatted with Chip Matthews on Basefm, Nick D on Georgefm, and Murry on Radio Ponsonby - you can listen to that last one below.

Also, Ba Ba Boom (Oogun Remix) by Dub Asylum is Tune Of The Week on Basefm this week, read about that here. Thanks, Base peeps!

Out now thru Amplifier, iTunes, etc

Monday, November 05, 2012

Toy Love wax arrives

I went to Real Groovy on Saturday (took some photos, see above), got a copy of the incredible Toy Love vinyl, which comes in a double gatefold sleeve, all colour printing, with a huge booklet with extensive liner notes, AND a free bonus 7". Hats off to John Baker and co for pulling this together. Well done.

The live bands during the day were great fun, have found a few clips and added below, including the raucous punk delight of Grrlfriendz, and Delaney Davidson, who also did an amazing, spooky, slowed-down blues take on Snapper's Buddy.  The groovy organ-driven sound of Wellington's Manta Rays was mighty fine, and Heart Attack Alley were very enjoyable, their album has just come out too, on vinyl. Each band was asked to do a Toy Love cover as part of their set.

I also picked up Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam - Head  to toe ($2), Madhouse - 8, which is Prince doing a jazz album ($2), Isaac Hayes - Juicy fruit LP ($8), and Nathan Haines - Shift Left cd ($6). Fun day out! Thanks to everyone involved in making it happen, and shout out to all the music heads I ran into at Groovy.

ADDED I caught up with Simon Grigg at Real Groovy, he blogged a bit about Toy Love over here.

Also, the NZ Herald report the new Toy Love vinyl hit the album charts, debuting at #15 on the back of around 1000 copies selling.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Soundway free label sampler

Via Soundway: "Download an exclusive 10 track sampler of the hottest cuts from the Soundway stable. Includes not-yet-released tracks from forthcoming albums, tasters of recent releases plus some older songs unavailable physically for some time. Simply enter your email and country below and hit download."

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Nov 3

Nu Shooz - I can't wait
Prince Charles and the city beat band - Jungle stomp
Chic - Good times
Hugh Masekela - Don't go lose it baby (live in NZ in March 2013 - Akld and Womad)
Les difficiles de petion ville - Fem confiance - Tropical treats edit
Pleasure seekers - Give up the funk
Seawind - Free
Stevie Wonder - Living for the city - JT edit 
Slim Smith  -Conversation
Joe Tex and U Black - Standardisation
Rhythm and sound feat Jennifer Lara  -Queen in my empire
Adrian Sherwood - Pass the rizzla
Wrongtom meets Deemus J - Wa do dance
 Resonators - Wandering
Austin Faithfull - I'm in a rocking mood
Lightning head - 2nd line stomp
DJ Nu Mark - Tropicalifornia
Total experience - Contradiction
Jackie Mittoo - Sunshine of your love
Mickey and them - UFO
King Sunny Ade - Ja funmi
Junior Dan - Give thanks no skanks / version
Toots and the Maytals - Monkey man / version
Richie Phoe feat Tippa Irie - Eye on the prize

Friday, November 02, 2012

Toy Love, NZMA's

Toy Love, at the 2012 NZ Music Awards. Photo: Radio Ponsonby/FB
Watch it on demand on TVFOUR, part one here, part two here.

official photo, from NZ Music Awards/FB

Homebrew feel the love

Homebrew's Tom Scott and goat. Photo: Dean Purcell/NZ Herald

Homebrew won best Urban/Hiphop Album at the NZ Music Awards last night, but missed out on their other nominations. Apparently middle NZ was surprised and shocked when the band burst into their living rooms via the television set.

David Clarke @maori_bynature: "if last nights #NZVMA taught me anything its that if it #homebrew is the future of #NZHIPHOP we're screwed!"

Mathew Grocott @mathewgrocott: "What did HomeBrew do (other than perform crap music) that was so offensive? #lazyweb"

Trespassingghost @coconutghost007: "I wasn't outraged at Homebrew, just embarrassed at how shit they were"

Joseph Moore @josephmoore1: "What's with ppl dissing Homebrew for last night? 'I wish the Music Awards just happened without incident! That's what I want to watch!' "

Fa Muna @TK_Muna: " lastnight's nz vmaz were so not worth the wait ! seriously wanted to jump into the tv screen and knock homebrew into a coma."

And what did Homebrew make of all this?

Music with Substance @djsubstancenz " We did what we do. Are you guys new? #Laugh"

Sorry. @HazTweetz "You should've won this you should've won that. Shut the fuck up! We won what we wanted to win!"

Home Brew @homebrewcrew: "All we're ever gonna be remembered for is a goat."

Watch it on demand on TVFOUR, part one here, part two here. 
Homebrew acceptance speech at 37mins, performance near start of pt 2

Nathan Haines interview, 1995

Nathan Haines talking about his debut album, Shift Left, on TV3's nz music show Frenzy, screened 30 March1995. I've got some more of these interviews coming, including Joint Force. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel if you want to stay in the loop.

Shift Left was digitally reissued in July this year, available here on iTunes, with two bonus tracks, Avenue Dreams, and Lady J (TFG dub).

ADDED: I found a copy of the Lady J video, and have uploaded it. Simon Grigg tells me it was the most played local video the year it was released.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

New Toy Love video

Read today's great indepth piece in the NZH by Scott Kara, talking to the band and various associates...The Toy Love affair.

Some blurb on the vid: " Tonight at the NZ Music awards Toy Love receive the NZ Herald Legacy award. They recently received a video grant to make a video for Swimming Pool. The first video for a Toy Love song in 32 years.

It was directed by Jeff Smith, bass player from The Newmatics. Jeff & The Newmatics opened for Toy Love at the Gluepot in September 1980 , a week before their last show. Jeff had to wear a wet suit, and don goggles and snorkel to make this clip. The kids in the video went at it with unbridled enthusiasm. The members of Toy Love love it.

Swimming Pool was written in The Enemy days. The Enemy even recorded a demo of it in late 1978. It was demoed in 1979 by Toy Love, and appeared on the 1980 self titled album. The Swimming Pool single will be available free at Real Groovy Records, 438 Queen Street, this Saturday. It will only be on a 7 inch single b/w Gagarin by Knoxious - a collaboration between a certain member of Toy Love and Rackets.

The single is only available if you purchase a copy of the Toy Love double LP, which will be on split coloured vinyl and only available from Real Groovy. It is limited to 300 copies. Toy Love will be in store from 11am.
There a lots of other Toy Love surprises as well - see link below.

Cinema - Kuru video

I've been going thru a pile of VHS tapes from the TV3 NZ music show Frenzy, and came across this video, so have digitised it and uploaded it to Youtube. Enjoy.

Cinema were Jolissa Tasi (lyrics/vocals), Anthony Ioasa (music/arrangement), Kane Massey (concept/video). Engineered by Chris Sinclair, programming by Simon Holloway, produced by Anthony Ioasa. They also contributed this same track in a longer version to the Deepgrooves 95 compilation.

Cinema also had a track called Anatomy on the Sofa So Good compilation (1998). The liner notes on that release say Anatomy was from their album, called Someone Has To. Deepgrooves imploded around that time and I can't find any sign of that album coming out. Anyone know?

Deepgrooves website in 1997 said "cinema is rather odd group which produces music in japanese, english and samoan. the group released its first single kuru in 1994 and is currently in the studio producing an album due for released early 1998. a new single is due out this year." [I've left this without any capitalisation, as that's how it originally appeared. Kane Massey loved using lower case. Also the release date for the single listed (1994) differs from the one on the cd.]

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Womad 2013 full lineup

Some great acts coming here for Womad next year - Hugh Masekela, Antibalas, Salif Keita, Sofrito's DJ Hugo Mendez, Jimmy Cliff -  and the local lineup is pretty mean too -Aotearoa National Maori Choir with The Yoots, Electric Wire Hustle family (ie Mara TK and his dad Billy TK, etc), Newtown Rocksteady, Ahoribuzz... full lineup here.

Hugh Masekela will also be playing in Auckland as part of the Auckland Arts Festival lineup, also just launched this evening

Old as new

Via Daily Swarm: A Rational Conversation: Light in the Attic's Matt Sullivan on Making Undiscovered Music Relevant Today... "Light in the Attic founder and co-owner Matt Sullivan discuss how to best make undiscovered, sometimes forgotten music from another time relevant to today’s tastes and economy."

.Light In The Attic celebrated its tenth anniversary earlier this month with a special live show out in Los Angeles, with Rodriguez, Michael Chapman, and Shin Joong Hyun, and another to follow in Seattle. A fascinating read on how do you make a reissue label relevant to contemporary audiences, and also talks about Rodriguez and the movie Searching for Sugarman...

... Did it take the Searching for Sugar Man documentary to really make those Rodriguez reissues take off?
Matt Sullivan: Those reissues actually did really well – Cold Fact had sold 20,000 copies since our August 2008 reissue before the movie even came out. In the reissue world, that’s a really good amount of records, but Rodriguez is reaching a whole other audience from that movie: now my 81-year-old aunt in San Diego is going to see him play. I think I first heard Rodriguez in the early 2000s.

We went to Detroit and met him around 2005 or 2006, but we didn’t know there was a documentary in the works; that came later. I think Rodriguez first told us about the documentary in 2007 or 2008, when we were putting together the reissues.

When I met Malik Bendjelloul, the film’s director, at a show at Joe’s Pub in New York, I had no idea the documentary would be as good as it was. It’s so hard to make a good film, especially a good music doc. He sent me rough cuts of the film for years, and it turned out so spectacular.

Toy Love's Chris Knox on the NZ Music Awards, 97

Tomorrow night Chris Knox and his former cohorts in Toy Love will be honoured with entry into  the NZ Music Hall of Fame. ABOUT TIME.

In 1997, to celebrate the 20 anniversary of Rip It Up, the magazine did some indepth interviews with folk who had been on the scene for a similar length of time, and Chris Knox was one of them. Here's what Knox thought of the NZ Music Awards at the time... not a fan, apparently...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Elliot art on Elliott St, Ak CBD

One of the two new murals commissioned by BIG little City for Art Week, Mid-City Thinking is a collaboration between artists Askew One, Elliot Frances Stewart and Gary Silipa, located on the Mid-City Steps in Elliott Street.

"This mural is an ode to living inner city in a place like Auckland which is always in a state of transition. It is about thinking outside the box, acknowledging history and looking forward with an open mind as things change and progress around you."

More info at bliglittlecity.co.nz

RIP Terry Callier

Photo: Billboard

"Folk-jazz legend Terry Callier was for far too long the exclusive province of a fierce but small cult following. After singing soul and doo-wop in various outfits and releasing a glorious single-debut on Chess aged only 17, Terry Callier discovered folk music for himself in the mid-60s.

Accordingly, he started cutting his teeth on the post-beatnik bohemian hideouts and open mic spots of his hometown of Chicago, forging a soulful and spiritual version of folk that took critics and contemporaries like Curtis Mayfield by storm.

In the early 70s, Terry Callier hit his most prolific stride crafting a much noticed album trilogy with legendary producer Charles Stepney for Cadet between 1972 and 1974. But despite all critical acclaim and artistic mastery, it was not before the early nineties that the masses caught on, and he eventually received the mainstream recognition that he so rightly deserved.

Having retired in 1983 to re-train as a computer programmer and make a home for his daughter who decided she wanted to join him in Chicago, it was a call from Eddie Piller at Acid Jazz that led to some legendary and emotional performances at London’s Jazz Cafe, and a new recording career with Talkin’ Loud, and collaborated with Massive Attack’s Robert del Naja or Beth Orton, just to name a few. On October 28, 2012, one of the great voices of jazz and folk fell silent, aged only 67." Via RBMA Radio, hat tip to Keegan for the link.

Listen to  Kirk Degiorgio's indepth look at Callier's discography over at RBMA Radio.

Terry Callier, Jazz-Folk Troubadour, Dead at 67

Monday, October 29, 2012

Kora, Trip to the moon

Kora, live at Galatos. Photos: Mark Williams
Kora launched their brand new album Light Years with a short live set at Galatos last Thursday night. It's been four years since their debut album, and this one was worth the wait. The boys were clearly excited to be playing tunes off their new album, and those stunning vocal harmonies are still right up front. It's serious Hori future funk.

It's been several years since I've seen Kora live, and they absolutely killed it. The new album still has plenty of grunt but has pulled back on the guitars in favour of some heavy electronica and beats.

One of my favourite parts of the night was when they called out to see where the crowd was from - "Who's from Wellington?" A few cheers. Who's from Whakatane?" (their hometown). The front half of the room cheered like mad. They somehow managed to get a hometown crowd at the gig, even tho they weren't in their hometown. Shot. Kora head out on tour over December and January, dates below.

Friday night saw local electronica duo Trip To The Moon (Trevor Reekie and Tom Ludvigson) play a rare live show to celebrate their latest album, The Invisible Line. They were joined by Nigel Gavin on guitar, and Jim Langabeer on flute. It was an entertaining night of electronic beats mixed in with jazzy melodies and vibes. A few pics below. So, what does the album sound like?

Graham Reid, Elsewhere: 'Here jazz, lounge, world music, imagined soundtracks and contemporary art music meet, and the genre-denying music alludes to much more through sonic samples, ambient passages, beat-driven trip-hop...Yes, a real trip, and any line between genres is invisible.' Read the review

Gary Steel, Metro Magazine: ‘…from slinky virtual jazz, imaginary cinema-noir, ambient soundscapes and retroactive space-age synthesis…it’s a perfect Sunday afternoon pause.’ Read the review

Trip to the moon, live at Backbeat Bar. Photos by Michael Flynn

Kora, with The Nudge...
Saturday 22 December // Black Barn Vineyard – Hawkes Bay
Sunday 23 December // The Commercial - Whakatane
Wednesday 26 December // Brewers In The Park – Mt Maunganui
Friday 28 December // Riwaka Hotel - Riwaka
Sunday 30 December // Butlers Reef – Oakura
Wednesday 2 January // Matakana Country Park – Matakana
Thursday 3 January // Opononi Hotel – Opononi
Saturday 5 January // Mangawhai Tavern – Mangawhai

Presale tickets available Tuesday 30th October

For all show & ticketing info go to www.muchmoremusic.co.nz
General onsale Thursday 1st Nov – Through Ticketmaster, venues & selected Rockshops

She Dubs Me Remixed vinyl

stenciled Dub Asylum EP, art by Dan Tippett
As I posted last week, the Dub Asylum - She Dubs Me Remixed vinyl EP is now out as a digital reissue, PLUS with a special bonus remix, taken from the Dub Asylum 7-inch single Ba Ba Boom (2009) - the Oogun remix, previously only available on vinyl, and now getting a widespread digital release for the first time. Out now thru Amplifier, iTunes, Bandcamp etc.

It's remixed by various local producers - Timmy Schumacher and Substax, Rob Warner and Josh Webb, Matt Scott at Woodcut, and Audioslut.

A handful of the hand-stenciled 12”vinyl EP have turned up in the Dub Asylum studio, and are now available for a limited time only at Conch Records up at 115A Ponsonby Road, Auckland.

The 12”EP comes with a bonus 7” Dub Asylum - Ba Ba Boom single PLUS a digital download of the Remix EP. All for only $20, from Conch exclusively. So get in there quick!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Label Love 5: Jazzy bizznizz

Via Soulbounce: " Jazz is often forgotten in discussions about popular music. Once the sound of young America, it has now become the music of choice for those with a more sophisticated (read: older) musical palate. But that doesn't mean that jazz can't be young, fresh and even new once again.

The fifth (yes, fifth!) installment of the popular Label Love series sets out to prove just that. ...  the 15-track compilation proves to be a veritable smorgasbord for jazz aficionados. Running the gamut from traditional and vocal to modern and experimental, the compilation also brings along some familiar faces along with for the ride: LaBelle's Nona Hendryx turns up on Kahil El'Zabar's Ethnics' track "It's Time" and the ever progressive Nostalgia 77 turns up with "The Taxidermist." Plus Greg Foat, Dwight Trible, Matthew Halsall and more. Check it...

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Oct 27

Tiombe Lockhart - Mr Johnnie Walker
Universe crew - What's inside your afro
Rose Royce - Do your dance - Amichay's skating rink edit
Sparkles - Trying to get over
Cherelle - Artificial heart - dance remix
League unlimited orchestra - Don't you want me - Greg wilson edit
DJ Nu Mark feat Quantic - Oya indebure - main mix
Lord Echo - Things I like to do
Combinations - Many styles
Opensouls - Stickmen instrumental
George Faith - Turn back the hands of time
Wrongtom meets Deemus J - Riot ting
Foxy Brown - Sorry
Count Bobo and the bullion - El torro
Overproof sound system - Kingstep - Unitone hifi remix
Common - Come close - Boozoo bajou remix
Dub Asylum - What the funk -Woodcut remix by Matt Scott
Vibes alive - Mantra
Young Holt unlimited -Freddie's dead
Butta - O'kwawa se
Mandrill - Ali bombaye pt II
George Clinton - Hey good lookin - 'Rush This' mix
The collectables - Levy jive
DJ Vadim - Up to Jah
Hulamen - Working for a living

Friday, October 26, 2012


Stinky Jim has posted one of his mighty stonkarific mixes over on stinkyjim.com. This one has not one but TWO versions of Agua de beber, some Quincy Jones, some Peddlers, some Ramsey Lewis Trio and even  Take It Easy My Brother Charles, awesome tune.

Jim says "this is very much on the loungey/soundtracky/library tip with a lot of op-shop scores, alongside some compilation and re-issue niceness from when I was treating Dusty Grooves etc orders like a jonesing jaunt to ‘the corner’. Love the fact that Mark Pritchard’s Harmonic 33 gear, which is the only modern/non-authentic tackle throughout, slips in so seamlessly with the vintage vibes." Some saucy vocal snippets too....

Track listing below, listen on Mixcloud, and there's a download for a limited time over at Jim's site (172mb)


01 Optigan -Harmonic 33
02 Jade East – Ramsey Lewis
03 Hair – Galt McDermot
04 Hawaiian Eye – Buddy Morrow & Double Impact Orch.
05 Big Shot – Keith Mansfield
06 Chief’s Drive To Mayor – Quincy Jones
07 The Departure Lounge – Harmonic 33
08 Safari Park – Roger Roger
09 Soul Coaxing – Norrie Paramour & His Orch.
10 Viva Tirado – Percy Faith
11 Cookin’ With Ali – Louie Ramirez
12 Yo Perdi El Corazon – Lita Branda
13 Agua De Beber – Astrid Gilberto
14 Agua De Beber – The Walter Wanderley Trio
15 Mu-Cha-Cha – Living Marimbas
16 Take It Easy My Brother Charles – Som Tres
17 Vodka Per Due – Franco Micalizzi
18 El Pa Raiso – Walter Kubizcick
19 Hangin’ Paper – Quincy Jones
20 Song for Delilah – Arthur Lyman
21 Delilah – Ramsey Lewis Trio
22 Impressions – Peddlers & London Philharmonic Orch.
23 Psychedelic Portrait – Jack Arel
24 Misty Canyon – Sven Libaek
25 Accadde A Bali – Accadde A
26 The In Crowd – Dick Hyman & Harpsichord

She Dubs Me remix ep out now

Way back in 2004, I pulled together some cool local producers to remix some tracks off my debut Dub Asylum album, She Dubs Me She Dubs Me Not. The remixes came out on a limited edition 12-inch vinyl as the She Dubs Me Remix EP, with specially hand-painted covers by artists DLT and Dan Tippett. That's me with some of the covers below. How choice are they?

Now the EP is getting a digital reissue, with a special bonus remix - the flipside off my Ba Ba Boom 7-inch single, the Oogun remix, available digitally for the first time. Remixes by Timmy Schumacher vs Substax, Rob Warner and Josh Webb, Audioslut, and Oogun. Out now thru Amplifier, iTunes, etc. Listen below

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sofa So Good

From the last Deepgrooves compilation, Sofa So Good, subtitled The Deepgrooves Producers Selection (1998). Some well cool loungey grooves, a few years before all those chill-out comps like Lazy Sunday were everywhere.

Other contributors were Combinations (Andy Submariner Morton and Manuel Bundy, listen at bottom), Keng, Sulata, Breaks Co-op, New Loungehead, and Grace.

Freaker were led by John Ozbourne (ex Slacker). According to the CD liner notes, this track was off a proposed album called Moltorubato, that didn't see release due to the closure of Deepgrooves.
UPDATED: John Oz released the Freaker album Moltorubato on cdbaby on 2015, get it here.

Pause were led by Justyn Pilbrow (later of Elemeno P) with Jo Currie and Anna Copley. They released a 3 song single on Deepgrooves, called Only, in 1998, and apparently had an album ready to go.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

She Dubs Me Remix EP reissue

Way back in 2004, I pulled together some cool local producers to remix some tracks off my debut Dub Asylum album, She Dubs Me She Dubs Me Not. The remixes came out on a limited edition 12-inch vinyl as the She Dubs Me Remix EP, with specially hand painted covers by artists DLT and Dan Tippett (pictured above). That's me with some of the covers below.

Now the EP is getting a digital reissue, with a special bonus remix - the flipside off my Ba Ba Boom 7-inch single, the Oogun remix, available digitally for the first time. Remixes by Timmy Schumacher vs Substax, Rob Warner and Josh Webb, Audioslut, and Oogun. Out now thru Amplifier, iTunes, etc. . Listen below